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Revision 1.617 2004/09/24 18:59:51 set
  • Fixed: The SF Rev 1.523 patch about holidays clean-up was buggy. It released the loaded stuff but didn't indicate it. So when opening the calendar again the code used freed memory.

    Revision 1.616 2004/09/23 19:45:33 set

  • Fixed: [sLisp] edf* constants not working. The WinDebugger definition was unsorted. Reported by Thiago.

    Revision 1.615 2004/09/23 19:19:07 set

  • Fixed: [RPMs] Problems to generate the RPMs using Red Hat 9.0. The changes introduced by bbcat should be enough (they are for Fedora Core 2), but more is needed to avoid problems with RH9.0. The problems are related to the generation of a RPM file with debug info.

    Revision 1.614 2004/09/23 19:05:45 set

  • Fixed: [BC++] The last change to support pcre/pcre.h needed changes in the configed.h file for Win32.

    Revision 1.613 2004/09/22 18:45:13 set

  • Fixed: [NHP] isDisassemblerEditor not initialized when loading from disk.

    Revision 1.612 2004/09/20 14:16:01 set

  • Fixed: [MSVC] When you compile for "Debug" the compiler disables *all* the optimizations. Including the dead code. For this reason MSVC also needs fake references.

    Revision 1.611 2004/09/20 14:13:03 set

  • Added: [Config] A command line option to specify a path for includes. This path is used for the configuration tests and for the editor.

    Revision 1.610 2004/09/17 20:52:41 set

  • Added: [WWW] Some changes towards the next release.

    Revision 1.609 2004/09/17 18:51:55 set

  • Fixed: [MSVC] Another min/max mix. Reported by Arnold.

    Revision 1.608 2004/09/17 16:38:35 set

  • Added: [Cygwin] Workaround for bugs in Cygwin's perl. Cygwin is configured to use DOS files, but when parsing DOS files you must match the /r char. DJGPP implementation is much more cleaver about it.
  • Added: [Cygwin] libmigdb detection.
  • Note: Current status of the editor using brand new Cygwin is "compile but the resulting binary is useless". Note that while compiling the editor I got SIGSEGVs from Perl and bash. It looks like Cygwin still alpha, at least for Windows 98 SE.

    Revision 1.607 2004/09/17 16:25:59 set

  • Modified: [Config] Now the .po files are regenerated only if the user configures enabling the maintainer mode. This should reduce CVS collisions.

    Revision 1.606 2004/09/17 16:09:46 set

  • Added: [Debug] An advice dialog when debugging in the Linux console indicating the program will be started in another VT. Also some explanation about it in the docs.

    Revision 1.605 2004/09/16 20:59:51 set

  • Added: [Config] AMD64 and NetBSD detection. It doesn't mean they are supported.

    Revision 1.604 2004/09/15 13:10:06 set

  • Fixed: [Config] wrong pcre header selected when using shipped pcre. Problem introduced by the recent patch to support pcre/pcre.h.

    Revision 1.603 2004/09/14 19:01:11 set

  • Added: [Config] Message warning about the lack of debug support.
  • Added: [Distrib] The list of added/fixed things. 66 new things and 40 fixes.

    Revision 1.602 2004/09/10 19:55:06 set

  • Modified: To include libmigdb in the distro (if available).
  • Modified: [Config] To use the shipped libmigdb if none installed.
  • Modified: [Config] To detect installations where pcre header is in the pcre directory. Red Hat seems to use it according to Vik Heyndrickx.

    Revision 1.601 2004/09/10 18:11:57 set

  • Added: Debug and InfView stuff to redmond.smn. InfView stuff to simple.smn.
  • Added: [i18n] Data Window menu and missing debug menu entries to editmenu.cc.
  • Updated: [i18n] Spanish translation.

    Revision 1.600 2004/09/09 20:47:22 set

  • Fixed: [Debug] various menu entries associated to dialogs that didn't indicate it using "...".
  • Added: [i18n] various debug menu entries to editmenu.cc so they can be translated.

    Revision 1.599 2004/09/08 20:19:43 set

  • Added: [DOC] More debug documentation, now the core functionality is documented.
  • Added: [Help] Linked debug help contexts to the documentation.

    Revision 1.598 2004/09/08 18:14:32 set

  • Added: [SHL] For SPARC assembler.
  • Added: [Debug] syntax highlight for SPARC targets. Now the code can be adapted to other architectures with minor changes. Also tested stack window on an Ultra 60 machine.

    Revision 1.597 2004/09/07 20:00:02 set

  • Added: [Debug] Support for the Stack Window on SPARC machines. Not tested.
  • Fixed: [Debug] The disassembler window to hide tabs and use 8 as tab size.

    Revision 1.596 2004/09/06 17:15:46 set

  • Fixed: [Debug] Problems with the registers list when using gdb 6.x. That's a workaround for gdb bug "mi/1770".

    Revision 1.595 2004/09/06 16:25:32 set

  • Fixed: [RHIDE] Another name collision (InsertEnviromentVar).

    Revision 1.594 2004/09/06 13:30:20 set

  • Fixed: [Debug] cmInspect command collision with RHIDE's command. Reported by Vik Heyndrickx .

    Revision 1.593 2004/09/01 20:24:44 set

  • Fixed: [Debug] cmDWGotoAddress doesn't have to validate if the address is valid, that's just a reference.
  • Fixed: [Debug] cmDWFollowPointer and cmDWFollowPtnNew failed because gdb interpreted "*0xXXXX" as just "0xXXXX". To avoid it and also avoid the mechanism we use to "take the address of"
  • Fixed: [Debug] Wrong state displayed in the Debug Window after closing the debug session and making it visible.
  • Modified: [Debug] Moved Data Window commands cmDWBaseIncrement and cmDWBaseDecrement to the movement submenu.
  • Added: [Debug] Documentation for all the debug commands. Help contexts isn't linked, yet.

    Revision 1.592 2004/08/30 15:34:05 set

  • Fixed: [Tags] Abort when doing word completion and the starting word was "bigger" than the last tag in the list. Reported by Juan Pablo.

    Revision 1.591 2004/08/27 18:27:00 set

  • Fixed: [Debug] Data Window commands not enabled after recycling a data window.
  • Fixed: [Debug] Data Window: Fill, Clear and Move operations didn't update the changes.
  • Added: [Debug] Data Window: Explicit error when trying to use a block of more than 1 MB. Warning about speed for more than 128 KB. Not sure if those limits are good.
  • Added: [Debug] Option to don't show again to 3 of the confirmations about closing the debug session and killing the debuggee.
  • Added: [Debug] Advice about setting debug options without a project.
  • Modified: [Debug] Data Window: When entering a wrong value in the block operations now we go back to the dialog so the user can fix the wrong value instead of entering all again.
  • Modified: [Debug] Data Window: Warning about empty fields in the dialog for addresses. This is much more descriptive than an error from gdb ;-)

    Revision 1.590 2004/08/26 20:49:05 set

  • Fixed: [MSVC] Calls to min/max with different arguments (unsigned vs signed). They generate errors with MSVC 6.0. Patch by Arnold.

    Revision 1.589 2004/08/25 20:51:54 set

  • Fixed: [Debug] Crash when gdb failed to report registers. Found because a bug in gdb CVS 2004-08-25.
  • Fixed: [Debug] TDataWindow go to new address not working.
  • Fixed: [Debug] CPU line disapearing when setting a breakpoint in other line.
  • Added: [Debug] "Go to cursor" for the disassembler window.
  • Added: [Debug] Made more robust the code that disassembles. Now we first try to solve the function name and if it can be solved we use it otherwise we disassemble from the current code. We also check if the distance between the start of the function and the current point isn't huge, some times gdb fails to detect the real function.
  • Added: [Debug] Command to detach from "PID target".
  • Modified: [Debug] The Run/Continue to also mean "Atach"

    Revision 1.588 2004/08/24 21:17:53 set

  • Added: [DOC] More documentation about debug features.
  • Fixed: [Cosmetic] Some menu entries that opens dialogs to indicate "..."
  • Modified: [Debug] Avoid asking for confirmation when closing a debug session that isn't stopped nor running.
  • Fixed: [Debug] If gdb failed to disassembler code we shortly SIGSEGVed in the idle update.
  • Fixed: [Debug] The debug options dialog didn't return success.

    Revision 1.587 2004/08/24 13:16:38 set

  • Fixed: [Debug] A couple of typos in new code.

    Revision 1.586 2004/08/24 00:01:16 set

  • Added: [config] libmigdb version detection.

    Revision 1.585 2004/08/23 15:54:41 set

  • Fixed: [MSVC] The way the linker is called from the makefile. Arnold Wiegert's patch.
  • Fixed: [MSVC] Lack of Boolean cast in ceditor.cc. From Arnold.
  • Fixed: [MSVC] Lack of bool definition in pphp.c. From Arnold.
  • Fixed: [RPMs] Wrong directive in specs. Patch from bbcat.

    Revision 1.584 2004/08/22 22:45:16 set

  • Fixed: [Debug] Debug Window, Watches Window, Inspector Windows and Data Windows now saves not only its current size but also the "unzoomed" size.
  • Fixed: [Debug] Inspectors can't be closed while "running".
  • Added: [Debug] Now when we add a file to the project its path is added to the list of paths for sources.
  • Added: [Debug] When we add a path to the list of sources paths the path is also passed to gdb.
  • Added: [Debug] The code to enable MI v2. Currently it only helps inspectors making them much faster.
  • Added: [Debug] The code to disable the psym search workaround for the bug in gdb. It will allow faster startup when the bug is fixed without needing to change the editor.
  • Added: [Tags] Busy indicator while we load the tags from disk. Lamentably only the X11 driver implements it.
  • Modified: [Debug] The way "ignore" is interpreted: it means the times the breakpoint will be ignored when starting the program or when modifying or setting the breakpoint.
  • Modified: [Debug] Instead of reporting "OK" as an error now we explain the operation can't be performed.

    Revision 1.583 2004/08/20 16:10:53 set

  • Added: [WWW] Links to the DOS precompiled snapshots.
  • Added: [WWW] Image showing the editor debugging itself.
  • Fixed: [RPM] Problems to create the rpms using Fedora Core 2. Patch by bbcat.

    Revision 1.582 2004/08/19 18:07:39 set

  • Added: [InfView] Its own menu.
  • Modified: [InfView] Alt+B and Alt+I shortcuts to avoid menu collisions.

    Revision 1.581 2004/08/18 14:15:42 set

  • Fixed: [BC++] Lack of sys/time.h used in debug.cc.

    Revision 1.580 2004/08/18 14:14:47 set

  • Fixed: [gcc] Some gcc 3.4.1 requirements: 1) Default argument values for function pointers no longer allowed. 2) Missing string header in one of the screen savers. 3) Passing pointers to packed struct elements no longer supported. 4) vsync collision with allegro, didn't annoy gcc 2.9x

    Revision 1.579 2004/08/17 15:06:50 set

  • Fixed: [config] wrong makeinfo 4.7 detection. Patch by Andrea.
  • Fixed: [Debug] missing dummies to compile without debug code.
  • Updated: [i18n] spanish translation.

    Revision 1.578 2004/08/16 21:24:50 set

  • Fixed+Modified: The "paste" operation for TInputLinePiped views. Now the text is pasted without destroying the previous value (unless it is selected). The old mechanism was broken when linking to the Unicode branch of TV because the way it changed the "data" member was incomplete.
  • Added: [Tags] an option to regenerate the central file. Some times ctags fails in the generation of incremental files and lets bogus registers. They can be very annoying and in this case the best is to just regenerate the whole file from scratch.
  • Fixed: The list for word completion had a wrong vertical size when we had repeated tags in the list to choose. Only one was visible but the size was computed counting the repetitions.
  • Modified: If the list of items in the word completion list box isn't bigger than the list's height we no longer add a useless scroll bar.
  • Added: [Debug] Disassembler window!!! a cute one ;-) It have an editor so you can see the assembler with syntax highlight. If the information about the source code is available it also shows the source code mixed with the assembler.
  • Added: [Debug] Optional key for the "add with scope" in the Watches Window.
  • Modified: DynStrCat* to accept NULL pointer for initialization and take const char * arguments.
  • Added: Moved the newStrL function from a static place to a public header, that's very useful.
  • Modified: The way openEditor works when using oedNoSelect flag. It should be better but could affect the message window browsing.

    Revision 1.577 2004/08/13 20:49:21 set

  • Modified: [Debug] +/- keys in the inspector gives problems when using italian keyboards and Linux console. So now + can be replaced by E and -
    by C (Expand/Collapse). Both work so the user can choose.
  • Modified: [Debug] Added more error checking to the inspectors creation. A bug in gdb makes it die when evaluating some expressions. So now the code checks it and goes to "disconnected" state. It will need much more adjusts before a gdb crash doesn't affect the editor.
  • Both from Andrea's reports.

    Revision 1.576 2004/08/13 19:01:51 set

  • Fixed: [DOC] txt generation details when using makeinfo 4.7. From more info provided by Andrea.

    Revision 1.575 2004/08/13 18:10:17 set

  • Added: [Debug] Options to configure: gdb binary, xterm binary, main function, max. number of lines in debug window, gdb response time out and disable gdb banner.
  • Added: [Debug] The messages in the debug window are limited in number and cleared when a new session is started.
  • Added: [Debug] A dialog to ask if we want to wait more when a time out in gdb response is detected. Not tested.

    Revision 1.574 2004/08/12 21:07:32 set

  • Fixed: [Debug] if we specified a path for sources when gdb wasn't running the editor crashed. It was only from the dialog to specify a file.
  • Added: The "FindFile" function now also looks for the filename alone. So if we look for ./examples/ex3d.c FindFile will try with it and then with ex3d.c alone.
  • Added: [Debug] frames of the available threads and also selection of current thread by default. So it can be used to display current threads.

    Revision 1.573 2004/08/11 21:06:29 set

  • Added: [Debug] Select thread option. But this is quite useless. GDB doesn't report any info, just the ID and doesn't remove finished threads from the list. Which is worst: selecting a finished thread doesn't return any error, the message is printed in the console. Yet another bug in gdb.
  • Added: [Debug] An option to delete all the breakpoints, watchpoints, etc.
  • Added: [Debug] When adding a watchpoint the word under cursor is used as starting point.
  • Fixed: cmcCutClipWin command not dis/enabled when selecting text. Reported by Arnold Wiegert.

    Revision 1.572 2004/08/11 16:30:07 set

  • Fixed: [DOC] More makeinfo 4.7 details. From Andrea's feedback.

    Revision 1.571 2004/08/11 15:08:37 set

  • Added: [Debug] Persistence to the Data Windows. Of course they need to be "recycled".
  • Added: [Debug] Shortcuts for "Run/Continue", "Inspectors" and "Calling Stack". The first could need to be exchanged with SDG shortcut, not sure. The other two are the same used in RHIDE.

    Revision 1.570 2004/08/10 19:56:45 set

  • Added: [Debug] A dialog asking for the file location when it couldn't be located in the current path for sources. It have a similar behavior to what RHIDE does.
  • Fixed: [Debug] The "calling stack" command crashed if the functions were located at different files.
  • Fixed: [Debug] The "calling stack" to add "solved filenames", not the names returned by gdb.
  • Added: [Debug] The "calling stack" to jump to the "frame 1"
  • Fixed: [Debug] When deleting recycled inspectors we deleted the "fake" tree twice.
  • Added: [Debug] Now the data window disables all its commands when they can't be used.
  • Fixed: [Debug] In one of the last optimizations in the watches window I forgot to redraw the window, so it looked like no item changed until we selected it.
  • Fixed: Leak in TPrjItemColl::addFile when trying to verify if a file existed.
  • Fixed: Leak in the TMultiMenuBar when the selected menu wasn't the first in the list.

    Revision 1.569 2004/08/09 23:50:42 set

  • Modified: [Cosmetic] The multi menu bar to avoid drawing the first menu and quickly switch to the default one (the last in the list).

    Revision 1.568 2004/08/09 21:21:43 set

  • Fixed: [DOC] @xref in sdg.tx without period.
  • Fixed: DOS' end of file in djmdr.s.
  • Both from Oswald.

    Revision 1.567 2004/08/09 20:59:24 set

  • Added: Context sensitive menues. Also extended the .smn file language to create such a thing. Currently used only for the data window.
  • Fixed: Problems in the data window when trying to display the ASCII 0. Also modified to show the full characters range, not just ASCII range.
  • Fixed: Data Window doing 2 reads when created.

    Revision 1.566 2004/08/09 15:14:29 set

  • Fixed: [DOC] Problems in the HTML generation using makeinfo 4.7.
  • Fixed: [DOC] Problems in the DVI/PS generation (macro name collision). Again from info sent by Andrea Mazzoleni (amadvance/users/sourceforge/net).

    Revision 1.565 2004/08/09 12:54:47 set

  • ** Data Window stuff:
  • ** Related to the new code
  • Fixed: isValidUL not working.
  • Fixed: No input box when starting from a value from the "word under cursor"
  • Added: Implemented the memory write.
  • Added: Error message to indicate a memory location can't be accessed when validating it. No silent fail.
  • Added: Stack Window.
  • Added: TDskWin wrapper.
  • Added: Update when debuggy stops.
  • Modified: EnterAddresses to show input lines without separation.
  • ** Also related to the original code
  • Fixed: The FIXMEs about using smaller blocks.
  • Fixed: Buffer to hold selected file name wasn't as long as PATH_MAX (SIGSEGV).
  • Fixed: Lack of update after reading from a file.
  • Fixed: Creation of empty files if the from or length was wrong.
  • Fixed: When debugging two programs with different endian types without exiting the code taked only the first. Now it should work, but is hard to check ;-)
  • Fixed: The stack window first detects the target architecture, if it isn't x86 gives an error.
  • Fixed: Wrong color and frame of the indicator when the window wasn't selected.
  • Added: ESC closes the window.
  • Added: An attribute to show memory changes, that's really nice because you can see what changed in each program step very quickly.
  • Modified: When updating the memory modified cells are now reset to "not edited"
  • Modified: Removed %#lx in favor of 0x%lx, I think that's more portable. I encapsulated most of these printfs in one member.
  • Modified: All the stuff about a linked list of windows, now they update itself using the broadcast that indicates the debugger changed its state. I keep a counter of windows to avoid sending a broadcast to nobody ;-)

    Revision 1.564 2004/08/06 21:10:36 set

  • Added: A first part of the Molnar Laszlo's "Data Window v0.1" that he contributed to RHIDE. A lot of things must be solved because things are quite different when you can directly access the debuggy memory :-(
  • Fixed: A couple of leaks that happened when closing a project and loading another. Reported by Valgrind while debugging the "Data Window" stuff.
  • Note: The debugging stuff is quite functional, Inspectors are great for complex structures like trees. But the whole thing isn't stable, more adjusts are needed.

    Revision 1.563 2004/08/05 19:26:28 set

  • Fixed(?): [DOC] The complement part of the "@end menu" makeinfo 4.7 problem. This time for the @itemize.
  • Fixed: [DOC] newer versions of the TeX package defines "html" macro which collides with the one in rhidemac.*.
  • Added: [DOC] SDH command line option to avoid numbering chapters. It looks like makeinfo 4.7 does it by itself (and by default!). From info sent by Andrea Mazzoleni (amadvance/users/sourceforge/net).

    Revision 1.562 2004/08/05 18:14:21 set

  • Modified: [sLisp] CommentIndent macro, enhanced version from Thiago.

    Revision 1.561 2004/08/04 20:09:47 set

  • Added: Inspectors!!! They are quite different to the RHIDE inspectors. They are suitable for complex structures and you can have various in the desktop.

    Revision 1.560 2004/08/02 15:23:03 set

  • Fixed: makeinfo 4.7 enforces the use of @pxref for (@x{...}).
  • Fixed(?): makeinfo 4.7 no longer supports "@end xxxx" commands inside macros :-( so I added an aditional intermediate file to avoid them.

    Revision 1.559 2004/08/02 13:22:41 set

  • Added: [sLisp] CommentIndent macro contributed by Thiago.

    Revision 1.558 2004/08/02 12:50:45 set

  • Added: Watchpoints!!!! now we can easily hunt wild writes ;-)
  • Modified: The breakpoints are moved only if the target changed its time stamp.
  • Added: i18n to the debug dialogs.
  • Fixed: i18n of the project window title.
  • Updated: Spanish translation.

    Revision 1.557 2004/08/02 12:44:28 set

  • Fixed: When going step by step and the "match pair on the fly" was enabled the code to restore the highlighted pairs did a mess with the background color if the pair involved a "CPU line".
  • Added: After using "Run a program" the editor updates the moved breakpoints. Also an option to disable it. Note: That's what made me create the splines, lamentably Robert never used them for RHIDE.
  • Added: A beep when "Run a program" finishes. Option to disable.
  • Added: Close the debug session before running the external program. An option to disable it. That's needed for OSs where we can't overwrite opened files and is also needed to woraround gdb bugs.
  • Added: Option to ask for confirmation if the "Run program" will kill the current debug session.
  • Added: [sLisp] edfRunStopDebug option to RunProgram.

    Revision 1.556 2004/07/30 21:10:17 set

  • Modified: Now the cmc*Win (Copy,Cut,Paste) commands are called cmc*OS to reflect their real use. The old names remains as aliases. From a suggestion by Thiago.
  • Added: Ins,Del,+,- shortcuts in the status line for the breakpoints dialog.
  • Added: [sLisp] new command GetSystemInfo to know the current OS, TV driver, CPU, etc. From a suggestion by Thiago.
  • Updated: docs, not yet the debug stuff.
  • Fixed: Error in the SpLines search that made funny things when trying to toggle a breakpoint (introduced during the structure change).
  • Added: The dialog to add a "watch" now is piped to an editor and the word under cursor is used. It also have a history (shared with evaluate).
  • Added: A history to the dialog to send gdb commands.
  • Modified: The "CPU line" is centered only if we jumped to another source. It is less annoying.
  • Added: The conditionals in menu files can use the TV driver, CPU, OS, etc. for conditions. From a suggestion by Thiago.
  • Added: $define and $undef and its expansion in menu files. From a suggestion by Thiago.
  • Fixed: The commands to select the watches and debug window are independent of the debugger state.

    Revision 1.555 2004/07/29 20:33:37 set

  • Added: The edit breakpoint dialog now disables the unneeded options. So if you will specify the location using file:line then you can't say the function or address.

    Revision 1.554 2004/07/28 21:03:23 set

  • Added: The second part of the "Breakpoints" dialog. Now is possible to add, modify, remove, enable, disable and jump to breakpoit locations. Some details remains to be adjusted and is lightly tested.
  • Fixed: A leak in SpLines, the new structures needs atFree and not just atRemove, found using valgrind, debugged using the editor. Note: gdb is quite bad and is sooooo buggy, now that I'm using it from the editor I can verify when the problem is in gdb and that's too common :-(

    Revision 1.553 2004/07/26 20:36:03 set

  • Modified: Now breakpoints and frames are searched in the "path for sources" and not only in the binary reference.
  • Modified: "Go To Line" now passes the full qualified name of the file to gdb. With both changes I debugged "rhgdb".

    Revision 1.552 2004/07/26 16:06:40 set

  • Modified: [MSVC] The WinNT/configed.h header to report "MSC" as compiler for MS compiler. Suggested by Arnold.
  • Updated: Copyright year in main about box. Suggested by Arnold.

    Revision 1.551 2004/07/26 15:35:37 set

  • Modified: Once again makeinfo breaks something. This time makeinfo 4.6 doesn't like: @item xxxx @il{xxxx yyyy} The @il must end in the same line or makeinfo gets confused.

    Revision 1.550 2004/07/26 15:09:15 set

  • Added: The first part of the "Breakpoints" dialog. Currently you can just see the breakpoint.
  • Fixed: SpLineGetOldValueOf to match not only the position but also the spline id.
  • Fixed: All the TCEditor::SetSpecialLines logic because it was wrong and it needed adjustments to the new structures.
  • Modified: Moved all the breakpoint operations to a class so we can use it for a dialog.

    Revision 1.549 2004/07/26 15:04:10 set

  • Updated: Spanish translation.
  • Fixed(?): The last modification to the special lines stuff had a major flaw. If we keep a copy in the TCEditor then is quite hard to know which lines were moved. I changed the insternal structures used by SpLinMan to solve it. The code changed too much to be considered stable.
  • Modified: The internac/Makefile to update the translations every time a source that have strings to translate is modified. This will increase cvs traffic but will reduce collisions.

    Revision 1.548 2004/07/23 21:22:31 set

  • Fixed: [MSVC] The set_new_handler() function of MSVC 4.0 doesn't support NULL. It is possible to use _set_new_handler(), but as it is only tested for gcc I'm disabling this code for other compilers. From a report by Arnold. Note: with it Arnold compiled the editor for MSVC 4.0.

    Revision 1.547 2004/07/23 20:53:22 set

  • Added: Configuration options to disable the calculator and calendar. Suggested by Oswald.
  • Modified: Optimized cmcMoveBlock. Suggested by Oswald. Consider it unstable.
  • Modified: The meassure commanand to report the result in the status line. Suggested by Oswald.
  • Modified: The insertBuffer member to support some copies from the same buffer.
  • Fixed: Leak in tags code. Reported by valgrind.
  • Added: Options to zoom the editor windows when inserted in the desktop. Suggested by Oswald.
  • Fixed: Bug in stack position. Forgot to unlink the returned objects.

    Revision 1.546 2004/07/23 13:00:50 set

  • Fixed: [MSVC] Wrong prototype of LoadFileUnderCursor in ced_inte.h. Only reported by MSVC 4.0. From a report by Arnold.

    Revision 1.545 2004/07/22 00:59:15 set

  • Added: When using the tag search if we find a perfect match now we jump directly to the tag. Suggested by Thiago.
  • Added: Two new commands: cmeGPushCursorPos and cmeGPopCursorPos. They are "global push/pop cursor pos". So they also remmember the file. They help to implement a "tag stack". From what Thiago suggested.
  • Added: Before jumping to a tag the editor does a cmeGPushCursorPos.

    Revision 1.544 2004/07/21 19:59:04 set

  • Fixed: When deleting a breakpoint the editor could hang if the breakpoint couldn't be found.
  • Added: Now if the program to debug (the copy with debug info) is in a directory other than the current one this directory becomes the reference for filenames. It allowed me to debug SETEdit from SETEdit and using the setedit.epr file which is in "../" from the point of view of the binary.

    Revision 1.543 2004/07/20 20:45:00 set

  • Added: Now we can attach to running processes. Nice, but it expossed more gdb bugs :-(

    Revision 1.542 2004/07/20 19:33:17 set

  • Fixed: Added dummies to allow compilation when libmigdb isn't installed.

    Revision 1.541 2004/07/20 16:27:09 set

  • Added: The first part of the code to support debugging using libmigdb.
  • Synchronized some CVS details with my home CVS.
  • Version 0.5.4 (Glaciar P.Moreno I)

    Revision 1.540 2004/07/19 20:02:00 set

  • Fixed: [Debian] Applied patch S.F. #993014 submitted by Baurjan Ismagulov (ibr): "Add an include file required by rhide".

    Revision 1.539 2004/07/19 19:53:20 set

  • Fixed: [config] --cxx-flags flag was reported as --cpp-flags in the help. Now both are valid. Reported by Ullal Devappa Kini (wmbfqj/vsnl/net).
  • Fixed: [Win32] Cygwin can execute the "make install" target, but it installed binaries without .exe extension. That's quite annoying for Win32. I added a "--keep-extension" option to avoid it, isn't tested. Reported by Ullal Devappa Kini (wmbfqj/vsnl/net).

    Revision 1.538 2004/06/29 14:27:11 set

  • Fixed: [MSVC] The char */*name*/ sequence confused the compiler. Reported by Arnold.

    Revision 1.537 2004/06/28 17:57:49 set

  • Fixed: Corrupted MP3 files could produce a crash. It closes SF Bug #932091 reported by silverdirk, he sent me a file to reproduce the problem.

    Revision 1.536 2004/06/28 17:56:48 set

  • Fixed: The menu files uses nested preprocessor directives but it wasn't supported.

    Revision 1.535 2004/06/28 17:56:07 set

  • Fixed: [BC++] 5.5 can't really remove unreachable code. That's another evidence of the poor quality of Borland compilers in terms of optimization.

    Revision 1.534 2004/06/28 17:55:02 set

  • Fixed: Missing CleanUpHolidays() for targets that doesn't support dlopen. Additionaly I modified the code to use if (xxxx) instead of plain preprocessor.
  • Fixed: [djgpp] Problems in calcu.cc because of unconditional definition of NULL in locale.h.

    Revision 1.533 2004/06/25 19:46:21 set

  • Fixed: SUP_PCRE could be redefined :-(, added protection.

    Revision 1.532 2004/06/25 18:28:08 set

  • Added: [sLisp] A new command called "prex" to perform Perl regular expressions searches. It is documented and I also added an example to macros.slp, it calls wc and shows the results in the status line.
  • Modified: The SUP_PCRE macro to be 0 or 1 instead of un/defined. This could generate compilation problems for platforms where PCRE isn't supported, but the code is more clear now.

    Revision 1.531 2004/06/23 20:10:00 set

  • Fixed: Assignment of Boolean from int.
  • Fixed: Use of bool type (instead of int or Boolean).
  • Modified: "new" header inclusion to be selected by compatlayer. All from Arnold Wiegert information.

    Revision 1.530 2004/06/23 19:33:21 set

  • Modified: [MSVC] Use of /Tp instead of /TP in makefiles. It looks like MSVC 4.0 only supports it. Reported by by Arnold Wiegert.
  • Fixed: Leaks in TCEditWindow (intl stuff), List of windows and loadnobkp.cc. valgrind.
  • Fixed: "New" buffers shouldn't be added to the list of closed windows when closed. It generated a read out of bounds and a write of unitialized data to disk. valgrind.

    Revision 1.529 2004/06/22 20:34:12 set

  • Fixed: [MSVC] References to make in the nmake files. Report and solution by Arnold Wiegert.
  • Modified: [Makefiles] extrimk to generate the first dependency with relative path. I should allow .umk files to be used without the need of "vpath" or ".path" directives. That's because nmake lacks both directives.

    Revision 1.528 2004/06/22 16:30:43 set

  • Added: [sLisp] More macros from Thiago. They are short and quite interesting because they show how to add particular behaviors or funtionalities with small code.

    Revision 1.527 2004/06/22 16:01:24 set

  • Fixed: [Cosmetic] Added a ; after the ListBoxImplement(..) macros. They looks more "correct" and doesn't confuse my heuristic to search fro functions ;-)

    Revision 1.526 2004/06/22 15:11:58 set

  • Added: [sLisp] Experimental!!! now you can use cme* commands for SendCommands. They are propperly sent to the application instead of the current editor.

    Revision 1.525 2004/06/18 14:21:19 set

  • Fixed: Some details in the heuristic C++ functions searcher. They address problems with the const and throw() attributes.
  • Modified: The program that extracts dependencies from the RHIDE's .mak files to avoid putting the creation date (I don't remmember why I needed it and it generates extra CVS traffic) and to sort dependencies (also reduces CVS traffic).

    Revision 1.524 2004/06/17 16:50:32 set

  • Added: Missing desktop examples. Reported as bug #974095 @ SF by Ognyan Kulev (ogi).

    Revision 1.523 2004/06/14 16:40:42 set
    - From valgrind

  • Added: Holidays clean-up.
  • Fixed: Memory leak in special lines.
  • Fixed: malloc/delete missmatch in grep interface.

    Revision 1.522 2004/06/14 14:39:20 set

  • Added: now extrimk.cc can also solve vpath sources.
  • Modified: valgrind command line script to report up-to 40 functions in the calling stack.
    - From valgrind:
  • Added: librhuti io and Special Lines clean-up at exit.
  • Fixed: new[]/delete missmatches related to WordUnderCursor, errors parser, pathtool, special lines and Tips.

    Revision 1.521 2004/06/14 14:34:15 set
    - From valgrind:

  • Fixed: duplicated keywords in syntaxhl.shl file. Additionaly now it doesn't leak memory.
  • Added: PathList* clean-up.

    Revision 1.520 2004/06/11 21:20:56 set

  • Added: Messages in BC++ and MSVC makefiles instructing to try the new mechanism.
  • Fixed: Warnings in holydays code now compiled with -Wall.
    - From valgrind
  • Fixed: Leak in TSetEditorApp::preLoadDesktop.
  • Fixed: Ruby highlight lack of End.
  • Fixed: new/delete[] missmatches in TInfIndex::TInfIndex and TFileEntryCollection::freeItem.
  • Fixed: SIGKILL mask.
  • Fixed: Potential portability problems with memcpy.

    Revision 1.519 2004/06/09 15:40:42 set

  • Modified: Removed from CVS various files that are generated by configure script. They are included in distribution but people using CVS must run the configure script.

    Revision 1.518 2004/06/09 15:08:33 set

  • Fixed: internac/gnumake.in didn't define CXX and instead replaced the two points where it was used. Suggested by Oswald.
  • Added: libbzip2, libpcre and libz. Now have configurable makefiles.
  • Modified: Now WinNT/Makefile* files are updated only in maintainer mode.

    Revision 1.517 2004/06/09 12:29:40 set

  • Fixed: [BC++] Wrong references to rhtv.lib instead of librhtv.lib. Reported by Arnold Wiegert (awiegert/telus/net).

    Revision 1.516 2004/06/08 13:21:06 set

  • Modified: [Debian] Applied patch #968507 S.F. submitted by Baurjan Ismagulov - ibr. Removes extra clean-up.

    Revision 1.515 2004/06/04 19:19:58 set

  • Fixed: Another strchr call.

    Revision 1.514 2004/06/04 13:27:22 set

  • Added: A small script to meassure the number of lines of code. Currently over than 108,000. It skips third party libs.
  • Fixed: strstr and strchr are declared different in C++ standard. BC++ does it (not gcc 2.95.4) and it generated compilation errors when using BC++. Reported by Arnold Wiegert.

    Revision 1.513 2004/06/02 19:57:43 set

  • Added: [SHL] vbe and vst as VHDL extensions. Used by Alliance for "Vhdl BEhavioral" and "Vhdl STructural". Suggested by Juan Pablo.

    Revision 1.512 2004/05/31 14:09:22 set

  • Modified: [Debian] Applied patch #962884 S.F. submitted by Baurjan Ismagulov - ibr. Related to the libset package. It needs some adjustments.

    Revision 1.511 2004/05/31 13:44:16 set

  • Added: OS/OS flavor,CPU,Compiler/Compiler flavor and Driver to the about box. Suggested by Arnold Wiegert (awiegert/telus/net)
  • Added: C,H and CPP as valid C extensions for syntax highlight. C is the C++ extension for gcc and the others are for non-casesensitive OSs.

    Revision 1.510 2004/05/24 14:38:27 set

  • Modified: [config] Use of "g++" in favor of "gcc -lstdc++". This is because newer gcc 3.x compilers can't compile C++ code without doing a mess when we use the gcc frontend. From a report by Baurjan Ismagulov - ibr

    Revision 1.509 2004/05/24 13:40:41 set

  • Added: Applied patch #959018 Add libset-dev Debian package. Submitted by Baurjan Ismagulov - ibr (S.F.). It needs some adjustments but can be used.

    Revision 1.508 2004/05/21 16:16:19 set

  • Fixed: The heuristic C/C++ parser to support list of exceptions (function throw(...) {body}).

    Revision 1.507 2004/05/17 14:06:40 set

  • Fixed: Missing va_end and abuse of va_list type. It looks like the newer PPC's glibc implements things in a way that va_list variables can't be assigned to other va_list variables. Reported by MDaniel.

    Revision 1.506 2004/05/12 14:21:25 set

  • Modified: For the last changes to the TButton class.

    Revision 1.505 2004/05/07 20:07:31 set

  • Fixed: A couple of calls to memcpy to use CLY_memcpy. Reported by valgrind.
  • Added: Avoid a no-op copy reported by Oswald.
  • Fixed: Use of unitialized undo counter in some rectangular selection operations. Reported by valgrind.

    Revision 1.504 2004/05/06 19:33:09 set

  • Fixed: Some malloc/new/new[] v.s. free/delete/delete[] calls. Reported by Oswald using valgrind.
  • Fixed: memcpy shouldn't be used if blocks overlaps, no matters the copying direction. That's a portability issue. Reported by Oswald using valgrind.
  • Fixed: Undo count for the first undo wasn't initialized. Very dangerous. Reported by Oswald using valgrind.
  • Fixed: Some drawing variables not initialized. Could make the row/col cursor appear until a new redraw. Reported by Oswald using valgrind.

    Revision 1.503 2004/05/05 19:09:08 set

  • Fixed: When copying something from the calculator and the paste wasn't enabled before entering the calculator then you needed to at least move the cursor before you could paste. Now the Paste status is updated without needing any extra action.

    Revision 1.502 2004/04/22 19:09:28 set

  • Fixed: [tools] Problems when applying patches from branches that uses new files and cvs marks them as from Attic.

    Revision 1.501 2004/04/19 20:45:55 set

  • Added: Code needed to test with the AlCon branch.

    Revision 1.500 2004/04/13 18:21:44 set

  • Added: [SHL] Syntax and pmacros for WML, contributed by Diego J. Brengi.

    Revision 1.499 2004/04/12 13:17:13 set

  • Fixed: [Holydays] bug in movement and fixed april 2 movement in argentinian holydays.

    Revision 1.498 2004/04/06 19:10:48 set

  • Fixed: Problems with some texinfo versions reported by Cosmin T. (ctruta\ hotmail\com).

    Revision 1.497 2004/03/30 14:54:36 set

  • Added: Information about how to install the Red Hat 7.3 RPMs in Fedora Core 1. Contributed by Rohan Carly.

    Revision 1.496 2004/03/25 20:11:29 set

  • Added: Non interactive versions of the cmcExpandAllTabs and cmcCompactBuffer commands to be used from sLisp. Suggested by Grzegorz.

    Revision 1.495 2004/03/17 20:50:23 set

  • Updated: [SHL] Flat Assembler, contributed by Matt C.

    Revision 1.494 2004/03/03 14:55:48 set

  • Modified: [SHL] Flat Assembler definition. Patch by Matt.

    Revision 1.493 2004/02/23 14:38:41 set

  • Fixed: [DOCs] the ctags --field switch because makeinfo needs ---field. Reported by Grzegorz.

    Revision 1.492 2004/02/02 16:13:50 set

  • Added: [WWW] A note about Red Hat RPMs, a user (Jan Cnops) reported that the Red Hat 7.3 packages (newer than the Red Hat 8.0 packages) install OK on Red Hat 9.0 systems.

    Revision 1.491 2004/02/02 14:52:50 set

  • Added: [WWW] SuSE 9.0 release by bbcat.

    Revision 1.490 2004/01/13 14:23:02 set

  • Modified: [WWW] The page to be more clear about how to try the Win32 version. Suggested by Philippe Baucour.

    Revision 1.489 2004/01/06 15:54:37 set

  • Fixed: [DOCs] the "strxlt" example said "sstr". Reported by Dominik Grzelak.

    Revision 1.488 2004/01/06 15:42:01 set

  • Updated: Flat Assembler syntax highlight. Contributed by Matt Childress.

    Revision 1.487 2003/12/15 21:21:43 set

  • Fixed: [RPM] The prereq seems to be /sbin/install-info and not /usr/bin/... At least that's what most specs found by Google shows ;-) I also added install and delete for the info files.

    Revision 1.486 2003/12/15 14:59:16 set

  • Fixed: When pasting using the OS clipboard and the cursor was moved to the end of the selection it could go out of screen which is quite annoying.

    Revision 1.485 2003/12/15 14:58:36 set

  • Fixed: A couple of details about the last option and when is greyed.

    Revision 1.484 2003/12/15 14:56:46 set

  • Fixed: Some int v.s. unsigned details related to the last patch.
  • Modified: cmcSaveAsUNIX and cmcSaveAsDOS commands to be cmcSaveAsConvertEOL which is more clear.
  • Added: A new command cmcSaveAsNoConvertEOL used to avoid automatic conversions when they are enabled. From a suggestion by Oswald.

    Revision 1.483 2003/12/11 19:54:37 set

  • Fixed: Compilation problems with gcc 3.x. Patch from Oswald: - Missing \n at end of palbcc.h - Missing explicit parent constructor call in mp3/ampdiag.cc - Constant out of range in include/ced_exte.h (I also modified edconst.cc accordingly)

    Revision 1.482 2003/12/09 19:24:32 set

  • Modified: The 'Compile' macro example. It was contributed by Thiago and now he added an example on how to choose the compiler according to the syntax.

    Revision 1.481 2003/12/09 18:28:08 set

  • Added: Errors parser for Perl. Contributed by Thiago.

    Revision 1.480 2003/12/09 16:48:51 set

  • Fixed: When aborting an overwrite (in save as) the name of the window was changed anyway :-P

    Revision 1.479 2003/12/09 16:09:31 set

  • Fixed: The new code needed a conditional to avoid ridiculous small sizes.

    Revision 1.478 2003/12/09 16:07:51 set

  • Added: "File open" dialogs remmembers its size and position. Each kind of dialog have its own values, so open and save as are independent. I know it could confuse some people but it allows better customization. From a suggestion by gradha.

    Revision 1.477 2003/12/09 16:06:30 set

  • Added: Most lists (like functions list) now centers the focused item when a match is selected. Suggested by gradha.

    Revision 1.476 2003/12/03 14:44:21 set

  • Fixed: Missing wrapper for RHIDE's version of FindFile. Reported by Kevin Alm.

    Revision 1.475 2003/12/03 14:19:54 set

  • Fixed: Removed two comments containing non-ASCII chars. It seems to annoy gcc 3.3.1 according to a report by Kevin Alm.

    Revision 1.474 2003/11/24 15:54:29 set

  • Added: A button to recompute window numbers in the list of windows. Suggested bt Grzegorz.
  • Updated: The spanish traslation.
  • Added: Documentation for the last "File under cursor" additions and the list of windows addition.

    Revision 1.473 2003/11/24 15:48:19 set

  • Added: Some rudimentary $(VARIABLE) expansion to the "File under cursor" files list. Suggested by Grzegorz.
  • Added: To also search in the same directory where a file is located when using the "File under cursor" stuff. Suggested by Grzegorz.

    Revision 1.472 2003/11/24 15:47:10 set

  • Added: AltKeysSetting TV config keyword.

    Revision 1.471 2003/11/24 15:44:19 set

  • Fixed: Some gcc versions needs explicit use of libstdc++ to link C++ and intenac/getcolors didn't have it. Reported by Michel Catudal (bbcat).

    Revision 1.470 2003/11/18 14:30:19 set

  • Added: More cases to the code that detects "Emacs comments" at the end of the file. From information provided by Grzegorz.

    Revision 1.469 2003/11/17 16:10:39 set

  • Added: Now if you don't specify any path to "search files under cursor" the editor tries to automagically fills this list using the output of cpp. From a suggestion by Oswald.
  • Added: If the Ctrl+Enter fails to find the file under cursor now that's informed in the "status line" of the current editor. Suggested by Oswald.
  • Added: If the editor fails to find the file under cursor now it also looks for it in the project. From a suggestion by Oswald.

    Revision 1.468 2003/11/17 16:09:45 set

  • Fixed: When starting a project using a different window size the project window could get wrong size and even become outside the screen. Reported by Oswald.

    Revision 1.467 2003/11/17 16:08:05 set

  • Added: The posibility to override the "install" command in makefiles. Suggested by Oswald.

    Revision 1.466 2003/11/12 15:03:36 set

  • Added: More "intelligence" behind the "Paste Emacs Mode", now it only takes as valid entries that defines the "mode" variable.
  • Modified: The position of "Emacs mode" insertion is now the same of a previous definition. Both things comes from a talk with Grzegorz.

    Revision 1.465 2003/11/12 14:07:01 set

  • Added: Looks like the "Emacs Mode" comments can appear more than once in the same file defining different variables. Now when the editor looks for it doesn't stop in the first match. Note that it doesn't affect the behavior on the "Paste Emacs Mode" which only searchs for the first occurrence. From a report by Grzegorz.

    Revision 1.464 2003/11/05 18:51:11 set

  • Fixed: I forgot that global options also mentioned "purge spaces". Pointed out by Oswald.

    Revision 1.463 2003/11/03 16:19:53 set

  • Added: When "TScreen::avoidMoire" is enabled selected tabs uses '.' to indicate they are selected. From a suggestion by Oswald.

    Revision 1.462 2003/11/03 16:17:46 set

  • Added: A new color scheme called "Midnight Commander" contributed by Oswald.

    Revision 1.461 2003/11/03 16:15:52 set

  • Added: A new color scheme called "Classic Borland" contributed by Oswald.

    Revision 1.460 2003/10/28 21:09:42 set

  • Added: When asking for word completion if the word at the left looks like Class:: then the editor looks for the class and offers the members. Suggested by Ivan.

    Revision 1.459 2003/10/22 19:45:30 set

  • Fixed: When searching outside comments and the match was found in the first column of a line after a comment it was ignored. Reported by Alain.

    Revision 1.458 2003/10/20 15:33:02 set

  • Fixed: While locking the editor in the S&R y did it wrong and the S&R confirmation didn't move to the correct coordinate.

    Revision 1.457 2003/10/20 15:32:12 set

  • Added: Now sLisp can replace things like ^K key binding even when it implies removing all the ^K-x assignments. It allows a complete replacement.

    Revision 1.456 2003/10/20 15:31:16 set

  • Modified: "Do not purge spaces" option to be "Keep trailing whitespace" that's more descriptive. Suggested by Oswald.
  • Fixed: No match pair after deleting some text and the cursor goes to a symbol. Reported by Oswald.
  • Modified: To lock the screen while doing a search & replace operation to avoid "flashing" when doing a lot of S&R operations. Suggested by Oswald.
  • Fixed: Wrong match pair when the cursor was in the middle of a tab and the next character matched a pair (highlight in the middle of the tab). Reported by Oswald.
  • Fixed: Undo error when a character replaced a tab (overwrite enabled) and the cursor was inside the tab (not at the beggining). Reported by Oswald.
  • Added: History to the "arbitrary indent" and "run command" input lines. Suggested by Oswald.

    Revision 1.455 2003/10/16 20:02:35 set

  • Fixed: [Cygwin] Collision between strndup and calculator parser. Personally don't know mush about this issue but looks like a name space pollution in Cygwin.

    Revision 1.454 2003/10/16 19:42:47 set

  • Modified: To select the closest word when using double click and not the next. Suggested by Alain.

    Revision 1.453 2003/10/16 19:41:54 set

  • Fixed: A code page problem. A little bit complex to describe: If you started the editor for the first time in a Linux console and forced the encoding to "Latin 1u" (improperly configured system IMHO). Then you acessed remotly to this system using XTerm you got a messed code page and no way to fix it. This is because the editor tried to use Linux console settings but as XTerm can't change its code page you have no way to disable the "forced" check box for the screen code page. Now the editor avoids it.

    Revision 1.452 2003/10/16 19:40:54 set

  • Fixed: The "Jump" button in the main window of the class browser produced SIGSEGVs. I went too far reusing code ;-). Reported by Ivan.

    Revision 1.451 2003/10/16 19:39:10 set

  • Added: Some clarification in the docs about the meaning of the maximum number of R.O. copies.
  • Added: Now when the message window (and other sources) request to open a file that is part of the project it is opened using the relative path and not an absolute path. It annoyed me for a long time and Oswald insisted on it ;-)

    Revision 1.450 2003/10/16 19:38:02 set

  • Added: Project windows are "closed" (hided) when pressing ESC. Suggested by Oswald Budden.
  • Added: When opening new windows usually the editor checks if a project is opened, in this case windows aren't zoomed. Now if the project window isn't visible they are also zoomed, after all they weren't zoomed to avoid hidding the project window. Suggested by Oswald Budden.

    Revision 1.449 2003/10/16 19:35:20 set

  • Added: [sLisp] KeyBindings and BindKey commands. With them you can change key bindings from sLisp.
  • Fixed: Errors in the conditionals parser for menu files.
  • Added: More variables to check in menu files: MP3, PCRE, BZIP2, MIXER and UNIX. Suggested by Oswald.
  • Added: A new chapter to the docs: Documentation guide. It can be used to find other chapters and sections according to the topic they are related to.
  • Added: A new chapter to the docs: Menues configuration.
  • Added: A new section to the docs: Configuration files location.
  • Added: Now the index of the documentation also includes all the chapters, sections, etc.

    Revision 1.448 2003/10/16 19:34:02 set

  • Fixed: When the alternative sorting mode of the project window was enabled some internal searches failed because they expected the old sorting mode. Now the sorting mode is temporally changed.
  • Fixed: When switching between sorting modes the focused item changed.

    Revision 1.447 2003/10/16 19:12:45 set

  • Modified: [Configuration] TV 2.0.3 dependency because I'm currently using a couple of additions to the API and hence users needs CVS version.
  • Added: [sLisp] SelectWindowNumber used to change the focused window. when used for an edition window it also changes the sLisp target allowing to modify another buffer, not just the one selected when the macro was triggered.
  • Added: [sLisp] GetCurWindowNumber and GetMaxWindowNumber they can be used to apply an operation to all the windows and also to go back to the original window.
  • Modified: The Alt+window_number combination now belongs to the menues and isn't hardcoded in TV anymore.
  • Added: Commands to select the project and message windows, also to select the first 19 editors. With the help of sLisp and last aditions now is possible to select any window using just a key or menu entry.
  • Modified: To avoid status messages when running sLisp code binded to a key or menu entry.
  • Added: Documented and translated to spanish.
  • Version 0.5.3 (Iguazu II)

    Revision 1.446 2003/10/16 19:03:29 set

  • Added: [sLisp] now you can bind a small piece of sLisp code to a key or a menu entry. With it the user doesn't need to edit macros.slp for small stuff. It will also allow passing arguments when macros support it. I implemented it to solve a limitation pointed out by Alain.

    Revision 1.445 2003/10/14 15:51:26 set

  • Added: In the project window now you can choose between a way to display files that's easier to find by name and another suitable to find them by their directory. From suggestions by Sam Thursfield and Alain , but I think others also asked for it.

    Revision 1.444 2003/10/14 15:39:27 set

  • Added: [sLisp] FindString, FindAgain, ReplaceString and ReplaceAgain sLisp commands. Based on code an ideas by Bernd.

    Revision 1.443 2003/10/06 18:49:21 set

  • Added: [WWW] Links to the Windows installer contributed by William.

    Revision 1.442 2003/10/06 18:26:17 set

  • Added: Some Ruby syntax highlighting. Contributed by William E. Cullen .

    Revision 1.441 2003/09/02 13:49:37 set

  • Updated: QNX configuration. Patch from Mike.

    Revision 1.440 2003/09/01 13:50:58 set

  • Fixed: Missing tag when exporting as HTML, reported by Federico Bareilles

    Revision 1.439 2003/08/27 17:53:42 set

  • Added: HTML as html extension.
  • Fixed: The readme said it was a .0 release. Pointed out by Ivan.
  • Fixed: The configure scripts to pass the arguments using "". From a problem reported by Ivan.
  • Added: Nice screen shot contributed by Mike Conrad
  • Fixed: An unhandled diff case in the applycvs.pl tool.

    Revision 1.438 2003/08/15 18:51:32 set

  • Fixed: [Configuration] The configure script didn't take the CXXFLAGS variable, instead always used rhtv-config output (only CXXFLAGS, no CFLAGS) I discovered it when Ivan starter to wonder why debian/rules wasn't able to change the compilation options ;-)

    Revision 1.437 2003/08/13 18:38:07 set

  • Added: A link to the "pure DOS" fix/test release to the web page and also made the more visible the link to S.F. summary page.

    Revision 1.436 2003/08/11 01:53:33 terrible

  • Updated: Debian version to 0.5.2-1.

    Revision 1.435 2003/07/23 19:37:56 set

  • Added: A small page about Iguazú to the site.

    Revision 1.434 2003/07/23 18:12:59 set

  • Fixed: If no tags files are present and you want to add one to the list now the editor doesn't suggest reading the docs.
  • Added: Support for the tags files generated by objdump (this is my small contribution to GNU binutils project ;-). In these files I use some new "keys" not defined by ctags. It also contains prototypes.

    Revision 1.433 2003/07/22 19:18:50 set

  • More small adjustments for the final release. Web page and docs.

    Revision 1.432 2003/07/22 14:52:22 set

  • Modified: The web page to reflect the new release. I'm finishing the "Release Candidate" stage.

    Revision 1.431 2003/07/16 13:33:37 set

  • Modified: The RPM scripts to support an environment variable to indicate where to create the RPMs. I needed it when using S.F. Compiler Farm and Red Hat 7.3 which always failed when using a directory mounted with NFS.
  • Modified: The source package creation to create the "result" directory if it doesn't exist.

    Revision 1.430 2003/07/14 17:54:07 set

  • Added: More SQL keywords. Contributed by Grzegorz.

    Revision 1.429 2003/07/10 20:22:17 set

  • Added: TVision configuration keyword. Note this keyword is currently available only in the experimental branch of TV.

    Revision 1.428 2003/07/07 21:12:32 set

  • Added: hh extension as C++ code. SAVANT/TyVis generates code with that extension.
  • Added: very basic VHDL syntax highlight.

    Revision 1.427 2003/07/07 15:29:41 set

  • Added: The TAGs tutorial to the distribution. It is a big (because of the images) but I think it could help users to quickly start using these features.

    Revision 1.426 2003/07/01 13:05:39 set

  • Added: Errors parser for ANT Java Builder. Cotributed by Grzegorz.
  • Added: Java emacs modes and throw keyword. Cotributed by Grzegorz.

    Revision 1.425 2003/06/30 13:10:18 set

  • Added: List of new and fixed stuff to the readme. Also the release name and revision.
  • Added: Link to TAGs tutorial in the docs.

    Revision 1.424 2003/06/30 13:09:15 set

  • Fixed: [BC++] a bug in the EasyDiag label and radio buttons that made Alt+L and similars to generate GPFs. This is very interesting: the GPF was generated by code that I forgot to remove while adapting to the new i18n mechanism. The code was useless and hence gcc simply removed it (2.81 to 3.3 versions tested) but BC++ 5.5/5.6 seems to be quite inferior optimizing and didn't remove the code. This code walked a single chained list but using wrong pointers (NULL or released).

    Revision 1.423 2003/06/30 13:08:17 set

  • Added: [Config] makes directory to the library search path. It makes RHIDE projects easier.
  • Added: [Config] --libset to my DOS default config. I finally managed to compile RHIDE 1.5 CVS for DOS. It took me a day to figure out the problems in my system and workaround gdb make problems.
  • Added: [Config] less to the DOS cvs update batch.

    Revision 1.422 2003/06/30 13:07:09 set

  • Added: A script to update from CVS using the options I use. A DOS batch file and a shell script are provided.

    Revision 1.421 2003/06/27 19:52:07 set

  • Added: Some SQL keywords. Contributed by Grzegorz.

    Revision 1.420 2003/06/24 19:17:47 set

  • Added: A tutorial explaining how to use tags stuff step by step. It have graphics but I'm not sure about distributing them, size issue.
  • Fixed: Fails in the "Export as HTML" command when some text was selected.
  • Fixed: When using completion words and the word to complete made match with the last symbols the editor crashed.
  • Modified: added calls to gprexp and changed rules to create .imk files.

    Revision 1.419 2003/06/23 21:09:09 set

  • Updated: default .env files.
  • Added: link to the new nightly snapshots to the web page.

    Revision 1.418 2003/06/23 14:50:49 set

  • Fixed: error in spanish translation. Reported by Andres Trapanotto .

    Revision 1.417 2003/06/23 14:31:44 set

  • Added: some TODO entries I want to add after the next release.
  • Updated: the copyrigh file.
  • Updated: the readme files for distribution. Copyright dates and also a more accurate description about keyboard under X11.

    Revision 1.416 2003/06/23 14:27:48 set

  • Fixed: [InfView] the code to paste the current selection to the secondary OS clipboard wrongly computed the condition to determine if the selection was valid or not. As a result it tried to paste a negative line. The consequence ranged from nothing to an infinite loop, including SIGSEGVs and wrong text in the window. It was exposed by some double click conditions but also with simple clicks.

    Revision 1.415 2003/06/23 14:21:10 set

  • ** New name for release: Iguazu I ***
  • Added: now the releases will have names to identify them easier.
  • Added: revision number to the about dialogs, suggested by Ivan. The number will be based on my local CVS revision number. The S.F. offset could need adjustments. The revision number is only updated when compiling with the maintainer mode enabled.

    Revision 1.414 2003/06/18 19:55:12 set

  • Added: Now ManView window can be closed with ESC. Suggested by Thiago.
  • Added: Now you can copy from the message window to the OS clipboard. Suggested by Thiago.

    Revision 1.413 2003/06/17 15:50:25 set

  • Fixed: Find whole words and out/inside comments didn't work together. Reported by Alain .

    Revision 1.412 2003/06/17 14:43:45 set

  • Added: SQL emacs modes and sequence keyword. Suggested by Grzegorz.

    Revision 1.411 2003/06/17 14:36:37 set

  • Added: cmcCommentIndent/cmcCommentUnIndent now indents the current line if nothing is selected. Suggested by Thiago.
  • Added: [sLisp] a command to find which syntax highlight is in use. From an idea suggested by Thiago.

    Revision 1.410 2003/06/17 13:09:25 set

  • Added: install instructions for djgpp, Cygwin, MinGW and MSVC.

    Revision 1.409 2003/06/17 13:04:19 set

  • Modified: To support the new CLY_destroy mechanism.

    Revision 1.408 2003/06/17 13:02:32 set

  • Added: [Linux] an script to create TV and SETEdit RPMs in one call.
  • Added: Documentation about compilation and installation for BC++, Linux and generic UNIX systems. Also explanation for the .deb files. I also removed the obsolete information found in the README that now points to INSTALL.txt and it points to individual files in doc/install.

    Revision 1.407 2003/06/17 12:55:04 set

  • Added: A script to generate the RPMs in an easy way.
  • Modified: RPMs release version to 1.

    Revision 1.406 2003/06/13 20:55:22 set

  • Added: Files and instructions to create RPMs. They are bbcat's .spec files with some additions and corrections. Things I'm not sure they will remain: 1) Need of tar.bz2 file. 2) Use of package-version dir.

    Revision 1.405 2003/06/13 12:22:11 set

  • Added: [sLisp] (repeat times commands...) from code and ideas contributed by Bernd.
  • Added: [sLisp] (= var value) as an alias for (setv ...
  • Added: [sLisp] (++ "var_name") and (-- "var_name"), they behaves as their C counterparts.
  • Added: Documentation for all of them.

    Revision 1.404 2003/06/12 21:10:05 set

  • Added: A new option to avoid redirecting stdout when running an external program. Useful for interactive applications that uses stdout. Documented. Translated to spanish.
  • Fixed: [UNIX] When running an external program and using the "OS screen" the editor made a complete mess because the routine redirected stdout and then suspended. It made the UNIX/Linux console drivers to try to use the file as a console 8-P
  • Fixed: [sLisp] The RunProgram command was affected by the options in the configuration dialog. Now they are independent.
  • Added: [sLisp] Two constants to be used by RunProgram. They are for the old option (use OS/user screen) and the new option to avoid redirecting stdout.
  • Added: The new sLisp commands and all the constants to syntaxhl.shl.

    Revision 1.403 2003/06/12 21:07:53 set

  • Added: [sLisp] GetCursorX, GetCursorY and SetCursorXY commands. Documented.
  • Added: A new command that inserts a new line without moving the cursor nor indenting. This is the old WordStar ^N command. Replaced the old ^N assignment. Added to menues. Translated to spanish.
  • Fixed: JumpLastCursorPos was interpreted as command 154 instead of 153 when used from menues.
  • Fixed: + and - should change month in calendar, but used a very all (and nasty) legacy mechanism.
  • Added: Calendar windows can be closed pressing ESC.

    Revision 1.402 2003/06/11 20:18:38 set

  • Added: [sLisp] Find command, contributed by Bernd.

    Revision 1.401 2003/06/10 15:27:03 set

  • Added: [sLisp] loop and exitloop sentences, also ==, !=, ++ and --
    operators. All of them have some basic behavior that could be extended but is enough for a <2.5 hours hack ;-) I added some documentation and a small example. I implemented to show to Bernd Becker how to implement loop sentence.

    Revision 1.400 2003/06/05 20:12:29 set

  • Added: Menu entries for cmcLastPosCur.
  • Added: Documentation for both commands (new one and the older).
  • Fixed: Need of flushLine in both commands to avoid messing the line under edition.
  • Updated: Spanish translation.

    Revision 1.399 2003/06/05 20:11:20 set

  • Fixed: When genimk fails it must delete the partially generated .imk and .umk to force a new generation after fixing the problems.

    Revision 1.398 2003/06/05 20:08:57 set

  • Fixed: Compilation problems with gcc 3.3 patch from Andris. It fixes: 1) The order we call the contructors for the base classes. 2) Multiline strings no longer supported by gcc. 3) Gcc no longer supports char values as array index. Comments: 1) I don't understand why, I think it should be enforced only if the sequence is ambiguous, after all compilers are supposed to help people. 2) I don't understand why, is so easy to support. 3) I don't understand why it can be promoted to int as in any other place.

    Revision 1.397 2003/06/04 20:45:13 set

  • Added: A new command called cmcJumpLastCursorPos. It works similar to cmcLastPosCur but uses a different mechanism. I assigned this command to ^Q-P that according to Alain is the WordStar command for it. Looking for feedback.

    Revision 1.396 2003/06/04 17:36:39 set

  • Added: Support for makeinfo 4.4 and newer. For some reason the new versions doesn't support _ inside names (only -). Really uncompatible from my point of view. Lamentably this is currently shipped in a few rare Linux distributions like Slackware 9.0.0 and SuSE 8.2 (no in previous releases, nor in any Debian nor Red Hat nor Mandrake distro). And Andris and Michel didn't sent me the intermediate file needed to find the problem.

    Revision 1.395 2003/06/02 15:12:20 set

  • Modified: Configuration script to adapt to the new TV directory structure. Now the resulting lib is in ../tvision/makes.

    Revision 1.394 2003/05/30 19:51:37 set

  • Fixed: Config: Moved TV detection to be before detecting CFLAGS so we can be sure be can get TV settings.
  • Added: Config: Advices when using shipped libs.
  • Fixed: Config: AA lib detection when running the configure script in a remote console.
  • Removed: [Debian] recode as dependency.
  • Removed: [Debian] .mak files from "files to back-up".

    Revision 1.393 2003/05/26 14:30:58 set

  • Modified: Makefile.nmk to be a wrapper for Makefile.bcc by just including it. The only difference is that it defines FOR_NMAKE=1 and this will force to use definitions for MSVC compiler.

    Revision 1.392 2003/05/26 14:07:48 set

  • Modified: The mkf, imk and umk files to allow more abstraction regrading to file extensions. So now objects can be .o or .obj or anything.
  • Added: Makefiles to use the umk files with BC++. I successfully compiled the editor and infview using the .umk files called from a main Makefile.bcc I keep the old mechanism until this is more tested.
  • Added: Files for nmake, but they aren't tested and I'm quite sure they will need adjusts. I need a volunteer.

    Revision 1.391 2003/05/26 14:03:14 set

  • Modified: The makefiles to maintain the .imk and .umk files only when the "Maintainer Mode" is enabled.
  • Added: --no-prefix-h to configset because I use /usr as prefix and this is already in the list.

    Revision 1.390 2003/05/23 20:19:45 set

  • Modified: Sorted the configure options by category so people can find the needed option faster.

    Revision 1.389 2003/05/23 19:19:47 set

  • Modified: Now if you configure the editor without special options the makfiles avoids header dependencies. Using --enable-maintainer-mode enables the complex dependencies.

    Revision 1.388 2003/05/23 16:10:32 set

  • Added: Detection and use of rhtv-config even if it isn't installed.
  • Added: Error message if rhtv-config can't be found.
  • Removed: X11 headers stuff from configuration header. The editor doesn't really use it, is all abstracted by TV.
  • Added: Rules so make detects the configuration scripts are newer and forces the user to reconfigure.

    Revision 1.387 2003/05/23 13:23:52 set

  • Fixed: [DOS] Details about the new configuration.

    Revision 1.386 2003/05/23 13:20:05 set

  • Modified: Some details about the configuration process. Now the scripts takes C flags, C++ flags, libraries and path to libraries from TV configuration using rhtv-config tool. I'm testing it so please be patient. Sorry for inconvenients.

    --- CVS tag i0_5_2b ---
    --- Tarball uploaded to S.F. ---

    Revision 1.385 2003/05/22 20:47:31 set

  • Added: Support for "DOS files" to the .mak parser. Just in case.
  • Updated: .imk files to avoid the need of gpr2mak.

    Revision 1.384 2003/05/22 19:24:45 set

  • Fixed: It was wrong again ;-), if the source was newer than imks and the .exe didn't exist it failed. Thanks Kevin for the patience.

    Revision 1.383 2003/05/21 21:13:45 set

  • Fixed: Wrong dependencies for genimk and extrimk again! Hope this time they are ok. Reported by Kevin.

    Revision 1.382 2003/05/21 20:34:08 set

  • Fixed: A lot of pointer casts to compile for 64 bits processors. The code compiles for Itanium but isn't stable.

    Revision 1.381 2003/05/20 19:02:32 set

  • Modified: Some details of the powered grep to make it more friendly: 1) During a blocking call to grep the "busy indicator" is enabled. 2) During a recursive search you can stop the recursivity pressing ^C. 3) Gives a change to update the screen after each run, very important for the X11 driver.

    Revision 1.380 2003/05/20 17:29:24 set

  • Added: Emacs modes for CSS files. From Grzegorz.

    Revision 1.379 2003/05/20 14:12:42 set

  • Added: A new couple of commands to copy and paste to/from the OS clipboard when using the TInputLinePiped input boxes. These commands must be used in menu files if you want to use the OS clipboard for it. They are called cmtilCopyOS and cmtilPasteOS. From a request by Thiago.

    Revision 1.378 2003/05/19 21:03:48 set

  • Fixed: When importing items to the project the editor: 1) Didn't redraw the project window. 2) Didn't use the base path for the project. From a report by Kevin.

    Revision 1.377 2003/05/19 14:18:16 set

  • Modified: [MinGW] Looks like pwd can be called from Perl, at least from the Perl I have. Most probably the problem is that MinGW have pwd only as an internal shell command.
  • Fixed: [Win32] Collision between Win32 API and GetLastError from holidays module.

    Revision 1.376 2003/05/19 14:12:56 set

  • Modified: [MinGW] Looks like pwd can be called from Perl, at least from the Perl I have. Most probably the problem is that MinGW have pwd only as an internal shell command.
  • Fixed: [Win32] Collision between Win32 API and GetLastError from holidays module.

    Revision 1.375 2003/05/19 14:11:09 set

  • Fixed: The confignt.pl script not collected all the object files needed for BC++ and MSVC.
  • Fixed: Missing -I..\holidays for BC++ and MSVC.
  • Modified: Disabled "Unreachable code" BC++ warning. The compiler generates it for code that was obviously coded to achieve it (if (0) ....).
  • Fixed: I can't beleive I left a ; at the end of a while in the code fixed by revision 1.830 (home CVS number). Detected by BC++.
  • Fixed: Assigment to Boolean from a boolean condition. Detected by BC++.

    Revision 1.374 2003/05/19 14:09:57 set

  • Fixed: The install.mkf needed settvuti path and also the addition of libwin.
  • Fixed: The distribution contained common.imk twice.

    Revision 1.373 2003/05/16 20:59:40 set

  • Added: Some text about RHIDE to the web page and a link to a patch that allows creating an RHIDE compiled with the current CVS code.

    Revision 1.372 2003/05/16 19:25:08 set

  • Fixed: clean target of holidays directory didn't ignore errors.
  • Fixed: extra \n at the end of distribution lists produced problems.
  • Fixed: missing .mkf files in distro.
  • Note: compiled (not tested) for Mandrake 9.1 and Red Hat 9.0. Compiled and tested for Solaris.

    Revision 1.371 2003/05/16 15:30:32 set

  • Fixed: Wrong dependencies for the .imk files. They depends on the imk generator, but the source, not the exe. The exe will be always newer than the imk files for fresh check outs and it forced to have gpr2mak. Seen on Solaris where I don't have grp2mak.

    Revision 1.370 2003/05/16 12:53:29 set

  • Fixed: Missing C++ lib for extrimk.cc and genimk.cc. Reported by Kevin Alm .

    Revision 1.369 2003/05/16 12:41:30 set

  • Modified: To ever include stdc++ as library in the worst case it will be listed twice.

    Revision 1.368 2003/05/15 18:10:26 set

  • Modified: configset to wait for ENTER instead of sleeping 2 seconds. As suggested by Ivan.

    Revision 1.367 2003/05/15 18:04:42 set

  • Fixed: The tool to transport patches from my home to SF CVS skipped some patches :-( I think it was the source for various misterious missing patches. I hope the new version really solves the problem.

    Revision 1.366 2003/05/14 19:54:09 set

  • Added: A check for makeinfo 4.5. It doesn't work and generates compilation problems. So now if that's detected the configuration assumes makeinfo isn't usable.

    Revision 1.365 2003/05/14 16:23:19 set

  • Modified: Moved the libset target to makes/Makefile so it is cleaner and includes the "makes" dependency.

    Revision 1.364 2003/05/14 16:01:48 set

  • Fixed: For some reason S.F. CVS had a configure script that didn't use libset.mkf (used the .mak).
  • Fixed: The code to extract BC++ and MSVC objects failed with the new .imk format of 1 dependency by line.
  • Added: RHIDE 1.5 CVS defines vpath for includes as all the include directories and then stripts these directories from dependencies. This is different to what previous versions used. Now the imks generator supports it.
  • Added: RHIDE 1.5 CVS generates some absolute path dependencies, I'm not sure if it only happends for old .gpr files. Now the .imk generator tries to convert them into relative and scan again looking for the proper include directory before giving up.
  • Fixed: The -m option was disabled during the TV 1.x to 2.x process, now is enabled again using TV 2.x mechanisms.

    Revision 1.363 2003/05/13 14:58:18 set

  • Fixed: Some details needed to compile RHIDE 1.5, CVS snapshot for today.

    Revision 1.362 2003/05/13 12:51:18 set

  • Fixed: More documentation details. Patch from Bernd.

    Revision 1.361 2003/05/12 19:31:18 set

  • Modified: Made the "Paste Emacs mode" more robust. If the first line is "#!..." the comment is pasted in the second. If the mode was already pasted by the editor it is first deleted. Suggested by Grzegorz.

    Revision 1.360 2003/05/12 15:55:23 set

  • Modified: Made more robust the "shell script" shl detection/ It now supports: "#!.../env command" => command and "#!.../commandVERSION" => command (example python2.2 => python). From Grzegorz suggestions.

    Revision 1.359 2003/05/12 15:23:33 set

  • Modified: The imk generator to generate one dependency in each line. This makes files bigger (5.5 % for editor.imk) but reduces the CVS traffic because when a dependency is added only one line is affected and no all the lines after it.

    Revision 1.358 2003/05/12 14:39:33 set

  • Added: Emacs modes and shell names for Tcl and Python. Suggested by Grzegorz.

    Revision 1.357 2003/05/12 13:45:50 set

  • Added: A dialog to dis/enable any advice dialog (also the Quit + delete warning).
  • Modified: Now when you "Quit" (cmeQuitDelete) and the warning dialog pops up you can press Escape to abort the process. Suggested by Alex Lozano.
  • Added: Virtual members to TStringable to un/mark items. I used it for the new dialog.
  • Added: Un/mark facilities to TStringableListBox for TStringables that reports support for it.
  • Updated: Spanish translations.
  • Documented: "Check for modified files" and "Advice dialogs" configuration options. Both linked to contexts.

    Revision 1.356 2003/05/12 13:44:40 set

  • Fixed: Also infview.mkf needed FOR_EDITOR as extra flags and libset.mkf needed FOR_LIBSET.

    Revision 1.355 2003/05/12 13:43:36 set

  • Added: A dialog to configure if the editor will check modification times after running an external program and/or periodically. Also how many seconds to wait between checks. Saved to desktop file.
  • Fixed: When no project is available now the "Powered Grep" avoids using "search in projects" as default.
  • Fixed: I forgot the C_EXTRA_FLAGS in editor.mkf.
  • Fixed: The above mentioned error also existed for BC++ and MSVC producing wrong InfView colors.
  • Updated: Spanish translations.
  • Version 0.5.2

    Revision 1.354 2003/05/12 13:41:34 set

  • Added: Every 8 seconds and from the idle loop the editor checks if we are editing a file and in this case if the modification time of the file on disk changed.
  • Added: Every time we focuse an editor the idle loop checks the modification time of the copy on disk.
  • Added: When the editor detects the copy on disk is newer and that we also modified the copy in memory the editor asks for 4 options: 1) Load the file from disk, it discards changes in the copy we have on memory. 2) Don't do anything, the user must solve the problem. 3) Like 1 but the editor invokes diff -u and shows the output. 4) Like 2 but with diff like in 3.
  • Added: If GNU diff isn't isntalled we show an advice dialog.

    Revision 1.353 2003/05/12 13:40:08 set

  • Fixed: Deatails about handling RHIDE 1.4.7 and 1.5 projects.
  • Fixed: Difference between the criteria of return values between exit, djgpp, glibc and make.
  • Fixed: sdgcline compilation issues.
  • Added: Avoid to generate new rhide.env files if they won't change. Now they are dependencies.
  • Added: Support for the new .imk files to the BC++ and MSVC configuration process (confignt.pl).
  • Fixed: ../holidays shouldn't be in SUPPORT_INC.
  • Modified: To avoid dependencies from $(TVISION_INC)/cl

    Revision 1.352 2003/05/12 13:37:59 set

  • Added: A new system for the makefiles. Expect all kind of compilation problems. It will simplify the configuration process and reduce CVS patches to .mak files.
  • Fixed: libamp case sensitive include.
  • Fixed: sdgcline details to allow clean compilation.

    Revision 1.351 2003/05/09 13:09:03 set

  • Added: A check to determine if the configure script is newer than the cache. If that's the case the cache is discarded.

    Revision 1.350 2003/05/08 18:03:45 set

  • Fixed: After loading a file from a desktop file with column cursor enabled it wasn't visible until the cursor was moved.
  • Added: A bizarre desktop example with two fonts.

    Revision 1.349 2003/05/08 18:00:46 set

  • Added: Context sensitive help for the holidays configuration.

    Revision 1.348 2003/05/07 19:53:46 set

  • Fixed: Now the editor forces Tab==\t.
  • Modified: The word completion key to be Ctrl+Tab as suggested by Grzegorz I'll give a try to this combination.

    Revision 1.347 2003/05/07 19:44:21 set

  • Fixed: EasyDiag meassured the width of the dialog's title using the untranslated string.
  • Modified: The dialog to wait for a key during in the keyboard configuration to use EasyDiag.

    Revision 1.346 2003/05/07 15:01:20 set

  • Updated: Spanish translation for the fixed messages. Also committing a fresh german file that needs fixes.

    Revision 1.345 2003/05/07 14:26:16 set

  • Fixed: Applied a batch of patches from Bernd to fix messages in the code.

    Revision 1.344 2003/05/07 12:41:15 set

  • Added: holidays.cc to the project and makefiles. That's a whole update of the makefiles, please reconfigure the package if you are using CVS.

    Revision 1.343 2003/05/07 12:34:42 set

  • Fixed: The holidays directory must be used for includes even when dynamic libs are not supported.

    Revision 1.342 2003/05/07 12:33:57 set

  • Added: Some people to the list of contributors to the docs.

    Revision 1.341 2003/05/07 12:33:16 set

  • Fixed: Second lot of changes to docs from Bernd Becker .

    Revision 1.340 2003/05/06 20:45:13 set

  • Fixed: Tags: Some languages (the ones after PHP) had errors in the kind decoding.
  • Added: HTML language and kind:a to the list of supported tags, Grzegorz have a modified E.Ctags that supports it.

    Revision 1.339 2003/05/06 20:26:04 set

  • Added: A dialog to force a plug-in for the calendar. Useful if the user doesn't define the LANG environment variable or if that isn't enough to determine the country.
  • Modified: Moved most of holidays plug-in code to a separated file.

    Revision 1.338 2003/05/06 12:34:04 set

  • Added: a small doc explaining how to write a "holidays plug-in".

    Revision 1.337 2003/05/06 12:32:41 set

  • Fixed: A lot of typos and errors in docs. Revision by Bernd Becker .

    Revision 1.336 2003/05/06 12:31:49 set

  • Added: Conditional to compute statistics about the tags. Reports really interesting info.
  • Modified: The way that Tags are displayed in lists to make them more readable as suggested by Grzegorz. I used the stats to determine the sizes.

    Revision 1.335 2003/05/05 20:40:31 set

  • Added: A configuration file for the "holiday plug-ins", it maps a value of the LANG environment variable to a country and .so.
  • Added: A default plug-in with the most common holidays more or less used world-wide.

    Revision 1.334 2003/05/05 14:34:35 set

  • Added: yield to Python keywords (introduced in 2.2). Contributed by Grzegorz.

    Revision 1.333 2003/05/05 14:08:41 set

  • Added: The first step towards support for plug-ins to highlight holidays in the calendar. Currently is only supported for systems implementing dlopen() and I have a plug-in only for my country ;-). I'll soon make it selectable and write a mini-doc about how to write those plug-ins.

    Revision 1.332 2003/05/05 14:06:06 set

  • Modified: Now the dialog that shows the list of classes isn't case sensitive. That's why I feel that's much more intuitive and easier to use.
  • Fixed: When searching in classes without a perfect match of the word under cursor and jumping to a member the editor jumped but offered the list of classes again.
  • Fixed: The list of "functions" supports things that aren't strcitly programming languages, like texinfo sources, for this reason the "space" key should't act as item selector (can be part of the name in an incremental search).
  • Fixed: When switching from a window with some syntax highlight to another with a different shl and using Alt+F2 it was common to get a wrong result because the editor used the old shl. Now the cmcJumpTo... ensures the shl cache is filled with the proper values.
  • Added: A warning to the configset script as I did for DOS. BTW: What's the shell command to wait for a keystroke? I just put a sleep 2 but this isn't the best.

    Revision 1.331 2003/05/05 14:03:21 set

  • Added: A new option to control the size of newly opened files. When enabled the windows tries to avoid overlapping the message and project windows. The algorithm searchs for the bigger available rectangle that doesn't overlap. The code also ensures a minimal size of 24x6 and ensures the window is visible (not outside desktop). It was suggested by Iván.
  • Documented and updated spanish translations.

    Revision 1.330 2003/05/05 13:57:49 set

  • Fixed: Some pmacros (Perl was the most notable) didn't indicate the right editing mode flags. It could make them fail to generate properly indented text.
  • Fixed: "Intelligent indent" mode needed "Backspace unindents" enabled in order to work as spected.

    Revision 1.329 2003/05/05 13:53:14 set

  • Added: A small tool I wrote to extract info from linker maps. Is quite useful for DOS to know how much comes from each lib.

    Revision 1.328 2003/05/05 13:51:10 set

  • Added: A warning to configset.bat because people thinks thats "set configuration" and not "configuration for SET" ;-)
  • Added: Now if shell utils aren't installed (I think djgpp is the only that can lack it) the configuration stops and explains the problem.
  • Modified: gcc 3.x doesn't like (unsigned char)var when var is unsigned.
  • Modified: [DOS] looks like djgpp defines time_t in a way that gcc can't see the difference between time_t and unsigned.
  • Modified: Looks like gcc 3.2.2 (may be all 3.x) doesn't support the __attribute__((constructor)) stuff for C++ code. So now I'm using C++ code for that, which is quite logical but ugly.

    Revision 1.327 2003/05/05 13:45:13 set

  • Modified: Now the tags file automagically maintained by the editor can't be removed manually from the list of tag files. Also: it isn't saved to the desktop file. Instead when you load a project the file is automatically inserted.
  • Fixed: What Exuberant Ctags claims to be a regex isn't such a thing. For this reaso any "regex" containing a pointer type (*) fails. For this reason I changed the way it is used. Now I do a simple search but specifying "whole words", it can fail, but I think it won't be usual to get a fail.

    Revision 1.326 2003/05/02 19:39:40 set

  • Modified: Now is possible to load projects outside the current working directory. From a report by Grzegorz. Note it was tested only for Linux (don't tested using drive letters).

    Revision 1.325 2003/05/02 12:45:16 set

  • Fixed: The modified CreateChooseDialog used cmOKApply and cmCancelApply commands instead of cmOK and cmCancel. Reported by Grzegorz.

    Revision 1.324 2003/04/30 20:28:34 set

  • Fixed: The editor wrongly interpreted the basic/extended regex option so the real mode was in fact tied to the case sensitive option.
  • Modified: Now the tags code uses real regex.

    Revision 1.323 2003/04/30 19:34:19 set

  • Added: A button to search for members of a class, struct, enum or union to the jump to tag dialog.

    Revision 1.322 2003/04/30 18:00:19 set

  • Fixed: TSortedListBox using SOStacks have a special incremental search, it had some bugs fixed in TV but not copied there.

    Revision 1.321 2003/04/30 16:05:59 set

  • Added: More documentation about tags.
  • Updated: Spanish translations.

    Revision 1.320 2003/04/30 14:23:02 set

  • Added: When you add an item to the project it doesn't have to be newer than the TAGs file. For this reason I created a new filed in project items to indicate the item is new and that it wasn't yet included in the tags file. The concept currently allows the same for other 31 targets.
  • Updated: Web page.

    Revision 1.319 2003/04/30 13:18:25 set

  • Added: An option to maintain a central tags file using the project items. This option checks if any of the project files is newer than the file "tags" and if that's the case calls ctags using the -a option and passing a list of files to scan. This makes ctags scan only the newer files saving time.
  • Added: Support for tag files where "kind:" is implicit.

    Revision 1.318 2003/04/29 18:23:35 set

  • Added: Options to export the project items to a text file and to import file names from a text file. Documented and linked to the docs.
  • Updated: Spanish translations.

    Revision 1.317 2003/04/29 15:04:51 set

  • Modified: CreateChooseDialog to use EasyDiag and made more configurable.
  • Added: TGrowDialogZ as a TGrowDialog that can handle cmeZoom.
  • Modified: TAGs code to reuse both things.

    Revision 1.316 2003/04/29 12:52:11 set

  • Added: A new member to EasyDiag objects to set the growMode option in an easier way (setGrowMode).
  • Added: A button to the list of tag files to see the information stored by the tags program (format, program version, etc.).
  • Modified: Redesigned the CreateAddInsDelDialog function using EasyDiag and added a new option for an "Info." button. The code is much more simple now.

    Revision 1.315 2003/04/29 12:50:44 set

  • Fixed: When doing a search in/outside comments close to the first line and having the cursor in the line of the first hit and this line was longer than the sum of the previous the editor evaluated line -1 generating a GPF. Reported by Bernd Becker .

    Revision 1.314 2003/04/28 19:42:28 set

  • Added: An advice dialog to warn about using tag files in format 1. And a button to jump to docs.
  • Added: If the tags file to load is the default and couldn't be loaded an advice about it with option to read the docs is used. If the user doesn't go to the docs we detect if ctags is installed, if installed we offer to generate a new tags files. If not installed we indicate the URL of the homepage.
  • Fixed: Tips code tried to jump to editor.inf which is no longer called like it. Does anybody read the tips?

    Revision 1.313 2003/04/28 16:44:12 set

  • Fixed: The tags code to support: original tags format (FORMAT=1), wrong tags files (Emacs tag files for example), backwards regex, etc. without crashing. Basically: made more robust when dealing with unexpected tag files.

    Revision 1.312 2003/04/28 14:02:05 set

  • Added: Some documentation about the new TAGS features.
  • Added: Connected the context sensitive help values with the new documentation.

    Revision 1.311 2003/04/28 14:00:31 set

  • Updated: Spanish translations.
  • Fixed: Shortcut collision in class browser.
  • Removed: Some debugging printfs.

    Revision 1.310 2003/04/28 13:58:19 set

  • Added: Word completion stuff! is based on the code I wrote for sLisp and Lemur. I used Alt+Right for it but I'm not sure if that's a good idea. Currently is only on user request, some options about it could be added.

    Revision 1.309 2003/04/28 13:56:15 set

  • Added: A class browser based on TAGs info. It allows to know which are the parents and childs for a class, also which members are declared, jump to any of them, see a list of the members plus the members of the parents and more. I coded it in less than 5 hours, don't spect perfect code.
  • Added: A new constant called tsveMakeSameW, when used (with or) for MakeVeGroup forces a call to makeSameW().

    Revision 1.308 2003/04/28 13:54:25 set

  • Fixed: When a directory contained a project with a desktop file newer than the current setedit version and a default desktop file from a version older than 0.5.0 the editor rejected the new file but preloaded it doing a mess at the time of loading the old file.

    Revision 1.307 2003/04/28 13:53:33 set

  • Added: When adding a tag file to list now the editor asks if we want to add it using a relative path.
  • Modified: The dialog to select a tag file now uses "tags*".
  • Added: The list of selected tag files is stored in the desktop file.
  • Version 0.5.1

    Revision 1.306 2003/04/25 18:41:43 set

  • Fixed: When typing at the end of the visible area and a horizontal scroll is forced the editor have to draw the whole window. To minimize the impact the editor does an 8 columns scroll. But if this width was less than the width of the larger line this scroll was automatically neutralized by the horizontal scrollbar. It not only defeated the effect but also generated a second full draw making things even worst.

    Revision 1.305 2003/04/25 18:15:10 set

  • Fixed: When jumping to a hit in the message window and the first column contained a matching [{( and the editor was configure to do match pair on the fly: the message quickly dissapear.

    Revision 1.304 2003/04/25 15:02:23 set

  • Fixed: TSCheckBoxes computed the with using untranslated messages. Same for TSRadioButtons.

    Revision 1.303 2003/04/25 12:22:25 set

  • Added: Now you can jump to any symbol from the TAGS file! looks like I can't get it working using real regex and also looks like they aren't real regex, just full lines marked similar to regexs.

    Revision 1.302 2003/04/24 20:05:11 set

  • Added: A new color scheme contributed by Juan Diego (bach) Ianelli . Is called "Dark JDI".

    Revision 1.301 2003/04/24 19:24:19 set

  • At last!! finally I added some basic supoprt for TAGS. I had some code I wrote in 1998, but I discarded it because ectags changed a lot. Currently you can setup which tag files to use (the list isn't stored to disk) and do a search pressing ^F2, for repited entries you'll even be able to jump to the line where the symbol is defined, but in most cases the position is obtained using regex and it isn't implemented yet. Be careful that's really experimental. Also: forget about using it if the editor is linked with efence and the tags file is big. I tried it with a 1.1 MB file and the editor died after eating more than 240 MB of memory (efence seems to need real memory, not swap).

    Revision 1.300 2003/04/22 15:32:56 set

  • Modified: To support the --with-ssc TV option.

    Revision 1.299 2003/04/21 19:38:34 set

  • Fixed: wrong rules to create internac/colors.cc.

    Revision 1.298 2003/04/21 18:30:05 set

  • Modified: i18n files to remove TV messages, now they are in a separated catalog (tvision domain).
  • Modified: The i18n initialization to use TVIntl::autoInit().

    Revision 1.297 2003/04/21 18:25:37 set

  • Added: Copy/paste to/from OS clipboard to the list of i18n strings.
  • Fixed: Shortcut collision between it and file clipboard.
  • Updated: Spanish translations, removed \r to shutup msgmerge.

    Revision 1.296 2003/04/21 18:23:44 set

  • Fixed: Color names now are coherent, all start with a capital letter.
  • Fixed: The f*ck#ng gettext doesn't like values outside ASCII in msgids so I changed Robert's last name and put the correct value in the spanish translation. Some day I'll discard GNU gettext in favor of a forked and sane replacement.
  • Added: A small tool to extract the names of the colors for i18n.
  • Updated: Spanish translation.

    Revision 1.295 2003/04/21 18:16:20 set

  • Adapted: Most of the remaining use of the old TV i18n API.
  • Added: Various calls to snprintf (while adapting i18n).
  • Added: A small tool to extract msgids from TV's .po file.
  • Fixed: Spanish .po header (wrong encoding in comments).
  • Updated: TV i18n messages.
  • Fixed: Memory leak in about dialog.
  • Updated: Spanish translation.

    Revision 1.294 2003/04/21 18:07:16 set

  • Modified: No more use of strstream, now I use messageBox, easier code.

    Revision 1.293 2003/04/16 20:29:42 set

  • Modified: All messageBox calls to the new i18n API.

    Revision 1.292 2003/04/10 21:39:42 set

  • Modified: Now the i18n catalogs are in ISO-8859-1 encoding for all targets. Under DOS they are recoded on-the-fly to get CP850.
  • Fixed: Some code in the installer that used _() as returning char *.

    Revision 1.291 2003/04/08 19:18:25 set

  • Modified: TWindow, TDialog and TButton use to follow TV.

    Revision 1.290 2003/04/08 14:08:01 set

  • Modified: Uses of TStaticText incarnations to follow new TV features. I hope the number of bugs is low ;-) This isn't really harmful but I think some bugs are there.

    Revision 1.289 2003/04/07 13:48:38 set

  • Modified: all uses of TCheckBoxes and TRadioButtons to match the new TV API. Now they also support code page changes on the fly.
  • Fixed: In the last MinGW fix to avoid annoying messages from the configure script I forgot to assign the return value making recode, xgettext and makeinfo detection to fail.

    Revision 1.288 2003/04/07 13:47:27 set

  • Modified: The menu and status line creation for the new TV i18n API. Now they adapt to code page changes!
  • Modified: The configuration to request TV 2.0.2.

    Revision 1.287 2003/04/07 13:46:32 set

  • Modified: To adapt to the new TVIntl class, just compilation details. More will come soon ;-)

    Revision 1.286 2003/04/03 19:57:28 set

  • Fixed: Even when gettext (intl library) returns a char * it should be used as a const char *. When I enforced it using the _() macro one wrong use was detected and this change allows compilations for const char * as return value.

    Revision 1.285 2003/04/02 13:40:10 set

  • Fixed: [MinGW] The configuration script shown the error messages created when running non-existent programs appear in the screen generating confusion. Now the command are executed redirecting stderr.

    Revision 1.284 2003/04/02 13:39:02 set

  • Fixed: Warnings about: return value in TCEditor::loadFile (this is because BC++ is idiot to detect the complete flow, but now the code is more clear for the compiler and also for humans ;-), Comparisson between unsigned char and unsigned int gave warnings (promotion to int?) in edprefs.cc and assigment of bool to a Boolean variable. All reported by BC++ 5.5 as warnings.

    Revision 1.283 2003/04/01 17:31:34 set

  • Added: The web site to CVS (for easier maintainance) and distro (for more information for the user).
  • Updated: The web site for the last release.

    Revision 1.282 2003/04/01 13:54:32 set

  • Fixed: Attribute handling for big endian platforms in TViewPlus class.

    Revision 1.281 2003/04/01 03:44:38 terrible

  • Updated: Debian packaging to version 0.5.0-1.
  • Modified: tell people to use the distribution name like for example potato/woody instead of unstable/stable.
    v0.5.0 [tagged as r0_5_0]

    Revision 1.280 2003/03/21 18:02:58 set

  • Fixed: Syntax highlight propagation in "last line - 1" after pasting.

    Revision 1.279 2003/02/19 12:41:22 set

  • Fixed: Heuristic Perl parser didn't pay attention to the \ character, the code looked for it but didn't increment the index properly. Reported by Juan Diego Iannelli
  • Added: New keywords used in experimental TV for their configuration file.

    Revision 1.278 2003/02/11 13:41:01 set

  • Updated: Spanish translation.

    Revision 1.277 2003/02/11 13:32:11 set

  • Updated: Copyright date to include 2003 in the about dialog and also the date of the last documentation change.

    Revision 1.276 2003/02/06 18:55:29 set

  • Added: Save all option to save all unsaved editors. As suggested by Álvaro (Cristina ;-) and Iván.

    Revision 1.275 2003/01/31 15:55:59 set

  • Fixed: When "match pair on the fly" was enabled the editor forced a center cursor periodically interfering with the movement using the scroll bars. Reported by Iván and Álvaro.
    v0.5.0 Release Candidate 1

    Revision 1.274 2003/01/29 12:45:58 set

  • Updated: project and makefiles because I added the PHP parser to libset and we are preparing for a release candidate.

    Revision 1.273 2003/01/28 12:56:50 set

  • Added: Last changes to distrib files in order to release the RC1.

    Revision 1.272 2003/01/17 17:56:19 set

  • Modified: [Linux] glibc 2.3.x deprecates the use of sys_errlist and the replacement (strerror) is available in glibc 2.2.x so now for glibc>=2.2.0 I use it. Reported by Andris.

    Revision 1.271 2003/01/17 14:34:08 set

  • Fixed: The function list failed for namespace::class::member() declarations. Reported by Andris.
  • Fixed: It also failed for function(namespace::identifier).

    Revision 1.270 2003/01/08 15:01:33 set

  • Fixed: Bug in match pair highlight on the fly, using the wrong line as shl reference. Reported by Ivan.

    Revision 1.269 2003/01/07 19:57:31 set

  • Fixed: Wrong SHL parsing of empty lines that propagates strings when they are under edition. Reported by Ivan.

    Revision 1.268 2003/01/07 19:12:54 set

  • Modified: The SQL syntax to properly understand MySQL and PostgreSQL comments.
  • Modified: Gave more priority to comments than simple symbols, should be carefully tested but it made SQL comments to fail. From Ivan report.

    Revision 1.267 2003/01/06 20:18:22 set

  • Added: An explanation about how to install setedit in the home directory and use it from any machine with access to it. Contributed by Grzegorz.
  • Modified: Some macros to work with the Texinfo provided by Woody.

    Revision 1.266 2003/01/06 13:54:09 set

  • Updated: Grzegorz example on how to use macros to externally process portions of text.

    Revision 1.265 2002/12/30 15:28:22 set

  • Updated: POVRay SHL, from Martijn.

    Revision 1.264 2002/12/30 15:24:44 set

  • Modified: Removed the line len limitation in the syntaxhighlight loader. Asked by Martijn, he used more than 100 columns for POVRay SHL ;-)

    Revision 1.263 2002/12/27 12:40:40 set

  • Fixed: Added/Removed entries to the list of files.
  • Added: A chmod to make the INSTALL script executable when generating the packages.

    Revision 1.262 2002/12/20 15:44:40 set

  • Fixed: Ivan forgot to comment STANDALONE in pphp.cc.
  • Added: A new environment variable: SET_LOCALEDIR. It tells to the editor where to look for i18n files. That's useful when you have to install in the home directory. From a problem pointed out by Grzegorz.
  • Added: Info about the new environment variable to the manpage and the Linux FAQ.

    Revision 1.261 2002/12/14 23:00:14 terrible

  • Modified: PHP Functions Parser: added benchmark results and a EXTRA_INLINE macro to activate the inlines that cause bloat but speed things (yes! because they are on the hot path and used very often), the default is to not inline those extra functions when compiling for the editor but inlining when compiling standalone. The default parameters on the function definitions are commented out instead of just not being there, I prefer that for code clarity.

    Revision 1.260 2002/12/12 19:05:39 set

  • Removed the cmeKeyboardSetUp option, it no longer exists. Now this is controlled by the input code page.

    Revision 1.259 2002/12/12 19:04:31 set

  • Modified: The greek keyboard tweak no longer compiles. Removed the code that prevented compilation.

    Revision 1.258 2002/12/10 18:32:00 set

  • Added: The new cyrillic and greek "repeated" symbols to the fonts.

    Revision 1.257 2002/12/10 18:27:55 set

  • Added: Last TV config keyword.

    Revision 1.256 2002/12/10 14:13:55 set

  • Added: Missing header for fonts conversion utility.

    Revision 1.255 2002/12/09 13:23:53 set

  • Fixed: Commented out atStartOfComment in pphp.cc, it isn't used.

    Revision 1.254 2002/12/09 13:23:11 set

  • Modified: Removed a lot of inline declarations in pphp.cc. They aren't good candidates for inline functions (no speed gain and code bloated). BC++ 5.5 made warnings about them.
  • Fixed: un/signed comparisson in editmain.cc.
  • Modified: BC++ 5.5 doesn't like empty declarations produced by 2 consecutive ;.

    Revision 1.253 2002/12/09 13:21:39 set

  • Fixed: [Win32] gdi32 is needed to link. (new WinGr driver)
  • Fixed: configuration library to output less error messages during tests.
  • Fixed: default values in function declarations used in pphp.cc.
  • Modified: [MinGW] edprefs.cc to workaround a name space pollution in MinGW headers. (grp1 and grp2).

    Revision 1.252 2002/12/09 13:07:08 set

  • Fixed: [DOS] The greek hack. It should go away.

    Revision 1.251 2002/12/09 13:06:10 set

  • Fixed: A bug in the painting shl routine used for user defined syntax highlights. Failed for commented lines starting with blank spaces (specially tabs) and with text after the end of comment.

    Revision 1.250 2002/12/05 17:09:43 set

  • Added: Spanish translations for "Save as DOS" and "Shell". Pointed out by Ivan.

    Revision 1.249 2002/12/04 21:25:46 terrible

  • Corrected typo in change.log: spect should be expect.
  • Tested the editor, the Debian packaging didn't need any changes!

    Revision 1.248 2002/12/03 12:36:28 set

  • Fixed: The editor configured the secondary font using "screen" encoding at start-up.
  • Fixed: We didn't signal the need of loading a secondary font at start-up, I forgot to implement it in TV.

    Revision 1.247 2002/12/03 12:35:53 set

  • Added: [DOS] FAQ entry explaining that NT doesn't implement WinOldAP and hence you can't copy/paste using it.
  • Modified: [Linux] I heavily modified the Linux FAQ because now we have the X11 driver and it should remove most of the annoying limitations. I also added an entry explaining how to give access to /dev/vcs* to users.

    Revision 1.246 2002/12/03 12:35:10 set

  • Modified: Default global settings to be more similar to what a Windows user expects. Suggested by Ivan.

    Revision 1.245 2002/12/03 12:34:18 set

  • Modified: Removed all the conditionals for TV<2 and modified the configure script to request TV>=2.0.1.

    Revision 1.244 2002/12/03 12:32:44 set

  • Fixed: The special lines that doesn't exist are 0 and not -1.

    Revision 1.243 2002/12/03 12:31:56 set

  • Fixed: The KeyPad behavior. It is only for DOS driver. TV 2.0.1 is needed.

    Revision 1.242 2002/12/03 12:31:19 set

  • Added: More InfView commands to the commands parser used for sLisp and Menu files. I renamed the chcd* commands to cmh* so they can be parsed. I added a test example to the menubind.smn file. Closes SF FR #645731 created by Martijn.

    Revision 1.241 2002/11/29 12:50:22 set

  • Modified: Now TV provides CLY_Beep for all platforms.

    Revision 1.240 2002/11/27 17:35:12 set

  • Fixed: When using Linux (without VCS access) and XTerm drivers and calling a child process in background the child shared the output file handle producing a nasty side effect. Now the stdout and stderr are dup2'ed in the child using the redirected file.
  • Fixed: When creating new entries in the project they had an empty resume and it made the editor bomb at load time. Introduced by Ivan's request ... I knew it will blow something ;-), now the editor fills the propper field before saving and also workarounds wrong projects.

    Revision 1.239 2002/11/27 13:11:58 set

  • Added: A resumed list of new and fixed stuff to the distribution list.

    Revision 1.238 2002/11/26 12:51:12 set

  • Added: An LRU algorithm to remove entries in the closed list, as suggested by Ivan. I changed (once again) the resume structure to add the time stamp of the resume. Expect all kind of stupid side effects, flames go to Ivan for the idea ;-)

    Revision 1.237 2002/11/26 12:50:17 set

  • Fixed: The GetSelection sLisp command read one extra character in a string copy. Only detectable thanks to efence (not harmful).

    Revision 1.236 2002/11/20 17:33:51 terrible

  • Fixed: the editor didn't like the carriage returns, tabs, etc. that the PHP parser was giving to him which is something very understandable, so we replace them toghether with comments (they disturb in the function list) by a single space.
  • Fixed: off by 1 error on the PHP parser, tAddFunc function expects len to be the length of the string _including_ the ending 0 instead of the real length.

    Revision 1.235 2002/11/12 14:09:15 set

  • Fixed: [configuration] The --without-aa option didn't work. Reported by Martijn Versteegh.
  • Fixed: [configuration] After disabling MP3 support it was impossible to enable it again without deleting the cache file. From a report by Martijn.
  • Added: The new parser to BC++ and MSVC makefiles.

    Revision 1.234 2002/11/12 13:12:39 set

  • Added: Linked the PHP Parser that Iván added to the list of available parsers. I'll think about the indentation, after all my "weird" indentation is almost the same used by GNU project ;-)

    Revision 1.233 2002/11/11 21:47:40 terrible

  • Modified: added bool, true, false, typename and using to the C++ syntax highlight (both the .shl file and editmain.cc).
  • Added: PHP heuristic parser for function jumps and class recognition. Note: needs to be added to the building process and bufun.h, I don't have RHIDE so I can't do that myself, thanks :). Note 2: I am not as good as Salvador coding, but at least my indentation isn't so weird :-D, though if it is needed, I would indent it with Salvador's exotic style :-D, but if I am going to maintain it, I would prefer that it remains with my indentation style if possible.

    Revision 1.232 2002/11/11 20:15:58 set

  • Added: Now the matchpair and the complementary element jumps are affected by the syntax highlight. It was in the Feature Request for a long time and Ivan annoyed me to add it. It should be tested but seems to work, complementary elements only match if they belong to the same shl context.

    Revision 1.231 2002/11/11 17:43:20 set

  • Added: Now if you unindent uncommenting the editor checks that at least the first line is already indented, if not the operation is aborted.
  • Fixed: When indenting a block using the arbitrary indent or comment indent the syntax highlight wasn't recomputed.

    Revision 1.230 2002/11/11 16:21:22 set

  • Fixed: A bug introduced by the 1.197 (SF number) revision. It fixed problems in the overwrite undo but introduced problems in the normal overwrite use ;-). Now I reverted part of the patch and added a specific fix. *** Overwrite still unstable ***

    Revision 1.229 2002/11/08 12:42:45 set

  • Added: Some keywords to HTML syntax highlight.

    Revision 1.228 2002/11/08 12:40:44 set

  • Added: A very limited XML syntax highlight, I'm trying to learn about it so it currently highlights what I know ;-)

    Revision 1.227 2002/11/06 16:17:04 set

  • Added: An option to generate HTML 4.01 + CSS in the HTML export.

    Revision 1.226 2002/11/05 13:15:33 set

  • Fixed: applycvs.pl failed to apply new files in the root of the module.

    Revision 1.225 2002/11/05 13:13:33 set

  • Fixed: Now when choosing to "never remember windows" the options "resume" isn't applied. Note it was possible to choose such a behavior by choosing not to remmember the cursor position. From a suggestion by Grzegorz.

    Revision 1.224 2002/10/29 14:58:25 set

  • Fixed: When specifying a new project from command line the preLoad mechanism failed giving a SIGSEGV. Reported by Grzegorz.
  • Fixed: When specifying an existing project from command line the preload mechanism loaded the right desktop file but the second pass loaded the default desktop. From a report by Grzegorz.
  • Added: Now is possible to indicate a project to load without the extension in the command line. From a report by Grzegorz.

    Revision 1.223 2002/10/24 18:07:12 set

  • Added: "latex" to the TeX extensions. Suggested by Grzegorz.

    Revision 1.222 2002/10/07 19:25:22 set

  • Fixed: The "insert key name" option was broken for TV 2.0.0.
  • Added: / to PHP symbols as suggested by Ivan.

    Revision 1.221 2002/10/04 01:01:10 terrible

  • Updated: Debian packaging to version 0.5.0-0.4.

    Revision 1.220 2002/10/02 13:08:30 set

  • Added: A cursor restore after closing AAlib. That's just to test if it solves the SF issue #617251 submitted by Grzegorz. But I think this is a bug in AAlib or Linux kernel. I can't reproduce it in my system.

    Revision 1.219 2002/10/02 12:59:50 set

  • Added: Documentation for the new Screen, Encodings and Fonts options.

    Revision 1.218 2002/09/23 12:45:07 set

  • Fixed?: The TDskWin wrappers for InfView and the Clipboard deleted the windows intead of closing them. This can originate the use of already deleted objects because they remain inserted in the desktop. I saw it with efence, but I wonder why it wasn't exposed before, that's why I'm not sure about this fix.
  • Fixed: The TDskWinPrj() objects didn't set the wS and hS members when a new project was created giving crazy window sizes when loading the desktop.

    Revision 1.217 2002/09/23 12:43:30 set

  • Added: More TV configuration file keywords.

    Revision 1.216 2002/09/20 16:32:11 set

  • Fixed: The editor didn't allow to save ReadOnly files using "Save As", that's the only way we have to make a ReadWrite copy, so now that's allowed. Before writing the status is changed to RW and if the save goes wrong is reverted to RO.
  • Fixed: The selection adjust done when we leave a line under edition failed if the line had extra spaces at the end. I don't understand why the code comment said the right thing and the code had it wrong.

    Revision 1.215 2002/09/18 12:33:44 set

  • Added: DontMoveHiddenCursor to the tvrc syntax hl.

    Revision 1.214 2002/09/18 12:32:43 set

  • Added: The new TV config variables for DOS and XTerm drivers.

    Revision 1.213 2002/09/16 14:43:08 set

  • Fixed: The MP3 window character wasn't remapped after the last change.
  • Added: The last TV configuration keywords to the shl file.

    Revision 1.212 2002/09/13 12:30:31 set

  • Fixed: Lack of string.h in edfonts.cc. Reported by Anton Ustyancev .

    Revision 1.211 2002/09/13 12:28:07 set

  • Fixed: [DOS] Lack of Uses_TVCodePage in loadfunc.cc when compiling using djgpp.
  • Fixed: [DOS] When using the editor without djgpp the editor failed to find the internationalization files. Reported by Alex Lozano.

    Revision 1.210 2002/09/12 18:15:27 set

  • Modified: Removed code that used cmcUpdateCodePage, no longer needed.
  • Fixed: When loading a desktop that used fonts the code didn't indicate the font was loaded and hence encoding changes didn't change the font encoding.

    Revision 1.209 2002/09/12 18:14:17 set

  • Fixed: When the desktop file for a project was missing the loading routine didn't signal the "pre-load" state skipping the screen data initialization and hence generating a SIGSEGV.

    Revision 1.208 2002/09/12 18:13:31 set

  • Modified: The default ManView colors as suggested by Ivan, now they are more coherent with InfView.

    Revision 1.207 2002/09/12 01:16:26 terrible

  • Fixed: typo in internac/es.po.
  • Updated: Debian packaging to version 0.5.0-0.3.

    Revision 1.206 2002/09/11 13:14:32 set

  • Big code clean-up, I hope it isn't a big code breakage ;-)
  • Modified: all references to ctype functions to use TVCodePage members.
  • Added: application and input code page settings to InfView. Changed version to 0.2.8.
  • Modified: Removed old code in codepage.cc and adapted InfView and SETEdit to only use the new TV code.
  • Modified: Removed old code in edfonts.cc.
  • Updated: Project dependencies.

    Revision 1.205 2002/09/11 12:58:44 set

  • Fixed: The encoding options dialog failed to revert default values when the user disabled the "force" option.

    Revision 1.204 2002/09/10 19:07:29 set

  • Fixed: [Big Endian] the hexadecimal syntax highlight could use unaligned memory.

    Revision 1.203 2002/09/10 17:30:07 set

  • Modified: The code pages dialog to show what currently is used by the driver in the cps that aren't forced.

    Revision 1.202 2002/09/09 20:51:39 set [uid61297 <= Ugh! SF bug!]

  • Modified: removed code used for old screen options dialog.

    Revision 1.201 2002/09/09 13:33:54 set

  • Fixed: InfView compilation detail, problem introduced in last rev (1.715 in my home CVS 1.200 @SF)

    Revision 1.200 2002/09/09 13:32:41 set

  • Added: Support for the secondary OS clipboard to InfView (X11 selection).
  • Added: Support fot copy from man page to: editor's clipboard, main OS clipboard and secondary OS clipboard.
  • Removed: Old code I used to compile InfView with Sigala's port. Also removed some TV 1.x code.

    Revision 1.199 2002/09/06 20:56:11 set

  • Added: The first steps towards selection support in the manpage viewer. Isn't functional yet. Suggested by Ivan.

    Revision 1.198 2002/09/06 18:47:01 terrible

  • Updated Debian packaging to 0.5.0-2.

    Revision 1.197 2002/09/06 16:12:11 set

  • Fixed: A bug in the undo of text typed while using overwrite mode. It could unsynchronize the cursor position. Is amazing it was there after so much time. And the next is even worst:
  • Fixed: When typing in overwrite mode the line length was wrongly computed. It wasn't too bad because it is computed again when the line is flushed but originated some nasty syntax highlight errors.
  • ** The fixes seems ok, but the overwrite mode should be temporally considered unstable *** Both found while testing David's report.

    Revision 1.196 2002/09/06 15:27:18 set

  • Fixed: When restoring the settings of a closed window (or project item) the "overwrite" status wasn't reflected in the cursor shape. Reported by David A. Capello

    Revision 1.195 2002/09/06 00:10:28 terrible

  • Updated: Debian packaging to version 0.5.0-0.1.

    Revision 1.194 2002/09/04 20:32:32 set

  • Added: When the editor loads a file the "busy indicator" is used.
  • Fixed: Added some rounding to the resume computations to make them more accurate.
  • Fixed: Some problems that made the editor crash when opening a file from the windows list dialog and this process needed to show a messageBox. In this case the "closed file" entry was deleted but the list box didn't know it. So now is protected against it.

    Revision 1.193 2002/09/04 18:16:48 set

  • Modified: Now editor "resumes" stores coordinates in a relative way. The screen is 100% == 16384. When restoring the values they are computed according to the current screen size. In this way closed windows that were opened using another screen size are restored correctly.

    Revision 1.192 2002/09/04 15:46:21 set

  • Updated: Spanish translation.

    Revision 1.191 2002/09/04 13:14:37 set

  • Added: The project windows are resized accroding to the desktop file when loading. Till now all the windows (from the dst) were resized but the project window (from the epr) wasn't. With this is quite smooth to load a project that was used with another desktop size.

    Revision 1.190 2002/09/04 13:13:48 set

  • Fixed: The TVOSClipboard::paste member returns a new[] allocated array and it should be freed usind delete[].

    Revision 1.189 2002/09/04 13:13:04 set

  • Modified: The middle button insert text at the cursor position not at the mouse position. I found the previous behavior annoying.

    Revision 1.188 2002/09/03 13:48:26 set

  • Fixed: Error in docs about delete left/right word. Reported by Chris Impens .

    Revision 1.187 2002/09/03 13:45:32 set

  • Fixed: Now old desktop file information is also loaded translating to the new structure when isn't preloaded. Complex, no? :-P
  • Modified: I reworked most of the palette stuff to adapt to the new scheme. Now the palettes are stored in disk only if changed.

    Revision 1.186 2002/09/02 13:58:40 set

  • Added: Now the driver dependent settings are stored in the desktop file. For this reason the desktop file format changed and I'm switching to version 0.5.0. Consider it ***UNSTABLE***
  • Version: 0.5.0
  • Added: The code needed to adapt to a desktop file change once we are already initialized (change of project for example). This seems to work, but I'm quite sure is full of bugs.
  • Note: I was able to have different settings for X11 and Linux drivers in the same desktop file and properly handle a project with another fonts loaded. But it was hard to get working so I think a lot of work will be needed before it works for all the cases.

    Revision 1.185 2002/09/02 13:54:41 set

  • Modified: [DOS] Now -b/B are now deprecated in favor of the BIOSKey TV configuration option, but is supported.
  • Modified: [DOS] Ctrl+Break is now blocked, the idiot that put Break just above PageUp should be killed.
  • Added: BIOSKey TV config keyword.

    Revision 1.184 2002/09/02 13:53:49 set

  • Modified: [DOS] The installer now uses cwsdpmi and a regular stub. I changed it because A) A user reported problems in SF bug tracker and B) cwsdpmi is much more reliable than pmodedj. SF bug #594116.

    Revision 1.183 2002/08/27 17:21:41 set

  • Added: DontResizeToCells TV configuration keyword.

    Revision 1.182 2002/08/26 13:41:48 set

  • Added: ExtProgVideoMode and VideoMode TV config file keywords.
  • Added: More code for the video mode options. Next step will be save the options.

    Revision 1.181 2002/08/26 13:40:48 set

  • Modified: Moved edHelper and clipWindow to the main class.
  • Modified: Moved some global functions related to the load desktop to the class as statics. Also modified some code to adapt for it.
  • Modified: More code for the driver settings stuff, added a function to transfer the loaded values to the "config file" TV tree, the so member is now a pointer to the settings for the current driver in the settings collection, etc.

    Revision 1.180 2002/08/23 15:22:46 set

  • Added: HideCursorWhenNoFocus tvrc keyword.

    Revision 1.179 2002/08/23 14:10:21 set

  • Added: ScreenPalette to the tvrc syntax highlight.
  • Added: More code to the preLoadDesktop, now is loading all the screen information from old desktop files.
  • Added: Implemented TScOptsCol this collection will hold the settings for each driver.
  • Modified: Palette code to support the preload.
  • Modified: Removed more TV 1.x compatibility code.

    Revision 1.178 2002/08/20 14:23:28 set

  • Added: First step towards loading screen options before starting TV. It implies a "pre-load" of the desktop file loading only the screen related stuff. Currently I'm implementing what will become the "compatibility" code. The new desktop files (0.5.0) will store it in a better way and will have separated options for each driver.

    Revision 1.177 2002/08/13 13:38:59 set

  • Added: UseSecondaryFont TVRC keyword.
  • Fixed: I declared some const char * const members as const char *. MSVC detected the subtle difference, gcc nor BC++ detected it.

    Revision 1.176 2002/08/12 16:34:15 set

  • Modified: Moved all the new screen related options to a structure and it + the functions to the main program class.

    Revision 1.175 2002/08/12 16:33:23 set

  • Added: Configuration for the new "Input Code Page". I succesfully edited a text encoded in CP 850 using X. The library translated ISO-1 input into CP850 codes.

    Revision 1.174 2002/08/12 16:32:26 set

  • Modified: [MinGW] Configure script to avoid generating rules for doc and internac. The MinGW tools I tested fail to make this targets. I think the reasons are: buggy makeinfo and command line length limitations in gettext tools.
  • Modified: Included internac/po_list in the distribution, it can be generated using Perl but MinGW and Cygwin generates GPFs when running the perl script.

    Revision 1.173 2002/08/12 16:31:18 set

  • Modified: The default menu to say "Shell" instead of "DOS shell".
  • Added: "Window|User screen" disabled if it doesn't exist.

    Revision 1.172 2002/08/12 16:30:31 set

  • Added: Code to avoid calling a shell if TScreen::noUserScreen() returns True. Also for InfView and for the Run Program "Use OS screen" option.
  • Modified: Removed some TV 1.x code.

    Revision 1.171 2002/08/12 16:23:21 set

  • Fixed: Read out of bounds in man page viewer (detected by efence).
  • Fixed: The ASCII window grown after a window resize.

    Revision 1.170 2002/08/12 16:22:27 set

  • Added: Copyright information about the fonts and convpcf1.cc
  • Modified: The fonts dialog to keep the sizes well sorted, the alphabetical way is useless. Now is sorted by width and height (in this order).

    Revision 1.169 2002/08/12 16:18:20 set

  • Added: Three incomplete SFT files and a simple program to generate them from raw fonts. They just contain the first 256 symbols (CP 437) and in some cases the real symbols are just in the ASCII range the others are regular.

    Revision 1.168 2002/08/12 16:15:54 set

  • Fixed: Memory leaks in the new fonts code.

    Revision 1.167 2002/07/30 17:46:54 terrible

  • Updated: Debian packaging to 0.4.57-0.4.
  • Modified: my email changed from lubaldo to ibaldo.
  • Broked: everything, this is a sabotage!, SET is on vacations!!!

    Revision 1.166 2002/07/25 17:25:49 set

  • Fixed: InfView changed to use unique_name, but as it was working it didn't copy the real file name to the referenced buffer and it made InfView fail to remove temporal files used to uncompress .info files. Now unique_name does the copy. It didn't affect UNIX systems.
  • Modified: All the calls to unique_name using 0 as second parameter (is the default value).
  • Added: A fonts request call back, so now if you change the video mode and the new mode uses a font with a different size the call back can provide it. Currently it only helps for DOS.

    Revision 1.165 2002/07/24 20:03:22 set

  • Added: The "Fonts" dialog now works, the options aren't stored to disk yet but you can play with it. I tested a 2 fonts configuration under X11 and put a snapshot in the site.
  • Fixed: The command line option -d N generated a SIGSEGV.

    Revision 1.164 2002/07/23 16:38:25 set

  • Added: [MSVC] /verbose to the link stage to get more information about the linking problems.

    Revision 1.163 2002/07/22 20:39:13 set

  • Fixed: [MSVC] makefile. Patch by WintiX.
  • Modifed: [MSVC] the screensaver sources to investigate the sources of problems when linking with MSVC.

    Revision 1.162 2002/07/22 19:41:14 set

  • Added: Connected the primary font collection with the available sizes.

    Revision 1.161 2002/07/22 19:40:35 set

  • Added: A fonts dialog. Currently does nothing, just shows some options.
  • Added: SFT files to UNIX distro.
  • Removed: Some code from edfonts that I moved to TV.

    Revision 1.160 2002/07/22 19:39:12 set

  • Added: Font10x20 keyword to TV config files.
  • Added: Warning about error in let.txt about 0x2578-0x257B unicodes that comes from Linux fonts errors.
  • Added: A 10x20 SFT.

    Revision 1.159 2002/07/22 19:20:38 set

  • Modified: getopt calls to use the new CLY_* methode.

    Revision 1.158 2002/07/19 20:45:54 set

  • Roll back of bzlib patch.
  • Modified: [MSVC] makefile to avoid command line limitations. Untested.
  • Fixed: Collisions between spec.cc and edspec.cc reported by MSVC from output by WintiX.

    Revision 1.157 2002/07/19 14:44:57 set

  • Fixed: bzip2 newer than 1.x uses BZ2_bzlibVersion and my test only tried bzlibVersion. Pointed out by Andris.
  • Added: Search for TV in /usr/local for all UNIX systems. Patch by Andris.

    Revision 1.156 2002/07/19 14:03:49 set

  • Fixed: Unconditional MP3 code pull in editmain.cc.

    Revision 1.155 2002/07/17 17:27:32 set

  • Fixed: [MSVC] The following sequence: type */* comment */ doesn't confuse gcc nor SETEdit, but makes MSC emit a warning. From output by WintiX.

    Revision 1.154 2002/07/16 19:40:09 set

  • Fixed: [MSVC] 3 more errors sent by WintiX (ceditor.cc).

    Revision 1.153 2002/07/16 19:31:18 set

  • Modified: MP3 dialog buttons to behave better after a recode.
  • Added: TSButtonRef wrapper for TButtonRef.
  • Added: First step to adapt the code to the new recoding scheme using a callback.
  • Added: Code to the new Encodings dialog, now works but only if no fonts are loaded.

    Revision 1.152 2002/07/16 13:19:28 set

  • Added: The first part of the new encodings settings stuff. This is complex and implies important changes.

    Revision 1.151 2002/07/15 18:13:52 set

  • Added: AA-lib support for UNIX targets. Also ported the Plasma effect and made it support any resolution.

    Revision 1.150 2002/07/12 16:48:42 set

  • Modified: [MSVC] avoided the inclusion of bzlib.h from ceditor.cc because it includes windows.h and this hence collides. Also removed _WIN32 from bzlib compilation, it doesn't have any sense for static link. Problem found from cl preprocessor output sent by WintiX.

    Revision 1.149 2002/07/11 19:14:00 set

  • Fixed: [MSVC] Small details to get it compiled. Most of them just involves proper use of compatlayer. From output sent by WintiX.

    Revision 1.148 2002/07/10 19:22:09 set

  • Modified: Temporally disabled font support because it isn't compatible with last TV changes.

    Revision 1.147 2002/07/08 15:43:31 set

  • Fixed: [MSVC] Small details to get it compiled. Most of them just involves proper use of compatlayer. From output sent by WintiX.

    Revision 1.146 2002/07/08 14:30:52 set

  • Fixed: One preprocessor combination that fooled the functions parser. Reported by David A. Capello .

    Revision 1.145 2002/07/05 20:29:40 set

  • Fixed: [MSVC] small makefile details from WintiX.

    Revision 1.144 2002/07/05 12:49:54 set

  • Fixed: [MSVC] libpcre should be linked statically, added -DSTATIC. From warning sent by WintiX.
  • Fixed: [MSVC] minor details in makefiles. Suggested by WintiX.

    Revision 1.143 2002/07/04 19:30:45 set

  • Fixed: [MSVC] warnings from nmake in libz/Makefile.nmk. Patch from WintiX, he successfuly used it to create libz.lib.
  • Added: [MSVC] libbzip2 and libpcre makefiles.

    Revision 1.142 2002/07/03 18:27:49 set

  • Added: First versions of MSVC makefile and libz makefile.

    Revision 1.141 2002/07/02 20:50:00 set

  • Added: Mouse Wheel support. Currently works with X11 driver.

    Revision 1.140 2002/07/02 18:09:39 set

  • Added: [UNIX] Xmu to the X11 libs. It isn't needed for dynamic linking.

    Revision 1.139 2002/07/01 13:31:09 set

  • Fixed: One spanish translation pointed out by Ivan.

    Revision 1.138 2002/07/01 13:12:21 set

  • Fixed: Crash in InfView when no desktop file was available.

    Revision 1.137 2002/07/01 13:10:53 set

  • Fixed: A read out of bounds in the InfView draw routine. Detected by efence (of by 1).

    Revision 1.136 2002/07/01 13:09:50 set

  • Added: Support for the new TVOSClipboard I added to Turbo Vision 2.0 replacing the old extra/winoldap.cc code.
  • Added: Support for a secondary OS clipboard used to copy/paste selections. That's for the X11 XA_PRIMARY selection mechanism. Now every time text is selected in the editor this is "copied" to X11 clipboard. The middle mouse button does the paste.

    Revision 1.135 2002/06/28 12:37:20 set

  • Fixed: A read out of bounds in the input line of the calculator. I must check it better because I think that's a bug in Turbo Vision. It isn't really important but isn't correct and efence SIGSEGVs.

    Revision 1.134 2002/06/28 12:36:29 set

  • Modified: The editor now checks if the screen saver is suitable for the current driver.

    Revision 1.133 2002/06/27 18:08:58 set

  • Fixed: Another use of a class after releasing the memory. Reported by efence.

    Revision 1.132 2002/06/25 15:40:38 set

  • Added: Syntax highlight for the Turbo Vision configuration files.

    Revision 1.131 2002/06/24 19:48:28 set

  • Added: PHP syntax highlight, contributed by "Richard Vrijhof" .

    Revision 1.130 2002/06/24 16:03:27 set

  • Fixed: [BC++] The sutil difference between struct Name and a typedef for it under C++. GCC treats both same way, but BC++ don't.

    Revision 1.129 2002/06/24 16:02:14 set

  • Fixed: Patchen.pl script.

    Revision 1.128 2002/06/24 16:01:29 set

  • Fixed: mp3play.h should be included only for the editor and not InfView in the codepage part.

    Revision 1.127 2002/06/20 20:11:05 set

  • Fixed: When starting the editor with a remmembered file that no longer exists located in a directory where we don't want backups the editor removed the dektop structure from the list and inmediatly used it. This wasn't detected until it happend with efence linked.

    Revision 1.126 2002/06/20 20:09:42 set

  • Modified: Now that TV can inform if the driver supports changing the shape of the cursor I use I/O indicator only if needed.

    Revision 1.125 2002/06/19 15:01:19 set

  • Fixed: The Desktop background recoding, it changed in new TV. Also added recode to the MP3 and calendar.

    Revision 1.124 2002/06/19 15:00:19 set

  • Modified: The applycvs.pl tool to support new files, needs some adjusts but can be used.

    Revision 1.123 2002/06/19 14:59:24 set

  • Added: Euro symbol to the fonts. I put the same drawing for all, this should be fixed, but that's better than nothing.

    Revision 1.122 2002/06/18 16:30:35 set

  • Added: Support for QNX to the configuration mechanism. Patches by Mike Gorchak .

    Revision 1.121 2002/06/18 15:08:19 set

  • Fixed: The config.pl failed to detect intl support becasue TV include was absent. Introduced in last changes. Reported by Ivan.

    Revision 1.120 2002/06/18 15:06:41 set

  • Added: Tasm 2.02 errors parser. Contributed by Alex Lozano.

    Revision 1.119 2002/06/11 19:07:51 set

  • Fixed: codepage code to support changes in TV 2.0.

    Revision 1.118 2002/06/10 13:12:16 set

  • Updated: README to clarify a little bit the available Win32 options. I tested MinGW+MSys+SiePerl as suggested by Thiago.
  • Fixed: When no intl lib is available we must try using tvfintl (provided by TV lib).
  • Fixed: Targets where the prefix have back-slashes. The prefix is used in the code and must contain escaped back-slashes.
  • Added: palconv.h and palfte.h to the distribution.
  • Fixed: patchenv.pl now is more cleaver and solves problems introduced in last RHIDE versions. I tried gprexp as Robert suggested but it make things even worst.
  • Fixed: PCRE for Win32 targets defaults to a DLL, avoided in editmain.cc.

    Revision 1.117 2002/06/10 13:11:19 set

  • Modified: When the editor fails to load a desktop file (wrong version, corrupted file, wrong access rights, ect.) the editor tries to load the global desktop file.

    Revision 1.116 2002/06/10 13:09:45 set

  • Fixed: When browsing the list of errors and selecting an error reported in a non-existant file the editor opened an empty buffer.

    Revision 1.115 2002/06/10 13:08:36 set

  • Added: Support for try/catch not in the body of a C++ function for the list of functions. It passes a couple of tests Andris sent me.
  • Fixed: C++ operators parsing in the list of functions.
  • Modified: Now if we find two identical functions (most probably only one is really used at compile time) both are listed in the list of functions. To differentiate the functions the starting line is added.
  • Fixed: A search in the list functions stack wasted extra stack space.

    Revision 1.114 2002/06/10 13:07:28 set

  • Added: A script to apply the synmail patches to my CVS copy at home.

    Revision 1.113 2002/06/07 19:03:34 set

  • Modified: [UNIX] the configuration to test if the X11 include directory is really needed. It looks like gcc 3.1 gives a warning if this is manually specified. Is a test because I don't have gcc 3.1 for Linux. Reported by Andris.

    Revision 1.112 2002/06/07 02:18:36 terrible

  • Updated: Debian packaging with small changes.

    Revision 1.111 2002/06/06 19:41:12 set

  • Added: [DOS] An entry to the FAQ about problems with the mouse while using NT, W2k, XP, and similar crap. From a post to RHIDE list posted by James Doyle and Tom Verhoeff.

    Revision 1.110 2002/06/04 19:42:57 set

  • Modified: Now the configuration determines the directories where extra libraries could be located and adds it to the list of directories.

    Revision 1.109 2002/06/04 15:36:48 set

  • Modified: To use the moved TView::specialChars (TV 2.0).

    Revision 1.108 2002/06/04 13:26:30 set

  • Modified: I dropped the code that workarounds all bugs in libstdc++. I think it was in gcc 2.7.x or perhaps 2.6.3. The code still there but just disabled. This will allow working with the new gcc 3.1 that drops any kind of C++ connected to a C stream/file handle.

    Revision 1.107 2002/06/03 13:53:02 set

  • Fixed: [DOS] TViewPlus to compile with TV 2.0.

    Revision 1.106 2002/06/03 13:52:00 set

  • Fixed: The shipped gettext is only usable for djgpp. Looks like MinGW target tried to use it with logical fails. Reported by Thiago.

    Revision 1.105 2002/06/03 13:50:54 set

  • Added: [Win32] According to Thiago newer versions of MinGW have their own uname command that reports MINGW32_. Added to the conflib.pl.

    Revision 1.104 2002/05/30 17:30:05 set

  • Added: Support for the TV 2.0 palette handling. Seems to work for Linux console.

    Revision 1.103 2002/05/27 19:58:17 set

  • Modified: [Solaris] Removed debug printfs in audio code.
  • Modified: [Linux] Added some code that should avoid big endian issues with the sample format, Martijn van Buul, needs testing.

    Revision 1.102 2002/05/27 19:36:23 set

  • Fixed: [Solaris] the audio problems, now we can play MP3!! The big endian issue was solved with the help of Martijn van Buul (PowerPC user of a library derived from splay) and Mikael Hedin currently maintainer of splay. I also fixed some stuff in the Solaris audio code, now seems to work quite nice.

    Revision 1.101 2002/05/20 18:08:31 set

  • Fixed: References to SendToTerminal, no longer used in TV 2.0.

    Revision 1.100 2002/05/20 17:59:44 set

  • Fixed: Removed linuxRH52 references no longer used by TV 2.0.

    Revision 1.99 2002/05/20 16:52:07 set

  • Added: Now InfView sets the window title. Suggested by Ivan.

    Revision 1.98 2002/05/17 15:33:04 set

  • Added: "Vertical project window" options, SF FR #553029. Saved to the desktop file, documented, updated spanish translations.
  • Changed: version to 0.4.57.

    Revision 1.97 2002/05/17 14:29:56 set

  • Added: The first part of Grzegorz request about adding options to create message and project windows in the vertical direction.

    Revision 1.96 2002/05/17 14:27:24 set

  • Fixed: The show match pair on the fly without waiting had another interaction with the syntax highlight computation (I already fixed one).

    Revision 1.95 2002/05/16 21:24:21 set

  • Fixed: TV link in copyrigh.

    Revision 1.94 2002/05/16 21:23:44 set

  • Modified: When the editor generates code for a recorded macro it now uses \t instead of an ASCII 9 embedded in the string. Suggested by Thiago.

    Revision 1.93 2002/05/15 19:05:39 set

  • Fixed: Default CFLAGS for FreeBSD used -L/usr/local/include. Reported by miniEleph (Andrew 'Onyx' Shevtsov).

    Revision 1.92 2002/05/14 14:40:12 set

  • Added: Now mpegsound library should detect SPARC as big endian. I don't know if it will be enough to get it working for Suns.

    Revision 1.91 2002/05/13 18:33:44 set

  • Modified: [UNIX] tar detection according to miniEleph info and separated tar from gzip calls. Is easier to find tar + gzip than GNU tar (-z option) + gzip.

    Revision 1.90 2002/05/13 15:59:49 set

  • Fixed: Endian issues related to drawLines when filling the empty lines at the end of files. Tested in an Ultra SPARC 60 thanks to Alex.

    Revision 1.89 2002/05/13 13:45:48 set

  • Fixed: When I switched to unique_name the code that converts UNIX->DOS and DOS->UNIX left the temporal. Now fixed.

    Revision 1.88 2002/05/13 12:50:21 set

  • Test: for big endian issue.

    Revision 1.87 2002/05/13 12:41:04 set

  • Modified: [UNIX] Now the FHS detection is more strict, the existance of share/doc is not enough, share/man and shared/info must exist.
  • Fixed: [UNIX] The FHS detection looks in $prefix and not in /usr.
  • Added: [FreeBSD] According to miniEleph in this case /share/doc is used but not shared/info nor shared/man.

    Revision 1.86 2002/05/13 12:36:53 set

  • Modified: [UNIX] Now the INSTALL.LINUX script is just called INSTALL. The script will work for FreeBSD and Solaris and is stupid to ask a BSD user to run "INSTALL.LINUX" ;-)

    Revision 1.85 2002/05/13 12:32:51 set

  • Fixed: Currently gettext is preconfigured only for djgpp so we should copy the djgpp.h to config.h header anyways.
  • Fixed: confignt.pl used winnt directory instead of WinNT.
  • Modified: Now the INSTALL.MAK file is configured to reflect the configured prefix (it was failing) and to support Solaris install tool.

    Revision 1.84 2002/05/13 12:30:28 set

  • Modified: Commented what parts of the Rawplayer class is really needed by the editor and what sizes are used (bytes, not samples). I also modified Solaris code to implement things this way.

    Revision 1.83 2002/05/08 13:48:54 set

  • Added: A new color scheme contributed by Thiago. It is dark (console style) plus some VIM like SHL.

    Revision 1.82 2002/05/07 12:54:46 set

  • Fixed: palfte.h didn't end with \n and failed for gcc 3.x. Patch by Andris.

    Revision 1.81 2002/05/06 15:13:46 set

  • Added: [FreeBSD] Support for libintl. Changes suggested by miniEleph .

    Revision 1.80 2002/05/06 14:52:08 set.

  • Added: X11R6 include directory to the configuration script. It looks like this directory isn't automagically included in FreeBSD. Also added options to configure it -x-include and -x-lib. Reported by miniEleph .

    Revision 1.79 2002/05/02 19:35:38 set

  • Modified: The use of tmpnam, now I use unique_name, based on mkstemp. It seems to be more secure.

    Revision 1.78 2002/05/02 19:34:13 set

  • Added: Support for Electric Fence to the configuration script.

    Revision 1.77 2002/05/02 19:33:22 set

  • Added: libdl detection to config.pl. Looks like some new library combinations (XFree86 4.2.0 + glibc 2.2.5) needs it. Time will say if this should be more optional. From problems reported by Andris to create a static editor with X11 support.

    Revision 1.76 2002/04/30 19:40:13 set

  • Fixed: InfView to compile with TV 2.0. As Andris tried to test it and couldn't I though it was time to fix the problems ;-)

    Revision 1.75 2002/04/30 18:08:57 set

  • Added: Ctrl+Arrows support to InfView. Suggested by Thiago (I think other people asked for it, Ivan?).

    Revision 1.74 2002/04/30 18:00:55 set

  • Added: An option to save a desktop file in the current directory. Useful for users that use a central desktop and don't want to create a project.

    Revision 1.73 2002/04/30 17:56:12 set

  • Modified: Now ~/setedit/.tcedit.dst have more priority than ~/tcedit.dst.

    Revision 1.72 2002/04/29 15:07:15 set

  • Fixed: A rare crash in InfView. Reported by Andris.

    Revision 1.71 2002/04/29 15:06:01 set

  • Added: Syntax highlight for "Flat Assembler", contributed by "Matt C."

    Revision 1.70 2002/04/29 15:05:13 set

  • Added: Example on how to bind a key to a filter, contributed by Grzegorz.

    Revision 1.69 2002/04/29 15:02:11 set

  • Added: An option to select a "Color Theme", currently only the "Default" and "FTE like" themes are available. Suggested by Ivan (he contributed the FTE Like theme).

    Revision 1.68 2002/04/29 15:00:10 set

  • Fixed: [Linux] Now ask_config is executed only once.

    Revision 1.67 2002/04/29 14:58:24 set

  • Fixed: roll-back of a FreeBSD patch that makes Linux use -lintl, this is not the way.
  • Fixed: Now ask_config.sh is copied to the editor's distribution.

    Revision 1.66 2002/04/22 19:00:05 set

  • Modified: Some details to cleanly compile under FreeBSD. Some details still need a solution. Some things changed: use of gmake instead of make, use of time in favor of ftime, support for BSD find, use of intl lib, default prefix, etc. From patches by miniEleph

    Revision 1.570 2002/04/21 14:57:19 set

  • Fixed: Wrong separator detection in tools/cvssget.

    Revision 1.569 2002/04/21 14:37:42 set

  • Fixed: Some code that compiled only for TV 2.0.

    Revision 1.65 2002/04/15 13:57:48 set

  • Fixed: More potential buffer overflows because of the use of L_tmpnam. Patches suggested by Andris.

    Revision 1.64 2002/04/08 14:11:53 set

  • Fixed: Buffer overflow in temporary names created by infview. Patch by Andris.

    Revision 1.63 2002/03/26 13:40:55 set

  • Fixed: use of popen(...,"rt") that fails for glibc 2.2.5. Patch by Andris.

    Revision 1.62 2002/02/22 12:27:51 set

    Revision 1.568 2002/02/21 23:47:38 set

  • Added: Support for TV 2.0.0, lamentably it doesn't work reliably (no target is working ok).

    Revision 1.61 2002/02/20 19:56:44 set Revision 1.567 2002/02/20 01:13:21 set

  • Fixed?: A potential source of reported SIGSEGVs in Tool&Ops|Options|Run program. If no desktop is loaded is possible to have CurrentParser==0 and it generates a GPF. Could fix a report by David Z Kil .

    Revision 1.566 2002/02/20 01:55:39 set Revision 1.59 2002/02/15 18:19:46 set

  • Fixed: Missing functions in rhideint.cc and unused variable in dstfile.cc. Patch by Andris needed to compile last CVS of RHIDE.

    Revision 1.565 2002/02/20 01:52:15 set Revision 1.58 SF 2002/02/08 00:33:59 terrible

  • Modified: made distrib/ask_config.sh Unix bourne shell script based on distrib/ask_config.pl Perl script as Salvador wanted and removed the Perl script. I will reindent it if Salvador likes.

    Revision 1.564 2002/02/20 01:46:24 set Revision 1.57 SF 2002/02/06 20:08:09 set

  • Added: Configuration questions to the DOS installer. Closes SF FR #510516.
  • Modified: Now the options are stored in install.log (already used by the DOS installer to store installation data).
  • Updated: Spanish translation and german file.

    Revision 1.563 2002/02/20 01:40:15 set Revision 1.56 SF 2002/02/06 15:49:25 set

  • Added: Now if no desktop file can be found the editor looks for a plain text file containing some options to configure: 1) Creation of one central desktop or one each dir, 2) Use of tabs or spaces for indentation and 3) Backup files creation. Currently this file is created by a simple perl script called by INSTALL.LINUX but I'll incorporate it to DOS/Win32 installer and maybe Ivan will add it to the .deb options. Suggested by Ivan

    Revision 1.562 2002/02/20 01:34:47 set Revision 1.55 SF 2002/02/06 14:54:05 set

  • Fixed: The code to use last patched TV 1.1.4 that solves gcc 3.x issues.

    Revision 1.561 2002/02/20 01:26:54 set Revision 1.54 SF 2002/02/05 14:16:16 set

  • Added: Now when the editor warms about a R.O. file the dialog says the name of the file.

    Revision 1.560 2002/02/20 01:24:37 set Revision 1.53 SF 2002/02/05 13:56:13 set

  • Added: Explanation about the difference between lat1 and lat1u fonts, also about the damaged lat1 fonts to Linux FAQ.

    Revision 1.559 2002/02/04 23:58:22 set Revision 1.52 SF 2002/02/04 20:38:41 set

  • Added: A clipboard mechanism based on a special file. This is specially useful for Linux where no clipboard can share data between X and the console. Suggested by Grzegorz. SF FR #479359.
  • Added: Documentation and entry menues for it, also grayed the copy when nothing is available for copying.
  • Fixed: The regular copy command (and others) wasn't grayed when a selection existed but was hidded.

    Revision 1.558 2002/02/04 23:54:20 set Revision 1.51 SF 2002/02/04 19:29:13 set

  • Added: Explanation about tabs settings in DOS and Linux FAQs, also to the documentation. Triggered by a question of Ivan and chris .

    Revision 1.557 2002/02/04 23:52:07 set Revision 1.50 SF 2002/02/04 19:08:33 set

  • Added: Now when the user sets the "Use Tabs" option the editor checks if other options commonly used with tabs are also coherent. If not an advice dialog is created. Suggeste by Ivan. SF FR # 510514.

    Revision 1.556 2002/02/04 23:45:18 set Revision 1.49 SF 2002/02/04 15:32:08 set

  • Fixed: ncurses 5.2 collision in intgrep.cc. Patch by Andris.

    Revision 1.555 2002/02/04 23:43:26 set Revision 1.48 SF 2002/02/04 15:23:29 set

  • Fixed: The use of tmpnam and mktemp is currently deprecated so I changed it to use mkstemp. Pointed out by Andris (last Linux tools reports it).

    Revision 1.554 2002/02/04 23:39:11 set Revision 1.47 SF 2002/02/04 14:16:54 set

  • Fixed: compilation problems with gcc 3.0.x in mixoss.c. Patch by Andris.

    Revision 1.553 2002/02/04 23:35:58 set Revision 1.46 SF 2002/02/01 19:04:25 set

  • Added: Options to avoid reseting the horizontal position of the message window when new entries are added. Suggested by David A. Capello . SF FR # 513607.
  • Changed to v0.4.55 to store new settings.

    Revision 1.552 2002/02/04 23:30:54 set Revision 1.45 SF 2002/02/01 15:26:51 set

  • Added: Lua syntax highlight. Contributed by David A. Capello .

    Revision 1.551 2002/02/04 23:24:45 set

    v0.4.54 1st stable release after 0.4.41
  • Synchronized home with v0.4.54 release.

    Revision 1.550 2002/02/04 23:15:54 set Revision 1.44 SF 2002/01/29 18:05:29 set

  • Updated: Man page version and ~/* paths (now ~/.setedit/*).

    Revision 1.549 2002/02/04 23:15:37 set Revision 1.43 SF 2002/01/29 17:53:33 set

  • Updated: Documentation version.

    Revision 1.548 2002/02/04 23:15:20 set Revision 1.42 SF 2002/01/29 17:50:03 set

  • Fixed: Now the distrib-* targets depends on needed. It allows to use "make distrib" even without doing make first.

    Revision 1.547 2002/02/04 23:14:52 set Revision 1.41 SF 2002/01/29 17:46:40 set

  • Modified: The compression scripts to generate more descriptive name for the debug files.

    Revision 1.546 2002/02/04 23:14:29 set Revision 1.40 SF 2002/01/29 17:42:43 set

  • Modified: Included libamp in Linux sources distro again.

    Revision 1.545 2002/02/04 23:14:05 set Revision 1.39 SF 2002/01/29 17:39:08 set

  • Fixed: asm51.pmc and html.frt wasn't marked as files that must be converted to native EOL by fromdos/unix scripts.

    Revision 1.544 2002/02/04 23:13:45 set Revision 1.38 SF 2002/01/29 04:38:07 terrible

  • Updated: Debian packaging to the "Brothers of Argentina have problems, I hope they can get through it soon!" release version 0.4.54-1.

    Revision 1.543 2002/02/04 23:13:14 set Revision 1.37 SF 2002/01/28 15:40:39 set

  • Synchronized with home CVS.
  • Added: rel and rev keywords to HTML, suggested by Ivan.

    Revision 1.542 2002/01/27 21:36:49 set

  • Changed to version 0.4.54 for a new release.

    Revision 1.541 2002/01/27 16:55:11 set

  • Modified: debian/rules to avoid deleting doc/Makefile and internac/Makefile.

    Revision 1.540 2002/01/27 16:37:55 set

  • Added: Protection to avoid starting the screen saver if currently the TV library says the size of the screen is 0. It looks like Win32 code currently can do it if the window isn't visible. This check isn't a solution but avoids "div. by 0" problems. Reported by

    Revision 1.539 2002/01/27 16:36:11 set

  • Added: A FAQ comment and warnings in the readme about the fact that Windows NT (4.0, 2k, XP, etc.) is case sensitive when looking for environment variables. Jim had problems and all was because he used Set_Files=....

    Revision 1.538 2002/01/27 16:22:01 set

  • Modified: Test for djgpp/Cygwin fileutils to use cp instead of rm, it seems to be more reliable (optimized by djgpp's libc?). Patch by Alex Lozano.

    Revision 1.537 2002/01/27 16:19:23 set

  • Fixed: Allegro 4.0 moved the datafile_type definition to a same header but another directory and added an underscore. Patch by Andris.

    Revision 1.536 2002/01/27 15:43:59 set

  • Fixed: pathtool "defined but not used" warning when compiling libset.a for RHIDE. Patch by Andris.
  • Fixed: rhideint lack of tv.h. Patch by Andris.

    Revision 1.535 2002/01/27 15:36:10 set

  • Modified: Now Allegro 4.0 is released and supported for audio stuff. The configuration script now accepts it. Reported by Andris.

    Revision 1.534 2002/01/08 02:25:18 set

  • Fixed: The mpegsound library failed to load the ID3 data (my fault). Reported by Alex Lozano .

    Revision 1.36 SF 2002/01/09 03:42:23 terrible

  • Updated: Debian packaging to the "Ivan hates computers after having good vacations" release version 0.4.53-1.

    Revision 1.35 SF 2002/01/04 14:54:01 set

  • Synchronized with home CVS. Revision 1.533 2002/01/02 01:09:57 set
  • Fixed: Missing TV for Linux and Win32 targets in config.pl.
  • Modified: Some headers to use Uses_* intead of including other headers. That's needed because a bug in glibc that enforces the declaration of _GNU_SOURCE before any standard header is included so compatlayer *must* include the standard headers.
  • Fixed: Need of ./ in internac makefile.

    Revision 1.532 2002/01/02 00:46:35 set

  • Modified: Moved getline replacement to TV compatlayer.
  • Modified: Wow! we are in 2002, so I changed some dates to reflect it.

    Revision 1.531 2002/01/02 00:08:03 set

  • Modified: version to 0.4.53 for a new release.

    Revision 1.530 2002/01/02 00:02:09 set

  • Modified: At least in my Win98 SE box some calls to internac/fix.pl just reboots my system. I guess that's just some memory corruption on the Perl interpreter triggered by one of the regular expressions. I changed it by a small C program.
  • Fixed: Lack of locale.h inclusion in infmain.cc hidded by the inclusion of libintl.h.
  • Fixed: Another /n missing at the end of a file reported by gcc 3.1.

    Revision 1.529 2001/12/31 22:02:19 set

  • Fixed: A couple of printf format missmatches that gcc started to report after some changes in TV (don't ask me why).

    Revision 1.528 2001/12/31 00:13:37 set

  • Modified: Moved rhtv and z libraries to .env/configuration.
  • Fixed: pcre library was mandatory.
  • Added: MSS 1.2.1 support --with-mss configuration option.
  • Modified: configuration batch files to support long command lines.
  • Fixed: A doubly defined vpath keyword in syntaxhl.shl (MSS reported).
  • Added: Some routines to free memory at exit, they help to reduce the ammount of problems reported by memory debuggers.
  • Fixed: A lot of new/new[]/malloc/delete/delete[]/free missmatches reported by MSS.

    Revision 1.527 2001/12/30 15:55:25 set

  • Added: A pmc file fox x51 assembler and updated the syntax highlight for it. Contributed by Alex Lozano

    Revision 1.526 2001/12/17 00:08:16 set

  • Fixed: SDG determined the line number of a function using an old methode, now modified to work in machines where data must be aligned. Reported by Grzegorz.

    Revision 1.525 2001/12/17 00:04:05 set

  • Fixed: Thiago's example that used underscores at the beggining of defines (reserved for compiler/libc).

    Revision 1.524 2001/12/16 23:42:44 set

  • Updated: Some dates in the copyrigh file.
  • Fixed: The section 9 of readme.1st to be more clear.

    Revision 1.523 2001/12/16 23:28:55 set

  • Fixed: Even when specifying not to save the sound mixer settings the editor initialized the sound system during start-up. As a result Windows reserved the sound board for the editor blocking the access to other applications. Reported by David J. Hughes .
  • Updated: Distrib files (new sLisp commands).

    Revision 1.522 2001/12/13 03:24:46 set

  • Added: Documentation for the new sLisp commands. Also added to the syntax highlight.

    Revision 1.521 2001/12/11 02:45:17 set

  • Added: New example (IndentLineOrBlock) and extended the copy line (DuplicateLineOrSelection). Contributed by Thiago.

    Revision 1.520 2001/12/11 02:42:50 set

  • Added: TMLIEditor::SelectionExists() to help a new command from Thiago (he suggested a concept for it).
  • Added: tostr and SelectionExists, contributed by Thiago.

    Revision 1.519 2001/12/11 02:34:15 set

  • Added and fixed some details in Thiago's macros. Patches by Thiago.

    Revision 1.518 2001/12/11 00:22:11 set Revision 1.32 SF 2001/12/04 14:35:12 set

  • Fixed: Applied patch from Robert for missing includes in the RHIDE interface module.

    Revision 1.517 2001/12/11 00:19:55 set

  • Fixed: The new ShowInMessageWindow function didn't return a value returning a command. Detected by a report from Thiago.
  • Fixed: It was possible to crash the editor writing a recursive sLisp macro. Now the recursion is limited. Reported by Thiago.

    Revision 1.516 2001/12/11 00:18:33 set

  • Added: More examples from Thiago (EvalSelection_Print, EvalSelection_StatusLine and EvalSelection_MessageWindow).

    Revision 1.515 2001/12/11 00:14:39 set

  • Fixed: When using "generate code" for a macro while editing a line the editor forgot to flush the line. It generated a SIGSEGV when it happend at the end of file. Reported by Thiago.

    Revision 1.514 2001/12/11 00:05:26 set Revision 1.33 SF 2001/12/04 15:15:17 set

  • Modified: The macros.slp file, I commented Lemur macros until a copy is available for the public. I also added some macros contributed by Thiago. They are good examples but most of them are commented because they eat memory and aren't 100% generic.

    Revision 1.31 SF 2001/12/04 13:57:13 set

  • Synchronized with my personal CVS.

    Revision 1.30 SF 2001/12/04 05:54:16 terrible

  • Updated: Debian packaging to 0.4.52-2, no changes, just new debs.

    Revision 1.513 2001/12/04 03:12:56 set

  • Added: A new sLisp command ShowInMessageWindow to print information in the message window. Suggested by Thiago.

    Revision 1.512 2001/12/04 02:28:14 set

  • Added: A new sLisp command contributed by Thiago: EvalString, it evaluates a string as sLisp code.
  • Fixed: Evaluate selected sLisp code didn't flush the line in edition.
  • Fixed: The sLisp interpreter didn't release the objects in the sLisp stack when an error ocurred. It generated memory leaks. It was this way because in this way was easier to report the exact point of the error without risking to use memory that we freed. It changed the strategy and I think this code must be tested and perhaps a branch will be needed if we'll release a 0.4.52 again. To achieve it now the code snapshot is taked just when the error appears.
  • Fixed: Some GetXXXX sLisp variable macros tried to use the returned object even if it was NULL generating SIGSEGVs.
  • Note: Most of this was triggered by a report by Thiago about problems to implement the new command.

    Revision 1.511 2001/12/03 23:55:52 set

  • Fixed: The ^Z key had a collision in the "redmond.smn" file. It was assigned to undo and scroll up confusing users. Now this key is assigned only by the menu and the redmond.smn doesn't have a short-cut for scroll up. Reported by David J. Hughes .
  • Added: Some notes about errors in xterm description shipped with Mandrake 8.1 to Linux FAQ. From a report by ZhiJie .

    Revision 1.29 SF 2001/11/29 17:59:50 set

  • Synchronized with my personal CVS.

    Revision 1.510 2001/11/29 00:10:33 set

  • Fixed: The DOS' SET_FILES autodetection mechanism was failing. Reported by David J. Hughes .

    Revision 1.509 2001/11/28 23:49:06 set

  • Fixed: Some small details in the editor.tx file that made TeX fail to generate the documentation (also some box overflows).

    Revision 1.508 2001/11/28 23:24:17 set

  • Fixed: getline replacement details. (#ifdef 0 and lack of (char *) cast).
  • Fixed: Use of strerror for Solaris. Another candidate for compatlayer. It exists on Linux too.
  • Fixed: _S macro in pal.h (collides on Solaris). Never use _* ...
  • Fixed: Missing getopt in Solaris (must go to compatlayer).

    Revision 1.28 SF 2001/11/28 13:56:30 set

  • Synchronized with my personal CVS.

    Revision 1.507 2001/11/28 00:40:45 set

  • Added: Now is possible to execute a selected sLisp code even if it have spaces at the beggining. Patch by Thiago.
  • Added: When running a selected sLisp code the result is shown in the message window, like when running sLisp code entered in the dialog. Patch by Thiago.

    Revision 1.506 2001/11/28 00:28:30 set

  • Fixed: The editor didn't flush the line under edition before calling a sLisp macro. Reported by Grzegorz.
  • Fixed: Some old kibind.dat files could have commands with garbage in the upper 16 bits, it produce problems to show the name of this commands. Now the editor limits the values to 16 bits before trying to find the name. Reported by Thiago.

    Revision 1.505 2001/11/28 00:08:29 set

  • Modified: The sLisp 'Test RunProgram Filter' example to avoid running or pasting empty strings.
  • Fixed: sLisp if statement, it evaluated more than once the things. It was a side effect of a macro. Reported by Grzegorz.
  • Fixed: It wasn't possible to use ' and " in sLisp commands, was interpreted as a string start.
  • Fixed: It wasn't possible to put a comment just after a number in sLisp.
  • Fixed: When calling RunProgram* sLisp command passing an empty string as command to execute it was telling something about configuring it in the options menu. Reported by Grzegorz.
  • Fixed: In case of errors if a MLIRetObj was involved the editor generated a SIGSEGV.

    Revision 1.27 2001/11/27 13:00:25 set

  • Applied: Patch 485876: Tiny Info documentation changes for Debian by "terrible" (Ivan). It modifies the declared name of .info docs to avoid problems with the install-info found in Sid.
  • Applied: Patch 485877: Changes to Debian packaging by "terrible" (Ivan)

    Revision 1.26 2001/11/26 15:16:55 set

  • Trying to switch to stable ;-)

    Revision 1.504 2001/11/25 20:09:35 set

  • Fixed: Some logic in the about box for the first run. Was changed recently.
  • Added: Information in the README about the fact that now I'm switching to RHIDE 1.4.9.

    Revision 1.503 2001/11/25 19:55:54 set

  • Changed version to 0.4.52, a new stable release is coming soon ;-)

    Revision 1.502 2001/11/25 19:49:18 set

  • Added: More complete dependency solve in mli.h and settvuti.h to help compile RHIDE. Patches by Andris.

    Revision 1.501 2001/11/25 19:02:20 set

  • Fixed: EdReloadIfOpened(char const *, stEditorId *) in rhideint.cc and added a couple of support functions (plus comments) to help incorporate the new features in RHIDE. Andris tried to do it and reported these problems.

    Revision 1.500 2001/11/24 15:17:35 set

  • Fixed: Stack overflow in the closed windows sort under some particular cases. Reported by Grzegorz.

    Revision 1.499 2001/11/24 15:14:07 set

  • Modified: When a command assigned to a key is out-of range the returned name is Unknown instead of a NULL pointer. Somehow Thiago got a corrupted keybind.dat and the previous behavior made the program crash.

    Revision 1.498 2001/11/24 15:02:22 set

  • Modified: Some inline members in filter.cc and filter2.cc (Mpegsound) to avoid compilation problems reported by Thiago. I don't see the need to inline these big routines. May be I'll revert it but right now is better to avoid problems.

    Revision 1.497 2001/11/24 14:53:49 set

  • Fixed: Lack of string.h in some files, Reported by Thiago from RedHat 7.1.

    Revision 1.25 2001/11/11 21:31:47 terrible

  • Hello, it's me! I am trying to sabotage Salvador's editor while him is on vacations!!!
  • Updated: Debian packaging to 0.4.51-4, no changes really.
  • Fixed: Salvador mistakenly deleted change.log entry 0.23, it isn't that important, but anyway I enjoy contaminating this change.log.

    Revision 1.496 2001/11/08 00:57:48 set

  • Added: An explanation on how to extend sLisp in the DOS and Linux FAQ files. It is an e-mail I sent to Thiago answering some questions he had when tried to code cond.

    Revision 1.495 2001/11/08 00:37:27 set

  • Added: A temporal replacement for getline to be used in UNIX systems that doesn't have it. It must go to compatlayer but TV is frozen right now.

    Revision 1.494 2001/11/08 00:25:57 set

  • Fixed: Spanish translation of "Macro|Run selected code" have repeated shortcut.

    Revision 1.493 2001/11/08 00:22:30 set

  • Added: cond to the documentation and syntaxhl.shl.
  • Added: The last new and fixed things to readme.

    Revision 1.492 2001/11/08 00:14:50 set

  • Fixed: Write block didn't check if the fopen succeed or not. I got a SIGSEGV in my Linux box when trying to overwrite a root's file ;-)

    Revision 1.491 2001/11/08 00:07:08 set

  • Added: sLisp command cond works like some kind of switch/case. Is similar to Clipper's do case. Contributed by Thiago.
  • Fixed: [sLisp] When returning a variable that belongs to the stack (not a fresh copy) I used the MLIRetObj, but it didn't mark the variable as "floating" and hence was released from the stack. The result was that when used it was already released containing garbage or the original value or invalid pointers (random). I was exposed only if the variable wasn't the return value of a expression. It made cond to fail.

    Revision 1.24 2001/11/07 13:08:02 set Synchronized S.F. with my home CVS.

    Revision 1.490 2001/11/07 00:22:36 set

  • Fixed: InfView crashed when loading desktops of older versions. Reported by Thiago.

    Revision 1.489 2001/11/07 00:10:49 set

  • Fixed: The indent uncomenting was taking an extra line. Reported by Thiago.
  • Fixed: The undo of the indent commenting let the rectangle selection visible.

    Revision 1.488 2001/11/06 01:17:37 set

  • Modified: Reverted to non-BIOS keyboard by default. The BIOS stuff discards very used combinations. I put it in the FAQ and also modified the readme.

    Revision 1.487 2001/11/06 01:04:10 set

  • Added: Mazovia code page. That's a polish code page based on PC437. It discards some accents that aren't used by polish and puts the needed chars there. Piotr asked for it and helped me to add it.

    Revision 1.23 2001/11/02 21:17:28 terrible

  • Updated: Debian packaging to 0.4.51-3.

    Revision 1.486 2001/10/31 03:03:07 set

  • Fixed: When the editor was configured to forget about opened windows when specifying new files in the command line the editor put the old files in the list of closed files allowing to recover them easilly and remmembering things like window position and size. But the editor failed to remmember the cursor position. Reported by Ivan.

    Revision 1.485 2001/10/31 01:57:14 set

  • Fixed: The new compression scheme by "terrible" didn't apply to distribution (only installation). Also fixed the indentation.

    Revision 1.484 2001/10/31 01:37:57 set

  • Synchronized home CVS with S.F.

    Revision 1.23 2001/11/02 21:17:28 terrible

  • Updated: Debian packaging to 0.4.51-3.

    Revision 1.22 2001/10/29 18:40:35 terrible

  • Modified: added a '--comp-exe' switch to the configure script to force all executables produced to be compressed with UPX, and now the default behaviour is like before the modifications for the '--no-comp-exe' switch, in Unix the editor is not compressed but infview is, the rationale is that it is more common to have various editor instances than infview ones, and on other architectures they are both compressed since there is not much performance loss.

    Revision 1.21 2001/10/29 14:40:18 set

  • Added: --no-intl configuration option. Patch sent by jimmy@ncp.infonet.bg.

    Revision 1.20 2001/10/29 14:15:25 set

  • Synchronized S.F. CVS with changes made at home.

    Revision 1.19 2001/10/28 19:48:44 terrible

  • Added: --no-comp-exe option to configure script, to avoid compressing the executables with UPX.
  • Modified: now default behaviour for all platforms is to compress executables with UPX, previously on Unix the editor executable was not compressed (only the infview was).
  • Updated: Debian packaging to 0.4.51-2.

    Revision 1.483 2001/10/27 19:51:12 set

  • Added: ESC close the Message Window. Suggested by Thiago.

    Revision 1.482 2001/10/27 19:41:56 set

  • Added: sLisp command progn, that's just an alias for eval. This is how regular Lisp calls it. Suggested by Thiago.
  • Added: The last changes to the readme.1st.
  • Added: progn to the shl.

    Revision 1.481 2001/10/27 19:25:26 set

  • Added: The "Macro|Enter code to execute" gets the "macro under cursor" to offer it as code to execute.
  • Added: When using it the returned value is displayed in the message window. Thiago suggested something like it.
  • Added: A ~ operator to sLisp, it replaces the old not that now have a more coherent meaning (is like ! in C). Thiago reported problems about it. Documented.
  • Added: Hexadecimal shl to sLisp shl because that's supported.
  • Fixed: Now is possible to enter a negative integer in sLisp.
  • Fixed: After running a macro if it generated an error posterior runs indicated the same error.

    Revision 1.480 2001/10/27 17:21:47 set

  • Fixed: The list of functions stores the name of the function and the line number to jump. As the length of the name is arbitrary the line number could be stored in memory missaligned. This is not a performance issue because the process itself is complex but in SPARC machines generates a SIGBUS.

    Revision 1.479 2001/10/27 17:16:35 set

  • Fixed: It looks like most systems include locale.h implicitly (with other headers) but not Solaris.

    Revision 1.478 2001/10/27 17:08:29 set

  • Fixed: InfView code assumed Linux is the only UNIX ;-). Seen on Solaris.

    Revision 1.477 2001/10/27 16:09:07 set

  • Added: An example on how to use an external filter with sLisp. The example is for formating e-mails and was contributed by Grzegorz. (is in the documentation).

    Revision 1.476 2001/10/27 15:11:10 set

  • Fixed: [Linux/PPC and SPARC] For some bizarre reason gcc 2.95.2 is generating references for the inline TCEditor::TurnOffHighLight() in all the files that includes the TCEditor definition. This tries to pull the ceditor.cc file where all data members are declared. This isn't a problem for the editor but for InfView. So now the codepage.cc file doesn't declare TCEditor if it isn't really needed (faster compilation ;-). I saw it only on big endian platforms.

    Revision 1.475 2001/10/27 15:03:50 set

  • Fixed: When trying to use AM/PM clock and the system had a locale that doesn't support it (i.e. LC_ALL=es) strftime doesn't put anything for the %p value. It made the buffer of the desktop clock to have 1 character less than expected and this character was random. I also enlarged the clock 1 character to make AM and PM visible and not just A and P. Reported by Ivan.

    Revision 1.474 2001/10/25 00:29:41 set

  • Added: A user remind me that some special keyboard combinations (like Alt+arrow keys) aren't detected when we use BIOS to extract keystrokes from the queue. For this reason I explain it and how to revert to the old methode in the readme.1st and windos.faq.

    Revision 1.473 2001/10/23 01:15:38 set

  • Fixed: Debian package distributes readme.1st compressed so the editor failed to load it. Now the editor can also locate it. In the future I could also distribute the file compressed in the tarball.

    Revision 1.472 2001/10/23 00:38:28 set

  • Fixed: The search tables used in editorfo.cc were allocated in one memory chunk. This generates missaligment. This isn't critic in Intel platforms (unless the OS explicitly enables a processor flag), but generates a kernel warning log in Linux/PPC platforms and a SIGBUS in Linux/SPARC platforms. As I was modifying it I did some more changes to make the code a little bit compact.

    Revision 1.471 2001/10/22 23:45:25 set

  • Fixed: The KeyTNode structure had a union that contained a short and an int value. As C seems to promote integers to int type gcc was choosing the int member to store const unsigned short values (instead of the ushort version of the union and in a static initialization) as a result of it the value was wrongly stored in big endian platforms. Seen on PPC.

    Revision 1.470 2001/10/22 23:40:31 set

  • Fixed: The TInfViewer::draw() member uses a function called moveChar() it was filling the buffer with character/attribute in an endian dependent order. TV expects a fixed order no matters which endianess is used. Seen on a Power PC machine (IBM RS/6000 at Source Forge).

    Revision 1.469 2001/10/22 23:29:24 set

  • Synchronized with Source Forge CVS including new Debian files.

    Revision 1.18 2001/10/22 13:27:34 set

  • Synchronized with my repository.

    Revision 1.16 2001/10/22 04:29:07 terrible Modified: Updated Debian packaging to version 0.4.51-1.

    Revision 1.468 2001/10/20 16:45:08 set

  • Fixed: [Win32] I forgot to put CONFIG_PREFIX in the BC++ 5.5 configuration file.
  • Fixed: [Win32] BC++ 5.5 doesn't even define a dummy for chown, getuid and getgid. I must move it to compatlayer but currently TV is in frozen.

    Revision 1.467 2001/10/20 15:12:33 set

  • Added: Acknowledge to VA Linux and S.F. crew, this service helped me to get at least quite close to have support for other Linuxes and FreeBSD.

    Revision 1.466 2001/10/20 15:07:36 set

  • Fixed: In loadcle and a member of the editor I assumed a char variable can hold a negative value or at least the compiler is smart enough to assume it means 0xFF. It isn't true for Power PC platforms. I changed it to work with explicit unsigned chars.
  • Fixed: The edspecs module used a non-endian clean code when saving the environment strings producing SIGSEGVs when loading the file in big endian systems. Lamentably I think it there are more things like it. Seen in Power PC.
  • Note: I compiled the editor for Alpha and PPC thanks to Source Forge's Compiler Farm. The editor is corrupting the heap in Alpha and had those problems in PPC. I'll test a fixed version but I really need some user on these platforms to help me.

    Revision 1.465 2001/10/20 01:16:54 set

  • Fixed: Missleading information about Debian version in the policy.txt file.

    Revision 1.464 2001/10/20 01:16:04 set

  • Added: a fix to the configuration script to have it in sync with TV.
  • Added: Now the editor can detect makefiles just because they have #!...make.

    Revision 1.463 2001/10/20 00:27:47 set

  • Fixed: [UNIX] some static functions in stackdbg.c weren't used in non-intel platforms generating warnings (seen in Power PC).

    Revision 1.462 2001/10/20 00:22:49 set

  • Fixed: When using the editor SUID root and the ~/.setedit directory wasn't yet created the editor created it as root because it didn't reach the point where priviledges are droped. Reported by Ivan.

    Revision 1.461 2001/10/20 00:17:16 set

  • Fixed: I was casting pointers to integers in the keyboard tables code. It doesn't work for the Alpha processor where sizeof(void *) == 8 and sizeof(int) == 4 ;-) I knew it, but is sometimes I forget such a details.

    Revision 1.460 2001/10/20 00:10:15 set

  • Added: A new target "internac" to the makefile, it creates the *.mo files.
  • Added: Anew target "doc-basic" to the makefile, it creates the txt and info documentation.
  • Modified: Now the needed target includes internac and doc-basic. It implies that "make editor" will also generate the i8n and doc files. It avoids generating the files while using "make install" that needs root and hence makes the files hard to delete. Reported by Grzegorz.
  • Modified: [UNIX] Now InfView's REMOVE_UNNEEDED only removes obsolete files that belong to InfView. Thiago installed InfView 0.2.7 having setedit 0.4.41 and it deleted the help files of setedit.

    Revision 1.459 2001/10/19 23:26:44 set

  • Fixed: [InfView] It was unconditionally closing the opened windows even if the command line indicated a .info file. It was introduced when I added code pages support so it was present only in 0.2.7 beta. Reported by Ivan.

    Revision 1.458 2001/10/19 22:52:38 set

  • Added: Ivan is maintaining a Debian repository for the editor and InfView. I documented it in the readmes.

    Revision 1.457 2001/10/18 23:52:07 set

  • Modified: I moved the changelog information generated before the use of CVS to a new file called change0.log. I reformated it to be more like the current change.log. The file contains 424 entries and ranges from 1996/12/03 to 1998/11/19, about 2 years.

    Revision 1.456 2001/10/17 23:38:16 set

  • Added: Now the configuration script informs if the configuration header was changed.
  • Copied some fixes in conflib.pl from TV to make them in sync.
  • Fixed: a warning generated by gcc 2.8.1 about a variable that could be used unitialized (wrong warning).

    Revision 1.455 2001/10/17 23:33:27 set

  • Synchronized with S.F.

    Revision 1.15 2001/10/15 13:57:48 set +

    Revision 1.454 2001/10/14 22:27:26 set

  • Fixed: The detected CPU wasn't restored from the configure.cache producing a wrong configuration header.
  • Fixed: SIGSEGV produced if we inserted text in a new buffer after a grep search or errors collection.

    Revision 1.14 2001/10/14 06:44:45 terrible

  • Updated: Debian packaging to the "Let's see if I can release while I am sleeping" release, version 0.4.50-1. See debian/changelog for details.

    Revision 1.453 2001/10/13 22:17:46 set

  • Fixed: v0.4.50 needs TV 1.1.3 and the config.pl didn't enforce it.
  • Fixed: Global indent size wasn't stored in desktop files nor offered in the default global options based on the shl. Reported by Grzegorz.
  • Fixed: Accelerator for "Indent" (d) clashed with "To all" in the spanish version. Reported by Grzegorz.
  • Modified: version to 0.4.51.

    Revision 1.13 2001/10/12 12:39:32 set +

    Revision 1.452 2001/10/12 02:50:38 set

  • Fixed: When opening the readme.1st the editor tried to make it read-only but it didn't prevent the editor for issuing a warning if the file was really read-only. Now the class takes isReadOnly as parameter in the constructor.
  • Fixed: [Linux] When using hidden desktop files and projects the editor failed to load the desktop file.

    Revision 1.451 2001/10/11 23:55:39 set

  • Updated the changes and fixes since 0.4.41 upto last revision.

    Revision 1.450 2001/10/11 23:46:36 set

  • Synchronized CVS with Source Forge.

    Revision 1.449 2001/10/09 22:37:54 set

  • Updated: Spanish translation.

    Revision 1.448 2001/10/09 22:32:20 set

  • Added: Column markers. That's another edition option and can be used to highlight columns. This is useful for languages that needs text in particular columns (Fortran and Cobol I think). I tested global and local settings and default global options. Documented. Suggested by Martijn Versteegh.
  • Modified: version to 0.4.50.

    Revision 1.447 2001/10/09 17:56:52 set

  • Updated: Tcl/Tk syntax highlight. Patch by Philip Moore
  • Added: Fortran syntax highlight. Contributed by Martijn Versteegh .

    Revision 1.446 2001/10/09 16:54:49 set

  • Tested the editor with PCRE 3.2, all works OK, I don't include it because now uses autotools and fails to be configured for djgpp needing tricks.
  • Fixed the allegro 3.9.38 headers to compile with gcc 3.1, will send patches to list.

    Revision 1.445 2001/10/09 14:05:21 set

  • Fixed: Typo in C/C++ parser (#elif)
  • Bad news: The editor compiled with gcc 3.1 runs slower than compiled with 2.8.1 and is bigger: 11 % slower 20 % bigger. At least for my K6-2 CPU using
    -O2 optimization. That's really bad.

    Revision 1.444 2001/10/08 22:09:33 set

  • Added: Support for gcc 3.1. The code compiled OK, but I was forced to disable some part of Allegro's header :-(.

    Revision 1.443 2001/10/08 19:30:01 set

  • Added: Support for gcc 3.1 in the configuration scripts.
  • Added: Support for string streams in doedidia.cc (str streams doesn't exist anymore).
  • Added: Support for "namespace" and "using" C++ keywords to the internal syntax highlight.

    Revision 1.11 2001/10/07 23:46:19 terrible

  • Modified: updated Debian files to version 0.4.49-1.
  • Fixed: unnecesary compile of shipped libbzip2 because of typo in config.pl.

    Revision 1.442 2001/10/07 20:31:28 set

  • Added: a small script to create the .debs as a regular user (debian/buildpackage).

    Revision 1.441 2001/10/07 19:30:37 set

  • Added: More mechanisms to make gettext work with the .po files. The main problem is that old tools destroys the information needed for the new ones. Now the scripts also updates version and revision time.
  • Fixed: When running suid root the stderr redirected files were owned by root. Reported by Ivan.
  • Fixed: When using a central dst file and loading another in a directory the settings were transferred to the central one. Reported by Ivan.

    Revision 1.440 2001/10/07 14:30:57 set

  • Added: A command line option called --debug to the configuration script. It selects switches that can be used for debug and testing purposes. They are generic and could not match with the ones used to compile TV. Suggested by Grzegorz.

    Revision 1.439 2001/10/07 14:07:49 set

  • Added: Now if SET_FILES wasn't defined the editor also tries to guess using the prefix indicated during configuration. I also added an option to the configuration script to disabled it because I compile the editor in e:/... for DOS and it could be the CD-ROM in some sytems producing a test for the CD which is slow and annoying. Under UNIX I use /usr which is already in the list to search, so my prefix isn't needed either.

    Revision 1.438 2001/10/06 23:15:01 set

  • Modified: Now is possible to set the number of closed windows to something less than 3. Suggested by Thiago.
  • Added: Now ESC closes the man pages viewer. Suggested by Thiago.

    Revision 1.437 2001/10/06 22:42:34 set

  • Enhanced: Now the heuristic parser for C sources takes only one part of #if #elsif #else #endif sequences when they are inside a function. It solves a well known limitation. I hope it doesn't break all ;-) I did it after a report by Grzegorz, the funny thing is that limitation was clearly documented (RTFD).

    Revision 1.436 2001/10/06 19:58:10 set

  • Added: A couple of command to execute sLisp from the editor (selected text) or entering it in an input line. Documented. Suggested by Thiago.
  • Updated: Spanish traslation.
  • Modified: Now the Macros collection (list of sLisp macros defined by user) holds a copy of the macro code. It makes possible to define macros with the new mechanism without risking to lose them or leak memory.
  • Added: Support for commands with _ in their names to the meuload mechanism. The new commands have it.

    Revision 1.435 2001/10/06 17:22:41 set

  • Fixed: Calculator parsers aren't "locale aware" but libc is so it generated a mess. Now the locale is set to C before running them. Reported by Ivan.
  • Added: Some code to make the stackdbg module more robust when using strong optimizations.
  • Modified: Debian release version used by the editor to -0.1 and not -1.
  • Fixed: SIGSEGVs when using the -b command line option.

    Revision 1.434 2001/10/06 16:04:40 set

  • Fixed: [sLisp] The RunProgramRedir command was forking and hence didn't collect the external program output. Reported by Grzegorz.
  • Added: [sLisp] A new optional parameter to RunProgramRedir. If provided is used for the stdin of the external program. Documented. Suggested by Grzegorz.
  • Added: [sLisp] MessageBox command to communicate things to the user. Documented.
  • Added: [sLisp] An example of how to use the new RunProgramRedir to run an external filter program. I tested it with "recode ISO8859-1..html".

    Revision 1.433 2001/10/06 14:27:58 set

  • Added: Now the files listed in the "no back-ups" list aren't remmebered in the closed list. They are usually temporal files that won't exist anymore. Documented.

    Revision 1.432 2001/10/06 14:16:43 set

  • Added: Support for "Jump to function" in assembler files. It takes the labels excluding local gcc labels (they start with .). Documented.
  • Fixed: The syntax highlight for .s files didn't separate strings starting with " and '.

    Revision 1.431 2001/10/06 13:30:49 set

  • Added: New option to open R.O. files as R.O. buffers.
  • Documented: New option "Open R.O. as R.O." plus all the new stuff in the editor's general options.
  • Documented: Addition to menu: "Name current function"
  • Synchronized Source Forge CVS, tag sf0449_2.

    Revision 1.10 2001/10/05 13:13:08 set +

    Revision 1.430 2001/10/05 00:38:47 set

  • Added: Name of current function to the menues. This command is old and is available as an option of find & replace but wasn't in the menues.
  • Added: My CVS sync tools to the distribution list.
  • Fixed: Now when jumping to a file reported by an external program and the file doesn't exist the editor doesn't open an empty window, it just ignores it.

    Revision 1.429 2001/10/05 00:07:31 set

  • Added: Comment about changes upto revision 1.386 of change.log to the readme file.

    Revision 1.428 2001/10/04 01:54:16 set

  • Added: Support for Allegro 3.9.x. It generates a bigger executable but support more sound systems. It also generates a marginally bigger installer (Not counting the editor increase). I provide a datafile replacement to avoid pulling another 80 Kb or so.

    Revision 1.427 2001/10/02 00:51:23 set

  • Modified: [DOS] If LFNs are supported and UNIX back-up style is selected the editor appends the ~ at the end as in UNIX. I think it could fail for remote file systems like Novell 3.12 ones but in this case the user should simply avoid using it.

    Revision 1.426 2001/10/02 00:32:57 set

  • Added: Documented that now Alt+F2 is not only for C. Also documented the browse button.
  • Modified: The inf.h header included tv.h. It produced multiple inclusions of a big header. Now you include infr.h and then settvuti.h (it includes tv.h) finally you can include inf.h. In this way settvuti.h+tv.h and related headers are included just once.

    Revision 1.425 2001/10/01 23:28:38 set

  • Merged with SourceForge (patches from Ivan and last minute adjustements).

    Revision 1.9 2001/10/01 17:28:06 set

  • Remerged Ivan patches.
  • Updated *.mak files.
  • Commited some files that failed in the batch process.

    Revision 1.7 2001/10/01 15:18:46 set

  • Removed "fixme" labels from Ivan, things seems to be OK.

    Revision 1.6 2001/10/01 13:33:14 set

  • Removed: tcedit.dst file from CVS, it was there by accident.

    Revision 1.5 2001/10/01 02:51:07 terrible Fixed: if we are not using shipped libbzip2 then use the system include files and not the shipped ones. Fixed: if we are not using shipped libbzip2, then not compile it. New: support old libbzip2 (before 1.0 version). Workaround: patchenv.pl checks if a variable needs replacing or not, the problem is that it only checks in the first occurence of the variable (in the .mak file), so if the first occurence of the variable not needed a change, then it didn't change the other occurences even if they had to be changed; so I have disabled that check and it always replaces the variables no matter what, a Perl guru should elaborate a correct solution to avoid changing everytime all the variables. To do: Salvador has to check the various "FIXME:"'s and correct my mistakes (though "It Works For Me TM" in Debian Potato and in Sid but maybe that's because of black magic).

    Revision 1.4 2001/09/30 04:08:29 terrible Updated Debian packaging to 0.4.47-2.

    Revision 1.3 2001/09/30 00:51:10 terrible Debian packaging updated to 0.4.47-1.

    Revision 1.2 2001/09/29 14:58:35 terrible Updated Debian files to version 0.4.45-1.

    Revision 1.424 2001/09/30 20:46:51 set

  • Modified: The new tools.

    Revision 1.423 2001/09/30 20:03:05 set

  • Added: A experimental tool to synchronize my CVS with Source Forge's cvs.

    Revision 1.422 2001/09/29 15:53:22 set

  • Many fixes to cleanly compile with gcc 3.0.1:
  • Modified: gcc 3 enforces /n at the end of files.
  • Fixed: Preprocessor expansion "]##." is deprecated.
  • Fixed: "#endif text" is deprecated.
  • Fixed: "condition ? object_type1 : object_type2" deprecated (casts enforced).
  • Fixed: Multi-line strings deprecated. That's a real pity because they are very convenient for inline assembler.
  • Fixed: Use of ios::bin (now CLY_IOSBin) in mp3list.cc.
  • Fixed: Missing memcpy prototype in mp3play.cc.
  • Modified: Now gcc doesn't provide set_new_handler() anymore.
  • Fixed: I put pathlist.h wrongly in the files list.

    Revision 1.421 2001/09/26 02:37:31 set

  • Adapted: The es.po, de.po, utod.pl and Makefile for internationalizations to work with gettext 0.10.39 tools (that seems to suppose files are in UTF-8 by default!!). I hope the old tools I use in Linux won't mess the whole thing.

    Revision 1.420 2001/09/26 02:05:23 set

  • Modified: [DOS] Now in TV the keyboard is by default handled by BIOS. Added command line switchs to revert it, documented and translated. F*ck|ng gettext package, it is a real piece of shit, I'm sick of te really stupid ideas incorporated to it.

    Revision 1.419 2001/09/25 23:50:44 set

  • Added: Now the first time the editor forces to load the readme.1st it is opened: 1) R.O. 2) Zoomed 3) With the cursor at the beginning.

    Revision 1.418 2001/09/23 23:37:09 set

  • Fixed: When running a program in background and it finished jumping to a source line the result was quite confusing if we were in a modal dialog. In this case the dialog remains with the keyboard focus but the select window is another, most probably oculting the dialog. Now the run program mechanism waits until we exit the dialog.

    Revision 1.417 2001/09/23 23:16:26 set

  • Fixed: When match on the fly was enabled and also no wait the editor failed to propagate some syntax highlight situations.

    Revision 1.416 2001/09/23 21:25:06 set

  • Updated: Calculator parsers that are and aren't compiled to compile with the changes in compatlayer.

    Revision 1.415 2001/09/23 21:22:03 set

  • Fixed: The routine that restores a line under edition failed to update the correct start of the selection when it purged spaces at the left of the cursor position.
  • Fixed: The undo of BackSpace inserted spaces at the wrong column when they were completly purged during the action.

    Revision 1.414 2001/09/23 20:11:34 set

  • Modified: Moved all the macros to define if we need \r\n or \n from setedit to the compatlayer library.

    Revision 1.413 2001/09/23 15:46:52 set

  • Added: An option to indicate in which directories to search files we indicate with Ctrl+Enter. Usually include dirs. Stored in the desktop file, documented. Translated to spanish.
  • Modified: version to 0.4.49.
  • Modified: The algorithm that takes the name of a file under the cursor to be smarter.

    Revision 1.412 2001/09/23 00:33:27 set

  • Fixed: After jumping to a function name extending the selection usually generated strange results. It was like extending an old selection. Now the selected line is made with a temporal selection like in the search mechanism.
  • Fixed: When jumping to a function already in the screen it wasn't highlighted.

    Revision 1.411 2001/09/22 23:53:20 set

  • Fixed: The C/C++ function parser failed with sequences like it: "\\\\". Reported by Grzegorz.
  • Fixed: Alt+F7/F8 without hits gave a SIGSEGV (produced by the addition of re-select the last if we passed it).

    Revision 1.410 2001/09/22 22:40:49 set

  • Added: A new command cmcInsertKeyName to insert the name of the key in the text you are editing. Suggested by "Thiago F.G. Albuquerque" . Documented.

    Revision 1.409 2001/09/22 21:08:36 set

  • Modified: The TeX syntax highlight with some stuff contributed by Jan Cnops .

    Revision 1.408 2001/09/22 20:52:31 set

  • Updated: [InfView] readme to reflect last aditions.
  • Modified: [InfView] removed some unneeded code.
  • Fixed: [InfView] the "shell" menu option.
  • Added: [InfView] Internationalization files to the distro.

    Revision 1.407 2001/09/22 20:12:36 set

  • Fixed: [InfView] Now *all* the commands are enabled/disabled when an InfView gets/lose the focus.
  • Added: [InfView] The man pages viewer.
  • Added: [InfView] Screen configuration. No more broken frames for systems with ISO fonts! Ivan Baldo and Grzegorz Adam Hankiewicz were asking for it.
  • Added: [InfView] Internationalization for messages.
  • Updated: Spanish translations.
  • Modified: [InfView] Moved the new window option to the file menu.
  • Added: Code page support to the ManPageView scroll bars.
  • Fixed: All ManPageView windows didn't remmember the position (just centered every time).
  • Modified: edprefs.cc to use CLY_Packed.

    Revision 1.406 2001/09/22 14:58:51 set

  • Updated: [InfView] versions and dates in manpage and info file.
  • Updated: [InfView] readme file, removed no longer pertinent stuff and added the most relevant changes since last release.

    Revision 1.405 2001/09/22 14:46:03 set

  • Fixed: The editor didn't store staticUseIndentSize and staticDontPurgeSpaces in the desktop file. Reported by Martijn Versteegh.
  • Modified: version to 0.4.48.

    Revision 1.404 2001/09/22 14:41:44 set

  • Added: [InfView] Instructions about how to load info files stored in the current directory. Suggested by Thiago.
  • Fixed: [InfView] Now most commands are grayed when no window is available reflecting the truth.
  • Modidied: [InfView] version to 0.2.7. It have various changes since 0.2.6 and nobody noticed it.

    Revision 1.403 2001/09/22 02:20:47 set

  • Added: An option to disable the R.O. file warning. In this case the editor will warn when you try to save so you have an oportunity to revert it. Suggested by Marc-Antoine Massicotte .

    Revision 1.402 2001/09/21 02:25:19 set

  • Added: [DOS] More fixes to avoid collisions between conio.h and shipped gettext.
  • Fixed: New standards seems to enforce a \n at the end of all sources. At least gcc 3.0 says that. I added it to all the tests in the configuration scripts.
  • Fixed: [DOS] GCC 3.0 doesn't compile C++ code using the C compiler. The configure script can detect it, but as it only happened with very old gcc versions the scripts were looking for gxx and currently the C++ compiler is inoked using gpp.

    Revision 1.401 2001/09/21 01:24:38 set

  • Modified: As now compatlayer defines uint* I needed to fix some collisions.

    Revision 1.400 2001/09/20 01:45:21 set

  • Modified: Now the configuration detects more details and defines preprocessor variables acording to it. The definitions are also less confusing. Now they are OS, OSf (subtype of OS), Comp (Compiler), Compf (subtype of compiler) and CPU. With it I removed almost all magic __*__ tests that are usually tricky and not so clear.
  • Added: Better prefix detection for MinGW.
  • Fixed: The version.txt file messed things if ended with \n, now is ok.
  • Added: Code to viewplus that I hope will reduce the problems when porting to big endian systems. Related to the column/row cursor.
  • Fixed: The Perl parser didn't include numbers in function names.

    Revision 1.399 2001/09/16 22:38:45 set

  • Added: A test to put the distrib target in the Makefile only if the needed tools are installed (zip for DOS and tar for UNIX).
  • Added: [DOS] Same for the installer target. The list of needed tools is huge. This is a new target and creates the DOS installer.
  • Added: [DOS] Instructions if the user doesn't have fileutils installed.
  • Added: Configuration of ar for the gettext library.
  • Added: A new target (needed) for the Makefile. It compiles any thing needed for the editor that isn't created by RHIDE projects.
  • Fixed: [DOS] The shipped gettext assumed the user already patched your djgpp installation as explained in the gettext 0.10.39 distribution. That's impossible if the user never installed it. Now I tweaked the headers and code to avoid collisions with conio gettext.
  • Fixed: [DOS] Some warnings from gcc 2.95.3 not detected by 2.95.2 for the installer.cc file. Related to implicit conversions.
  • Fixed: [DOS] Some warnings from binutils 2.11.2 not reported by 2.8.1 in mixsurf.c. Related to EOL C++ comments in inline assembler (must be in a separated line).

    Revision 1.398 2001/09/16 20:10:00 set

  • Fixed: Now the clean target of the Makefile also cleans mpegsound objects. Reported by Ivan.
  • Applied some fixes for the Debian stuff sent by Ivan.
  • Fixed: Now the scripts of distribution updates debian/changelog with my name and stating it was a script. Sugested by Ivan.

    Revision 1.397 2001/09/16 17:29:21 set

  • Added: Architecture detection to the configure. It defines SECPU_$(Arch).
  • Added: GNU make detection to the configure. It supports gmake as name.
  • Added: GNU ar detection to the configure. It supports gar as name.
  • Fixed: In systems different than Linux and DOS RHIDE makefiles doesn't include -lstdc++ (RHIDE_TYPED_LIBS_$(RHIDE_OS).cc is not defined). So now the configuration puts them as RHIDE_OS_LIBS. Seen on FreeBSD and Solaris.
  • Added: Support for ncurses installed as -lcurses (I saw it in Solaris).
  • Added: Now CFLAGS and CXXFLAGS can be passed to the configuration in the command line (must use the perl script directly, no the shell script!). It made the configset script usable with any UNIX shell (/bin/sh isn't bash in a lot of UNIX systems).
  • Added: SunOS to the list of systems supported by the configuration. It doesn't mean the library is working there.
  • Modified: References to __i386__ by SECPU_x86.
  • Fixed: Now gpm is detected and not assumed.
  • Fixed: The perl pmacros file made reference to an unexistant marker (@4).
  • Fixed: When specifying an out of range marker in pmacros a stack corruption ocurred.

    Revision 1.396 2001/09/15 22:52:13 set

  • Modified: [DOS] The compress script now deletes old manifest/version files that could be left by an old version package in the directory where the distribution is created.
  • Fixed: The arrangements in the order that main initializes things affected the SET_FILES error report (made invisible).

    Revision 1.395 2001/09/15 21:56:37 set

  • Fixed: If none file was loaded with syntax highlight pressing Atl+F2 generated a SIGSEGV. Reported by Grzegorz.
  • Added: Really simple parsers for .txi and .shl files. (For the Alt+F2).
  • Fixed: Some small details to get libset.a compiled.
  • Fixed: Is the editor remmembered a file that is read-only at start-up a dialog pop-ups asking if we want to revert it, but it happends while the editor is still loading files and the problem is that the idle() makes some searchs in the list of opened windows. As it isn't completly loaded the result was a SIGSEGV.

    Revision 1.394 2001/09/15 19:28:45 set

  • Modified: [Linux] Now by default the editor isn't distributed as a compressed executable. According to Ivan it could make the kernel waste memory.

    Revision 1.393 2001/09/15 19:21:09 set

  • Fixed: [Linux] all editor functions that collected word characters (like ctrl+right/left arrows) wrongly stopped in accents. The problem was that it didn't reflect the selected code page, just CP 437.

    Revision 1.392 2001/09/15 18:45:43 set

  • Added: EdReloadIfOpened to rhideint.cc to avoid unresolved references in RHIDE. But I'm not sure if that's enough.

    Revision 1.391 2001/09/15 18:39:30 set

  • Fixed: When modifying files like ~/.setedit/deflopts.txt with the menues and the file was opened by the editor the opened buffer got out of sync. Now the editor checks if it was changed and then reloads the file. The same applies to nobkp.txt and userword.txt files.
  • Fixed: It was possible to fool the editor and open the same file twice if it was modified by an external program and saved with another i-node value. As a result:
  • Modified: Now the editor checks if any of the opened files changed inode before opening a new one. That's needed to avoid opening it twice.
  • Fixed: When collecting errors/messages the editor didn't check for names like it: /dir/../dir/file and similar situations. In this case the editor failed to find the information about this file in the project window. Now the editor shows only the name of the file as the external program repoted, internally adds the right path and ensures the name doesn't have such an artifacts.
  • Modified: The way I hold the inode/dev is more abstract so other values can be used. Currently Win32 target lacks inode information and it could help. Also added a mechanism to reload a buffer without closing the window and a more generic dialog that limits the lenght of file names.

    Revision 1.390 2001/09/14 02:09:15 set

  • Modified: [Linux] Now also the er* files are created in ~/.setedit [DOS] If the user defines a home directory they are stored there. Sugested by Martijn Versteegh.

    Revision 1.389 2001/09/14 01:50:34 set

  • Modified: All the references to the web page to point to Source Forge, also some e-mail references and the mailing list address.
  • Modified: The text of the readme files to better reflect the current situation.

    Revision 1.388 2001/09/12 03:01:34 set

  • Modified: Now when you jump to an error the editor puts in the status line only the description of the error and not the entire line generated by the compiler. That's very useful when you are in deep subdir and the file name is quite large using most of the space. After all the file name is the name of the window and the line is at the bottom of the window.

    Revision 1.387 2001/09/12 01:04:26 set

  • Added: A dialog to show where a file was stored. This dialog limits the file name to around 90 characters showing only the last characters and indicating with a ~ at the begining if the path was truncated.
  • Modified: Cleaned the pathtool interface a little bit now only two functions should be used to load/save configuration files: ExpandHome and ExpandHomeSave.
  • Modified: All modules to use the above mentioned functions.
  • Added: Now the editor tries to save configuration files modified by a user to ~/.setedit/file. I did it to avoid polluting the home directory and to put the default tcedit.dst in a place that nobody should run the editor. The editor will load all files from ~/.file but will save them in the directory. In this case (or when you load the original file from /usr/share/setedit and now the editor is saving it in the home) the editor informs the user with a dialog indicating where the file was stored.
  • Fixed: The editor failed to set the ShowMatchPairFly from the default flags file.

    Revision 2001/09/11 13:58:18 set Imported sources.

    Revision 1.386 2001/09/09 22:16:36 set

  • Fixed: [BC++/Win32] Some unused parameter warnings.
  • Fixed: [DOS] Missing header in stackdbg.c (code I blindly wrote on Linux)
  • Fixed: Unreachable break detected by BC++.
  • Fixed: BC++ doesn't like default argument values in the function itself.
  • Fixed: Missing string.h in pperl.cc (gcc 2.95.2 doesn't report it for internal functions).

    Revision 1.385 2001/09/09 20:31:58 set

  • Added: A tool to find the empty and fuzzy entries in a .po file. Is called emptymsg. If you call it passing the names of the .po files to it from the editor you'll get a list of missing/fuzzy entries that you can browse using Alt+F7/F8. It combined with the special lines (it moves line hits as text is added/deleted) and the .po SHL makes much more easy to complete .po files.

    Revision 1.384 2001/09/09 20:24:11 set

  • Added: A new option to avoid making backups for some particular files. The setting is just a list of regex (Perl style) stored in a text file. If a file name matches any of the regex the editor doesn't create a backup. This option is only available in the standalone editor but is relative easy to hook the needed stuff to the class (for RHIDE).
  • Added: The above mentioned option to the documentation. Also updated the File Open options and mentioned the Options button. Documented the new block case functions. Updated the list of SHLs supported.
  • Added: A new macro to the docs called @p{} to replace @paragraph{}, it is much more convenient.
  • Added: A separated header file for loadshl.cc.
  • Updated: The spanish translation. Also generated the german file so any user could complete it. I think 148 translations are missing or incorrect (fuzzy filled) in the german file.
  • Modified: [UNIX] Now the editor loads ~/.file first that ~/file for any configuration file. I did it because when saving the editor choose ~/.file first.

    Revision 1.383 2001/09/09 00:26:11 set

  • Fixed: When I changed from absolute to relative projects the memory of settings for project items got broken. It was long time ago but I didn't realize it because it worked for projects where all files are in the same directory and the closed windows also have memory. Now is fixed.

    Revision 1.382 2001/09/08 23:29:25 set

  • Added: Block invert case and alternate case. I reused the code of block toupper/lower and created those new funny functions.
  • Fixed: [UNIX] One of the new messages printed at exit didn't check if we effectively redirected stderr trying to print a null pointer.
  • Modified: Now File Open dialogs not only remmembers paths+masks but also file names (full qualified).
  • Fixed: When adding items to a project the only way to exit is by pressing ESC, but then the editor didn't remmember the path we used and when inserting again we must get it from the history. Now remmembers it.
  • Added: The number of lines of the saved text (not only size).

    Revision 1.381 2001/09/08 21:40:39 set

  • Added: Code page remap for a block of text (no the whole file). It have undo and I reused code from toupper/lower block.

    Revision 1.380 2001/09/08 17:56:38 set

  • Fixed: The "backspace unindents" could get confused with lines containing only spaces.
  • Fixed: The my_popen code used in stackdbg.c and the derivated used in symify to close the right file handle and in the right order in the child process. I noticed it looking how libc's popen is implemented.
  • Fixed: I completly rewrote the my_pclose function used in the above mentioned sources because it created zombie process. I also made it more robust. I must do some adjusts yet, but now works OK (is just slow).
  • Fixed: If argv[0] was just a file name (no relative path and no absolute path) the code failed to detect if it had debug symbols.
  • Added: Credits to Bjorn and Grzegorz in the about dialog.
  • Added: A note about djgpp's implementation of putenv.
  • Fixed: Now child processes created by run a program are put in a separated session and I kill the group. It is more effective when the child creates other processes and one of them hangs. Killing the first child is not enough, so now I kill the group. Note: it have an interesting side effect that will introduce some changes soon, but is better.

    Revision 1.379 2001/09/08 00:16:36 set

  • Modified: [UNIX] Now when expanding compressed info files the temporal file is removed just after opening it. Making it we don't let those temporals when the editor crashes or we debug it. Is only enabled for UNIX.

    Revision 1.378 2001/09/07 23:48:53 set

  • Added: [Linux] Now the editor also dumps a stack trace when crashes. I also added a message informing the user where the unsaved buffers and crash information can be found.
  • Added: [Linux] Two new behaviors in case of a crash. One calls gdb to get a detailed stack trace and information about local variables the other not only does it but also gives the control to gdb so we can get more information. If we are in a X a separated xterm is created for gdb, that's really cool! I based it in code by Bjorn Reese that Grzegorz sent me.
  • Added: A command line switch to select the behavior of the editor in case of a crash. It supersedes the --no-signal option. Also sorted the command line options. The name is --stack-dbg (d).
  • Added: An environment variable to set the default behavior of -d option.
  • Updated: man page to reflect the new command line. Also added two environment variables (the new one and other) and sorted the options alphabetically.
  • Added: [Linux] A tool equivalent to djgpp's symify to process stack traces. (tools/symify.cc).
  • Fixed: After adding some routines to edspecs.cc InfView gave undefined references, so I added a dummy to avoid it.
  • Updated: Spanish messages.
  • Fixed: I was damaging argv[0]. It was easy to see when running ps, the editor name had a space after the last slash.
  • Added: A small script to install the editor without stripping debug information. It will allow me to start gdb each time the editor crashes on my system. I also added the needed code to the makefile and installation scripts.
  • Modified: Now I call TEventQueue::suspend() from the signal handler instead of suspend_keyboard(). I know that's more dangerous but uses a standard mechanism.
  • Added: Now the editor also prints the signal number in the error file.

    Revision 1.377 2001/09/05 19:19:08 set

  • Modified: More details in the routines that closes undesired editors. Damn is really tricky.

    Revision 1.376 2001/09/05 17:45:27 set

  • Added: A new option to the Run program options dialog. When enabled and we get errors from the child process the editor jumps to the first line with errors (like in RHIDE).

    Revision 1.375 2001/09/05 17:19:43 set

  • Fixed: When enabling the column cursor in a window that wasn't restored from disk it sometimes was shorter than what we expect. It was due to a wrong initialization of CrossCursorCol member, the same could happend with the row cursor.

    Revision 1.374 2001/09/05 16:55:48 set

  • Modified: Now I extended the option to forget the cursor position to also forget about other settings remmembered for closed and project files.

    Revision 1.373 2001/09/05 16:45:59 set

  • Added: Now the "Open only specified files" option is divided in various options to give more control about what is stored in the desktop file. Now the windows are divided in three types: Editor, Non editors and Closed Editors. For each group is possible to set if we want to: remmember it, remmember it but if the command line contains file names forget or just don't remmember. These nine options replaces the old one. I added it because some users didn't like the current behavior and wanted a differerent behavior to the one that Ivan sugested when I added it. In particular Tatu || Vantte Kilappa wanted a middle ground behavior.
  • Modified: Version to 0.4.47. So we can adapt the old setting and select three of the new ones that are equivalent.
  • Added: An option to not remmember the cursor position while loading the desktop.
  • Modified: The edpecs.cc calls. Now it have a separated header and some functions that are commonly used. It makes the code more compact and readable.

    Revision 1.372 2001/09/05 01:43:28 set

  • Fixed: The option to open only the editor indicated in command line was broken.

    Revision 1.371 2001/09/04 19:54:40 set

  • Added: Syntax highlight for "Cascading Style Sheets v2" contributed by S. M. Halloran .
  • Added: Syntax highlight for "JavaScript" contributed by S. M. Halloran .
  • Added: Syntax highlight for "PostScript" contributed by S. M. Halloran .
  • Added: More tags to the HTML syntax highlight contributed by S. M. Halloran .

    Revision 1.370 2001/09/04 19:27:19 set

  • Fixed: [Win32+BC++] Inserted call to EmptyClipboard in the function that sets data in the windows clipboard. Without this call data set by editor was not seen by other application. It happened because we did not set editor as the clipboard owner. Call to EmptyClipboard does this. It only applies to Win32 target, patch from Anatoli Soltan .
  • Modified: The behavior of Paste from Win Clipboard to be consistent with what a regular windows user would expect. Now it just does not copy the previous selection to the clipboard and selects the pasted text only if persistent blocks are enabled. Patch from Anatoli Soltan .

    Revision 1.369 2001/09/04 18:04:04 set

  • Modified: Now the default color for reserved words is light blue over blue and not green over blue.
  • Fixed: It was impossible to use CFLAGS options that contained option=value because it confused patchenv.pl failing to configure the makefiles. Reported by Norberto Alfredo Bensa

    Revision 1.368 2001/09/04 03:49:23 set

  • Added: The TColorSelector::mark to the codepage remapper. It wasn't available before.

    Revision 1.367 2001/09/04 00:16:18 set

  • Added: A new color in the palette for the disabled clusters. Also added to the load process that if the palette we are loading doesn't have this color it is initialized to a default. So:
  • Modified: Version to 0.4.46.
  • Added: Now we can specify that one of the error parsers defined in the errors.cle file is the internal one. It should be used to use the internal GNU parser instead of the defined in the file. Why? is much more faster and supports internationalization.
  • Modified: Syntax Highlight file to reflect it.
  • Modified: Copyright dates in readme files and about dialogs.
  • Added: A button to the file open/save/etc dialog to configure the sorting options.
  • Added: The new options to hide .*/*~/*.bkp and sort .* to the end to the dialog to configure the file open dialog.
  • Fixed: The above mentioned dialog was broken when I created the 32 bits clusters and generated SIGSEGVs.
  • Fixed: The patch I did to avoid crashes when no CLE files were available disabled the other parsers.
  • Fixed: The generic error parsers some times added an extra / generating file names with to consecutive / (invalid for UNIX).

    Revision 1.366 2001/09/03 17:44:10 set

  • Added: Documentation for the new Run Program options.
  • Modified: Now words in italic are represented enclosed by `' in the text and info outputs.

    Revision 1.365 2001/09/02 00:33:59 set

  • Fixed: If no default options file was defined the default mask used to reset modes was just 16 bits and not 32 clearing "Use indent size", "Don't purge spaces" and "Backspace unindents". So they failed to be transfered from global to local options.

    Revision 1.364 2001/09/02 00:07:08 set

  • Fixed: [Linux] A bug in the use of putenv, it made the editor fail to detect the /tmp dir. As a result the editor created temporal files in the current directory.

    Revision 1.363 2001/09/01 23:25:36 set

  • Added: A warning message if when the user tries to exit the child still running or we still parsing the errors. If the user wants to exit anyways the editor first stops it.

    Revision 1.362 2001/09/01 23:03:55 set

  • Added: Status line shortcuts for the Message Window (in the 3 menu files and in editmenu.cc).
  • Fixed: Now Prev/Next message are enabled only if the Message Window really have lines to jump to.
  • Added: [Linux] The run external program option now can run the program in background. It can optionally disabled by the user.
  • Added: The background process can be stopped just selecting the Message Window and pressing Ctrl+C. The status line indicates if that's available or not (the process is running or we still parsing their output).
  • Added: Now the messages/errors from the external program can be parsed in background. Is slower but you can continue working. That's the default when the command runs in parallel, but can be enabled even if the process will block the editor.
  • Added: Options to configure how often the Message Window is updated when the messages are parsed in parallel with the child program (the parameter is how many lines are processed before releasing the CPU to poll input devices). Also to configure if the window is forced to scroll or not.
  • Updated: The spanish translation.
  • Fixed: The new bufun.cc option to browse the functions didn't update the special lines arrays.
  • Modified: The interface to show messages in the Message Window to add all of this gadgets. I wrote an equivalent in rhideint.cc I hope it won't break RHIDE.
  • Fixed: Now the Message Window only scrolls to the first line only if we collected lines to jump. It was the original idea but was wrongly implemented.
  • Added: Dialogs to avoid the user running a second child process in: Run External Program, SDG and Grep. Sure I missed something ;-)
  • Fixed: Internationalized some messages I forgot while coding.
  • Modified: Now is possible to enter comands upto 256 characters long in the run external program dialog (was 80).
  • Fixed: When running `make' as the external program the editor keeps track of the various directory changes that makes does (nested makefiles). That's needed for programs that reports errors giving relative names. The problem was that when using spanish messages the editor got confused. Now the editor tries with english and if it fails tries translating it. Currently only english and spanish are supported but that's done with the .mo file so any language can be supported without recompiling.
  • Fixed: The GNU errors parsed was fulled by some gcc messages like it: In file included by .....:line:\n Now those lines are discarded.

    Revision 1.361 2001/08/31 19:32:09 set

  • Modified: Now if the terminal have a fixed code page that we know and can't be changed then the editor disables the recoding mechanism. That's true for terminals like xterm (enhanced VT100).

    Revision 1.360 2001/08/31 19:30:01 set

  • Added: Perl function parser to the bufun.cc mechanism. Also added more information to the bufun.h file.

    Revision 1.359 2001/08/29 23:41:50 set

  • Added: A shell option to the Linux version. I ever thinked it wasn't a good idea but a user asked for it. Sugested by David Xu .

    Revision 1.358 2001/08/29 20:31:25 set

  • Modified: Now when a file that was stored in the desktop file no longer exists the editor doesn't open an empty window. Sugested by Martijn Versteegh

    Revision 1.357 2001/08/29 16:39:42 set

  • Added: Now is possible to specify the Turbo Vision library and includes path as parameters for the configuration script. That's useful for systems with prefixes like /opt. Sugested by Joel Soete .

    Revision 1.356 2001/08/29 00:40:50 set

  • Fixed: When jumping to another manpage double clicking the name of the new one the window didn't update their title.
  • Fixed: A bug introduce in the last changes to the manpage viewer. I was releasing twice the name of the temporary stderr file (because librhtv deletes it internally).

    Revision 1.355 2001/08/28 18:37:24 set

  • Added: Sources of gettext 0.10.39 configured to avoid libiconv. They are intended for DOS users that doesn't have gettext installed or want to get a much smaller executable (like me). I decided it after a discussion in the djgpp-workers list, even the DOS porter of gettext Juan Manuel Guerrero sugested it for the editor's case.

    Revision 1.354 2001/08/28 14:32:16 set

  • Added: Support for gettext 0.10.37 and newer that needs libiconv. I tested it with 0.10.39 and 1.7. Even when that's supported the result is quite bad, for the DOS target the binary grows 829 Kb and when compressed 614 Kb. That's unacceptable. The size of the compressed editor is currently about 480 Kb and grows to 1094 Kb.

    Revision 1.353 2001/08/27 20:37:06 set

  • Modified: Removed the bufun.h inclusion in ced_exte.h to reduce dependencies.
  • Fixed: If the errors.cle file wasn't there the editor crashed when you run external programs. Reported by Grzegorz.

    Revision 1.352 2001/08/27 19:37:44 set

  • Modified: I moved all the bufun.cc definitions to an independent header called bufun.h. Also renamed the buffers and exported them so other parsers can reuse it.
  • Added: Now the Clipper parser detects the last line of functions and also adds information to the name indicating if the function is a procedure and if the static qualifier was used.

    Revision 1.351 2001/08/26 00:36:52 set

  • Added: Now the jump to function mechanism (bufun.cc) can support languages other than C/C++. I added Clipper support and Grzegorz is working on a LaTex parser.

    Revision 1.350 2001/08/16 01:28:18 set

  • Added: A patch to avoid problems when including ced_clas.h twice. From Robert.
  • Fixed: A problem in the libset library used by RHIDE. Now rhideint.cc must provide EdJumpToMessage(), currently is just a dummy.

    Revision 1.349 2001/08/14 22:56:21 set

  • Added: A comment about buggy GeForce BIOSes in the Win/DOS FAQ. They seems to have similar bugs to Matrox BIOSes. Thanks to Andy .
  • Added: A button to the function list called "Browse". It sends the list of functions to the message window sorted alphabetically or by line number and then you can browse the source code jumping from function to function. Sugested by Grzegorz Adam Hankiewicz . It added a new parameter to SelectFunctionToJump.
  • Added: Now when the user have one central desktop file the editor makes a back-up of it before writing a new one. This is quite useful for Windows systems that likes to crash and corrupt files. Sugested by S. M. Halloran .

    Revision 1.348 2001/08/14 17:51:12 set

  • Fixed: InfView's search dialog was broken due to aligment in the TFindInfDialogRec structure. Now is marked with pack(1) to avoid it, I guess that's something new with gcc 2.95.x.

    Revision 1.347 2001/08/14 00:56:24 set

  • Fixed: [Linux] When a manpage didn't exist Linux's man outputs to stderr a message. In the past the editor missed it giving no help to the user and also letting an error file in the home directory. Now stderr is also redirected and if stdout is empty stderr is shown. Reported by "GiBa" .
  • Fixed: utod.pl again.
  • Modified: The makefile so makes/linux/compress.pl doesn't need to be executable (CVS likes to forget it because my CVS in a fat32 partition).

    Revision 1.346 2001/08/13 23:16:50 set

  • Fixed: A bug in "Intelligent C indent". A parenthesis after a / was not counted leading to wrong indentation. I hope the new code really fixed it without breaking other detail.

    Revision 1.345 2001/08/13 22:38:37 set

  • Modified: To make recode happy now the CP850 files are ever converted to DOS format (not only in Linux). I made utod.pl more reliable too.
  • Added: SHL for .po files.
  • Added: German translations, thanks to Oliver Schieche . Also added it to the Linux and DOS distribution and to the installer (was tricky).
  • Added: All the Turbo Vision messages to the translations, so I updated the spanish translation.
  • Fixed: The message window scrolled horizontally only 255 columns and lines are allowed to be 1000 columns (then are wrapped). So now you can fully scroll upto 1000 columns.

    Revision 1.344 2001/08/13 18:13:21 set

  • Added: Preload to C/C++, Perl and Makefile SHLs.
  • Added: Objetive C and PDP 11 assembler SHLs contributed by Beni Cherniavsky .
  • Added: Preload keyword to the .shl SHL.
  • Added: The Emacs mode for .frt files as "sdg", also added to a couple of .frt files because they generate files with "texinfo" markers confusing the editor.
  • Added: link and mailto commands to the html.frt as sugested by Florian Xaver.

    Revision 1.343 2001/08/13 17:30:24 set

  • Modified: Now the keywords of the syntax highlights aren't loaded at start-up, intead they are loaded on demand. The keywords and the search tables are the most memory consuming parts of the syntax highlight structure.
  • Added: A Preload keyword to force the most commonly used SHL keywords to be loaded at start-up.
  • Fixed: Added to the distribution a file I forgot in the upload of the last beta.

    Revision 1.342 2001/08/12 17:50:39 set

  • Compiled with BC++ 5.5:
  • Added: A comment in BC++ 5.5 port making explicit where should be TV located.
  • Fixed: A use of variable size array in ceditor.cc (AllocLocalStr now) (Win32).
  • Fixed: Use of strcasecmp without Uses_string (Win32).

    Revision 1.341 2001/08/12 16:07:46 set

  • Merged patches from Andris addressing compiling issues when using gcc 2.97 and newer releases: 1) #endif at the end of files must have a new line character at the end. 2) strlen and other internal functions now needs #include 3) The need for ## concatenation in macros is no longer needed when symbols are around the variable and now is deprecated. I left the old code (disabled) just in case it breaks very old gcc releases so we can just make it conditional. 4) Is no longer valid to cast a pointer to a smaller integer, so now two consecutive casts are needed, one to convert the pointer into an integer and another to cut down the integer. This is used in the keyboard routines where collections uses void * to store 16 bits unsigned values.
  • Added: Support for ".inf.gz" extension (from Andris patch)

    Revision 1.340 2001/08/11 01:40:17 set

  • Added: CommentIndent command, it indents a block with the EOLCom1 definition. Sugested by Thiago.
  • Added: CommentUnIndent, it unindents a block using the length of EOLCom1 as reference. Sugested by Thiago.
  • Fixed: UnIndentBlock failed to update the syntax highlight, it was clear after removing the comments in the block.
  • Fixed: The undo of the arbitrary indent used the starting selection instead of the final one generating problems for long blocks.

    Revision 1.339 2001/08/10 02:50:36 set

  • Added: sLisp commands: OpenFile: opens a file as a new window. (Asked by "Thiago F.G. Albuquerque" ) length: returns the length of a string. strcasecmp/strcmp: compares strings. Operator -: for integers.
  • Added: these new commands to the syntax highlight and documentation (also strstr).

    Revision 1.338 2001/08/05 23:35:46 set

  • Modified: The way the PREFIX is passed to the compress scripts to allow the main makefile to generate the distribution. It should be reworked.

    Revision 1.337 2001/08/04 23:41:01 set

  • Added: New configuration option to avoid using FHS structure and set it for my configuration.
  • Added: Distribution targets to the main makefile they pass the FHS options to the makes/Makefile.
  • Modified: The way the es_iso.po file is created to avoid stupid problems from recode. The recode and gettext are generating problems all the time.

    Revision 1.336 2000/12/09 21:32:42 set

  • Merged changes from Anatoli for the BC++ configuration process. Also makes pmacros files support DOS format in UNIX.
  • Added: Comments in the FAQ about Cirrus boards that have problems under W9x
  • Updated: the WinNT/readme.txt file to reflect the actual process.
  • Fixed: The 'D' shortcut was used twice in the redmond.smn for the File menu. Reported by Jeremy W. Murphy .
  • Added: A dialog asking if a compressed file saved with "save as" should be also saved compressed. Reported by Gregorio.
  • Added: A TODO file.
  • Fixed: More conflicts between gettext and conio.
  • Fixed: Now when closing a project the window title (of the application) reverts to "No project loaded". Reported by Jeremy W. Murphy .
  • Fixed: Compilation problems when PCRE wasn't available.

    Revision 1.335 2000/08/09 23:30:23 set

  • Fixed: The editor didn't preserve the UID/GID of files when creating back-ups.
  • Fixed: When loading some old desktop files with black palettes (created by some really old versions of the editor) you got a black screen. Now the editor checks for such a silly situation and reverts to the default palette.

    Revision 1.334 2000/06/27 02:37:03 set

  • Modified: Now using gettext 0.10.35.
  • Modified: Now using RHIDE

    Revision 1.333 2000/06/27 01:16:08 set

  • Fixed: Some pmacros needed "back space unindents" *NHP*.
  • Modified: Now using bzip2 v1.0, it is supposed to be more bullet-proof when uncompressing garbage. Thanks god I included it directly because the function names changed from 0.x to 1.0 (added BZ2_ prefix).

    Revision 1.332 2000/06/13 23:36:49 set

  • Added: Warning about Creative PCI boards not supported by Allegro.
  • Modified: TMixDiag constructor to avoid calling gettext inlined because gcc 2.95.2 doesn't like it. I suspect that's a bug in gcc because 2.7.x and 2.8.x doesn't reject it.
  • Added: A desktop lock while parsing the errors output from external programs to reduce the redraw. Linux's frame buffer is poorly implemented and have a really bad performance producing amazingly huge delays. Reported by Grzegorz.

    Revision 1.331 2000/06/06 00:49:03 set

  • Added: A check and warning for/by makeinfo during configuration.

    Revision 1.330 2000/06/06 00:41:40 set

  • Added: A check for xgettext in the configuration script and a warning if recode isn't installed.

    Revision 1.329 2000/06/06 00:19:36 set

  • Fixed: Now the configure tells if recode wasn't found.
  • Fixed: Warning in menuload.cc with gcc
  • Ignored doc/Makefile in the CVS.

    Revision 1.328 2000/06/04 18:37:36 set

  • Added: Now all modes are supported in the Mode setence used by the pmacros.
  • Added: Now the $if command supports and/or operators for menu files.
  • Added: The MP3 list can be loaded/saved as a WinAmp M3U list.

    Revision 1.327 2000/05/25 19:12:56 set

  • Added: An option to configure the BC++ port to generate a dynamic/static executable.
  • Fixed: Now when passing a list of files to grep the filenames are quoted to avoid problems with file names containing spaces. Reported by Grzegorz.
  • Modified: The check to see if grep is installed. It now checks for GNU grep to avoid problems with other implementations. In particular Inprise version that is quite far from POSIX.
  • Warning: I discovered that BC++ and MingW libraries have a really buggy system function, it can just crash Windows 95 misserably when passing long command lines, lets say 3.5 Kb. It can affect the editor stability.

    Revision 1.326 2000/05/25 15:21:33 set

  • Added: Now the configure mechanism generates the BC++ makefiles. With it all the targets now uses the information found in the .gpr files to compile. It means I just need to keep updated the list of files to include in the distribution, all the other makefiles are generated from RHIDE's projects (djgpp/Linux/Win32 directly and BC++ indirectly).

    Revision 1.325 2000/05/22 23:49:30 set

  • New: Now the MingW port uses the same makefiles than the DOS and Linux targets. It means this port will be quite updated without taking special care.
  • Modified: Now the configure script doesn't overwrite the configed.h file if it wasn't changed. That's good to avoid a masive recompile when it isn't in fact needed.
  • Updated: The configuration library with changes in the TV version of it.
  • Added: A mechanism to change more variables in RHIDE makefiles from the configure script.
  • Fixed: EasyDiag's TSTextScroller size.
  • Modified: Now the about box have a TSTextScroller because I added thanks to Vadim and Anatoli.

    Revision 1.324 2000/05/20 13:19:03 set

  • New: Now thanks to changes from Anatoli Soltan merged in TV the exe generated with BC++ runs under Win95 and NT.
  • Added: Configuration mechanism to support the new syntax of recode 3.5. It also allows to make the editor in machines without recode.
  • Added: Code to the configuration library to generate makefiles from templates of makefiles doing some search & replace.
  • Merged small changes from Anantoli Soltan to the BC++ makefiles. They allow creating the help file (makeinfo for Win32 is shipped) and installing the compiled files.
  • Added: A couple of new pmacros to Clipper.
  • Fixed: The BC++ errors parsing definition (errors.cle).
  • Fixed: A table in the manual (strftime options).
  • Fixed: Now sdh.c uses getcwd (no getwd) because (a) getwd is deprecated (I saw it in Linux and Oswald Buddenhagen asked to fix it) and (b) getwd doesn't exist for BC++ so Anatoli sent patches to replace it. Now the compatlayer is used for it.
  • Fixed: The generation of .html files from the .txt ones. Now < and > are replaced. Reported by Neil Parks .
  • Fixed: When following a list of errors/hits with Alt+F8 in some cases the previous hit wasn't cleared.

    Revision 1.323 2000/05/17 23:09:36 set

  • Modified: Some details in EasyDiag: OK+Cancel buttons to work in growable dialogs and xTSRight,xTSLeft and xTSLeftOf calculations (hope nothing got screwed).
  • Modified: Now the list of functions lists members like this "member (class)" instead of C++ syntax "class::member". It makes the incremental search much more simple.
  • Modified: The list of functions and list of windows now have horizontal scroll bar. Also: they are EasyDiag dialogs now.

    Revision 1.322 2000/05/16 02:10:23 set

  • Fixed: A crash when deleting all the items (and one more ;-) in the MP3 list. Only happend if you did it very quickly.
  • Added: An horizontal scroll bar to the MP3 list dialog.
  • Added: Now easydiag list boxes can have two scroll bars. I modified TV a little bit to make it easier.

    Revision 1.321 2000/05/16 00:17:29 set

  • Fixed: The error pattern description for Borland C compilers. Now it works for BC++ 5.5. Grzegorz reported problems and I fixed it.
  • Added: clear keyword to the HTML syntax. Suggested by Grzegorz.
  • Fixed: The syntax hl for shell scripts needed EscapeAnywhere=1. Reported by Grzegorz.
  • Added: SQL syntax. Contributed by Jeremy W. Murphy .
  • Fixed: The editor added read-only copies to the list of closed windows when closing one of them. It produced a crash when opening the file from the closed list. Reported by Volker Kiefel".

    Revision 1.320 2000/05/15 01:00:28 root (set)

  • Added: Palette support to the Linux version. Also changed the palette values to be 0-255 instead of 0-63 to be more generic. Lamentably it looks like Linux people forgot to add a get palette sequence, is that correct? if all half done?

    Revision 1.319 2000/05/13 19:58:38 set

  • Added: A new option that forces the editor to do the match pair 'on the fly' without waiting for idle. Suggested by Oswald Buddenhagen .
  • Modified: Now backspace behavior is not tied to the Real Tabs option. It have your own option. It was suggested by others in the past but Oswald finally made me do it ;-)
  • Updated: The documentation to reflect all the new modes.
  • Modified: accehtml.cc line 31 to workaround a bug in egcs (doesn't like calls to static members specifying an object!).
  • Fixed: Now if you have two functions with the same name SDG will list both in the index. Reported by Gregorio.
  • Modified: Version to 0.4.45.

    Revision 1.318 2000/05/12 23:16:40 root (set)

  • Fixed: The configure script was looking for the dinamic TV when static was specified.
  • Fixed: infbase.cc request of filelength.

    Revision 1.317 2000/05/12 02:19:46 set

  • Incorporated the Win9x and WinNT versions. The WinNT version was introduced thanks to Anatoli Soltan and is for BC++ 5.5 compiler.
  • Moved some stuff to a new library (part of TV now) and will move even more things. The idea is to avoid an excess of conditionals. This introduced changes in almost all sources.
  • Adapted to compile with MingW32 for Win32.

    Revision 1.316 2000/04/29 17:55:05 root (set)

  • Modified: Gave 2 more rows for the mixer sliders.
  • Modified: Added more description to the mixer name.

    Revision 1.315 2000/04/29 17:04:55 set

  • Added: Board level sound mixer. As this is something I want and not all the people seems to agree that this is desirable I added options to: (a) disable it at compilation time (HAVE_MIXER and --without-mixer) and (b) a run time option (command line --no-mixer). Under DOS only SB Pro and SB 16 compatible mixers are supported. Under Linux OSS mixer is supported. The values can be optionally stored in the desktop file.
  • Changed: I synchronized the configuration library with the one used by TV.
  • Added: A new EasyDiag object called TSSlider. Is used for the volume settings in the mixer's dialog.
  • Fixed: A GPF when the editor was stopped during a list play operation and it was restored in another run.
  • Fixed: A small detail in mpegsound from 0.8.3 new version.

    Revision 1.314 2000/04/20 19:16:19 set

  • Added:
  • Added: A new option: Don't purge spaces. When enabled the spaces at the end of lines aren't automafically deleted by the editor. Suggested by Martijn Versteegh , wasn't the first user.
  • Added: Warning about bugs in xgettext in the makefile.
  • Updated: The spanish traslation.

    Revision 1.313 2000/04/16 20:17:03 root (set)

  • Added: MP3 support to the Linux version.

    Revision 1.312 2000/04/16 18:23:34 set

  • Added: A new library for MP3 files. That's the library used by Linux's splay. I added support for MP3s inside wavs, damaged MP3 files, VBR encoded files and more to this code. Users should consider it under test.
  • Added: The mpegsound library to the configuration process. I keep libamp and is possible to choose between the two engines.
  • Fixed: The use of 2 sets of flags in the .mak files (one from the RHIDE_OS_FLAGS and the other from CFLAGS).
  • Added: A set of C/C++ flags for parts of the project that needs strong optimization, like the MP3 engines.
  • Fixed: Some problems with the version of the information stored for closed files. It wasn't present in releases, just in WIP versions.
  • Fixed: Bug in relative paths interpretation of the code that parses messages from external programs.

    Revision 1.311 2000/04/13 00:37:46 root (set)

  • Updated: .gpr file and sources for the new TV dependencies (tv/...).
  • Updated: version.txt file.

    Revision 1.310 2000/02/27 20:14:19 set

  • Added: Now tab size, indent size and wrap column are stored for closed files and project items.
  • Fixed: InfView now doesn't hang if the node can't be found.
  • Added: InfView now looks in all the file if the node isn't found in the first try. It helps for handedited/damaged info files I saw it in files that David Cabanillas Barbacil sent me (GPC help files).

    Revision 1.309 2000/02/27 18:52:13 set

  • Added: Yet another tab option: Now is possible to indent using spaces but also using an indentation ammount different than the tab size. The new option is called "Use indent size" and you can also configure the value of "indent size". In this way is possible to code like Allegro's guidelines say: "Basic Allegro style: K&R, with 3 space indentation. On disk, though, tab stops are 8 spaces, so if for example a line was indented by 12 spaces, this would be saved out as either 12 space characters or 1 tab and 4 spaces, not as 4 tabs.". It was proposed by Martijn Versteegh .
  • Modified: As a result of these new settings now we have 17 global flags, it overflowed the traditional TV limit of 16 bits. To overcome it I added a 32 bits version of radio buttons and check boxes to TV. It isn't the final solution because I think these dialogs really need a new layout. Anyways, as I think 32 bits is more suitable for gcc now the editor uses 32 bits options in all places. To achieve it I was forced to modify a lot of structures and dialogs. Tested most of them, I hope no bugs were introduced.
  • Modified: As a result of this I did a cleaning job in the editor dialogs. I added some EasyDiag goodies: a new TSViewCol constructor that creates a default dialog (that's the most common case), a variation of doIt that sets the dialog as centered and configures the help context (doItCentered), a new positioning option yTSUpSep it puts the object on top of the dialog but letting some space between the frame and the object and multicolumn radio buttons and check boxes. Now EasyDiag also defaults to 32 bits options, it can be disabled defining Dont_Use_32Bits_Clusters. I also added a callback to TV buttons and modified TSButton to reflect it. yTSUp was fixed.
  • Modified: Version to 0.4.43.

    Revision 1.308 2000/02/24 23:10:40 set

  • Fixed: Applied some patches from Alex Lozano for EasyDiag. They fix problems with xTSLeft and yTSOver (I don't usually use them). I applied one of the patches with a small variant.

    Revision 1.307 2000/02/23 00:31:22 set

  • Added: A new option in Search & Replace, it shows the name of the function where the match was found (only for C/C++ and if the match is inside). Suggested by Jeremy W. Murphy .
  • Modified: Version to 0.4.42 (change in S&R flags).

    Revision 1.306 2000/02/22 01:25:57 set

  • Added: A new command called cmcWhichFunctionIs. It determines the name of the function where the cursor is positioned. It isn't the fastest thing in the world because it collects the list of all functions, but as bufun.cc is really fast I think that's ok. It isn't associated to a key. I also commented how the magic heuristic of bufun.cc works. This addition is the first step to create a mechanism suggested by Jeremy W. Murphy.

    Revision 1.305 2000/02/22 00:12:46 set

  • Fixed: When using the match pair on the fly the editor always forced a line flush even if the cursor weren't in a potential match. Now that's done only if the cursor is over {, }, (, ), [ or ]. A side effect of this behavior was reported as a bug by Martijn Versteegh .

    Revision 1.304 2000/02/21 23:57:39 set

  • Fixed: When loading .dst files older than 0.4.32 the memorized flags for closed files were converted in the wrong way. Some times enabling the cross cursor.

    Revision 1.303 2000/02/21 23:21:49 set

  • Fixed: Small typos in new documentation.
  • Fixed: Uninitialized data in the cross cursor stuff that could generate GPFs.

    Revision 1.302 2000/02/13 21:48:02 set

  • Added: a new command (LineOrScrEnd), that's 100% equivalent to VI's g-end. The previously added (LastColInScreen) isn't 100% equal. The new one doesn't go to the last column of the screen if the end of line is first. Information provided by Leon .

    Revision 1.301 2000/02/13 21:26:57 set

  • Added: Now the calculator supports commas like in C code. Patch from Burton. I also documented more details of the new calculator.
  • Fixed: The >= of the calculator had a typo that prevented it to work.

    Revision 1.300 2000/02/13 20:55:18 set

  • Added: shtml files to the html syntax. Suggested by Gregorio.
  • Added: Real support for Texinfo 4.0's Ref: references. They jump to the correct node and positions the cursor at the right line.
  • Added: Now is possible to have two files with the same file name in projects if they are different files (from different directories). After some talk with Gregorio.

    Revision 1.299 2000/02/13 14:01:11 set

  • Added: Now the list of functions takes the word under cursor including colons. That's needed for C++. Suggested by Alex.
  • Added: Now the list of functions is more cleaver and looks for C++ members with the name of the word under cursor if no function with this name was found.
  • Fixed: Some potential GPF and fails to update the new entries in the user words.
  • Fixed: GPFs produced by the column and row cursors when the cursor was outside the visible area.

    Revision 1.298 2000/02/05 21:44:25 set

  • Fixed: Some spelling errors (remmember, allready and latter). Reported by Bernd Becker and Philip (FireEgl) .
  • Added: Now double clicking in Alt+0 window is the same as pressing the Go button. Suggested by Philip (FireEgl) .
  • Fixed: ESC doesn't reset the palette to defaults in the palette dialog. Reported by Philip (FireEgl) .
  • Modified: Now the FileOpen dialog used in the project and MP3 list says "Done" instead of "Cancel". Suggested by Waldemar Schultz .

    Revision 1.297 2000/02/03 01:19:08 set

  • Modified: The version of some tools I use in the README.
  • Added: [Linux] Explanation to one posible source of "can't open terminal" error in the FAQ.
  • Fixed: [InfView] Now "Open InfView" works even if no InfView window is opened. Reported by Ivan.
  • Modified: All the needed places to support the new location of TV headers. It changed the dependencies.

    Revision 1.295 2000/01/26 00:41:53 set

  • Added: Now InfView also looks for .info.bz2 and .bz2 files. So entering (editor) InfView will try to load editor.bz2 and editor.info.bz2. Only when bzip2 support is compiled.

    Revision 1.294 2000/01/26 00:25:10 set

  • Fixed: A small error in the MSVC errors parsing. Pointed out by Grzegorz.
  • Added: Now the editor alters the W9x window title adding information about the version and loaded project. That's what "Jeremy W. Murphy" originally suggested. I do it in a way that it isn't permanent, even if the program crashes.

    Revision 1.293 2000/01/22 17:57:49 set

  • Added: A new calculator parser from Burton Radons. It adds conditionals, variables definitions and function definitions. The old parser and a small version of this new one can be selected during configuration.

    Revision 1.292 2000/01/20 00:55:20 set

  • Updated: Copyrights for year 2000.
  • Added: Copyright of bzip2 and knowledgement in the about box. Also for Zlib.
  • Added: Jump to last column, it could need some adjusts. Is supposed to be the equivalent of g-end in VI. Suggested by Leon .

    Revision 1.291 2000/01/18 00:01:42 set

  • Added: Configurable status line. So now is possible to configure all the keys used by the editor, specially Copy/Paste in input lines. Dean Limbaugh and Bernd Becker were two of the users that asked for it, I just don't remember the rest.
  • Added: Transparent support for bzip2 compressed files. It works for regular files and info files. The info file should have the same extension used by gz. I know Mandrake uses bzip2 compressed info files but don't know the exact name so I guess it will need some adjusts. It also means the executable is larger. And the memory requirements for saving bzip2 files are big. I added it after a report from Salazar talking about problems with Mandrake 6.0.
    v0.4.41 14th public release.

    Revision 1.290 2000/01/02 19:31:56 set

  • Fixed: Problems with project files. Reported by Ryan Owen .

    Revision 1.289 2000/01/02 16:40:06 set

  • Adjustemnts to release v0.4.41.

    Revision 1.288 1999/12/31 16:41:06 set

  • Modified: more details to workaround bugs in makeinfo 4.0 related to the Table Of Contents.

    Revision 1.287 1999/12/31 15:16:22 set

  • Added: A new menu option to save the project manually. Suggested by "Jeremy W. Murphy"

    Revision 1.286 1999/12/29 23:46:37 root (set)

  • Fixed: Abort when pressing ENTER in the message window without items.

    Revision 1.285 1999/12/29 23:25:27 root (set)

  • Fixed: [Linux] A bug introduced in 1.209/10 revisions when saving files in DOS format. Reported by Gregorio.

    Revision 1.284 1999/12/29 00:56:53 set

  • Added: Now the project window also says the name of the project file. Suggested by "Jeremy W. Murphy" .
  • Applied: Changes to the Debian packaging files. Now the infview can be generated as another package. From Ivan.

    Revision 1.283 1999/12/21 23:49:11 root (set)

  • Fixed: A bug in sLisp when handling strings with escape sequences (\n, \t, etc.). Probably introduced in 1.187. Reported by Uwe Steinmann .

    Revision 1.282 1999/12/19 21:48:31 root (set)

  • Added: Now you can pass extra command line options using an environment variable called SET_CMDLINE.

    Revision 1.281 1999/12/19 19:57:20 root (set)

  • Added: Support for .info files created with texinfo 4.0 that includes Ref: tags in the indirect table. I didn't investigate how they work but the files can be used.
  • Added: Support for makeinfo from texinfo 4.0 to generate the documentation. I needed to fool makeinfo adding an extra @contents at the top of the txt file, don't know why. Reported by Ivan who is using Potato (Debian 2.2).
  • Added: New command line option +[line number], like in VI. Suggested by Ivan, looks like some tools uses it, in this way we can just replace VI by SETEdit when using these tools.

    Revision 1.280 1999/12/05 16:16:42 root (set)

  • Added: Now when calling the man page viewer the editor offers the word under cursor as man page.

    Revision 1.279 1999/12/05 15:34:18 root (set)

  • Modified: Version to 0.4.41.
  • Fixed: [Linux] When switching from hidden to normal desktop files the editor left the hidden version of the desktop file generating potential confusions. Now the hidden file is removed. That's i just another annoyiance of the silly hidden files mechanism.
  • Modified: [DOS] Now the editor also looks for HOME and HOMEDIR when loading configuration files. Also: the directory where the exe is located is the one looked at last.

    Revision 1.278 1999/11/30 00:25:25 set

  • Fixed: The ~K~eep short-cut in the SDG options was used for O~K~. Reported by Gregorio.
  • Modified: Now the message window shows ^M if the line contains /r.

    Revision 1.277 1999/11/29 23:33:31 set

  • Fixed: GPF/SIGSEGV when using BackSpace in the functions list to delete the first letter in the incremental search. Reported by Gregorio.

    Revision 1.276 1999/11/21 21:25:58 set

  • Added: Configurable mechanism to parse the errors collected from an external application. It uses Perl RegEx to do the job. Suggested by Gregorio.

    Revision 1.275 1999/11/21 14:37:44 set

  • Added: A new shl flag "EscapeAnywhere" this switch makes the editor parse the escape character outside strings.

    Revision 1.274 1999/11/21 12:49:57 set

  • Changed: The way the INFOPATH is guessed under DOS. A djgpp user installed the editor outside the djgpp tree and then the editor used INFOPATH but failed to find the setedit.inf file. Now the editor also adds your tree even if INFOPATH is defined. Reported by Sylvia .

    Revision 1.273 1999/11/20 15:28:44 set

  • Fixed: When inserting items to the project the editor used the *.epr mask instead of the one used to open regular files. Reported by Gregorio.

    Revision 1.272 1999/11/20 14:41:23 set

  • Added: Syntax highlight for PLM/51 contributed by Jari Korhonen . (Intel's long-gone not-so-highlevel language for 8051 CPUs).

    Revision 1.271 1999/11/05 00:28:59 set

  • Fixed: [DOS] Compilation problems with gcc 2.95 in the plasma stuff.
  • Added: [Linux] ISO-8859-1 spanish messages.

    Revision 1.270 1999/10/30 20:50:55 root (set)

  • Added: Spanish messages to Linux distribution, that's the first try and needs more work.

    Revision 1.269 1999/10/30 15:30:38 root (set)

  • Added: A command line switch to specify files to load from an external list of files where each line is a file. Suggested by SpaZe.

    Revision 1.268 1999/10/30 14:51:41 root (set)

  • Added: New command line switches to the --help help and the man page.

    Revision 1.267 1999/10/30 14:40:57 root (set)

  • Modified: Now if you use "load only specified files" the editor doesn't really load the files to then close'm like before. Now the TCEditor class have a special flag to simulate the load without actually loading the file content. Only the InfView windows are actually loaded. It makes things faster.
  • Added: Three command line switches: --tile-vert, --tile-horiz and --cascade to make these operations after loading the files from the desktop file or named in the command line. Suggested by Spaze.

    Revision 1.266 1999/10/30 13:34:38 root (set)

  • Modified: Now the new option to search the word when you press ^F1 inside the node takes the visible name you choose from the list and not the word under cursor. Suggested by Gregorio.

    Revision 1.265 1999/10/29 01:48:14 root (set)

  • Added: [Linux] call to dch to update the Debian version during the package creation. Suggested by Ivan.
  • Added: [Linux] InfView man page. Pointed out by Ivan,

    Revision 1.264 1999/10/29 00:54:28 set

  • Added: The reverse operation for "HTML accents". Suggested by Gregorio.

    Revision 1.263 1999/10/26 00:04:43 set

  • Added: [Linux] Now the convert HTML accents feature also works in Linux, was just matter of enabling it.
  • Added: Now the file open dialog is resizeble. Suggested by Gregorio.
  • Modified: [Linux] Now the editor disables the Xon/Xoff mode of the terminal so ^Q/^S aren't used for it. It enables the use of ^Q and ^S when running in an Xterm, Eterm, etc.

    Revision 1.262 1999/10/23 19:50:08 set

  • Added: Yet another tab mode. "Tab indents", it is by default enabled because that's what the editor ever did. Disabling it the editor will behave like when using tabs but will insert spaces instead of tabs.

    Revision 1.261 1999/10/23 18:51:04 set

  • Fixed: Crashes when starting the editor and it was playing an MP3 file that don't exists anymore. .
    v0.4.39 13th public release.

    Revision 1.260 1999/10/17 15:01:18 set

  • Added: The spanish messages to the distribution.
  • Added: The installer uses spanish messages when the system is configured for it.
  • Prepared for a new release.

    Revision 1.259 1999/10/17 00:36:49 set

  • Added: Now the Alt+F2 functions serach can search C++ operators too. I hope it didn't break other thing ;-). Asked by Andris.

    Revision 1.258 1999/10/16 01:13:04 set

  • Added: An option to make InfView search the word under cursor when you did a syntax search, but inside the selected topic. Hmmm... how to explain it, just use ^F1 and see. Suggested by Grzegorz Adam Hankiewicz
  • Added: Now you can use double click to select an item in the ^F1 list of hints. Suggested by Jeremy W. Murphy
  • Added: [Linux] The no/overwrite status is showed in the indicator (at the right of the modified star). Suggested by Dean Limbaugh .

    Revision 1.257 1999/10/15 01:56:05 set

  • Added: A new command to decode "quoted printable" text. I need it to demangle spanish mails in MIME format.
  • Added: A new indentation command that allows to indent with any arbitrary text. I need it to quote parts of mails (usually using "> ").
  • Added: These commands to the menu, documentation, context sensitive help and spanish translation. Also added the other indentation commands to the menu.

    Revision 1.256 1999/10/14 01:17:33 root

  • Removed the libamp from the Linux distribution, it isn't needed and the copyright could produce some confusion.
  • Fixed: I forgot to add infview.mak to the list of makefiles to patch.
  • Fixed: A multiline crossreference in the documentation.

    Revision 1.255 1999/10/14 00:12:25 set

  • Changed: kextend license to Public Domain so Debian purist can't complain.
  • Added: Now the linux.faq is also installed in the docs directory as faq.txt.

    Revision 1.254 1999/10/13 23:47:39 set

  • Fixed: When using a central tcedit.dst file was possible to get the cursor unsynchronized with the no/overwrite mode. Reported by Grzegorz Adam Hankiewicz .

    Revision 1.253 1999/10/13 00:49:19 set

  • Added: Redraw command to the editor (in menu and documented).
  • Updated: Debian files (from Ivan).
  • Documented: sLisp AskString.
  • Modified: Now the printer setup is saved/restored using i/opstream instead of fpstream to allow RHIDE save it. Patch from Robert.
  • Updated: Spanish messages.

    Revision 1.252 1999/10/10 22:41:12 set

  • Added: sLisp command AskString, it pop-up a dialog asking for user input.
  • Added: Some documentation about the mouse under Linux. Suggested by Ivan.
  • Changed: The example of macro from menu is now more useful, it pop-ups a dialog and you can enter a command, the output of this command is inserted at the cursor position. Ivan asked for such an option from the menu.
  • Added: Now the sLisp InsertText function doesn't allow the insertion of text with \n and not \r\n under DOS (not well tested).

    Revision 1.251 1999/10/10 21:43:08 set

  • Fixed: Target all must be the first in the makefile.
  • Fixed: Target infview needs to be PHONY because doesn't have dependencies.
  • Added: Now plasmas are also in the makefile.
  • Fixed: Typo in windoldap.cc
  • Added: Now when jumping to a line with errors the editor ever highlights it and also shows the error in the status line.
  • Fixed: libamp can't be compiled with -Wall -Werro so pathenv.pl avoids it.
  • Added: When an external program returns errors the editor jumps to the first line in the message window. Also, the editor adds a message to know the control is back again in the editor.

    Revision 1.250 1999/10/10 14:47:54 set

  • Added: DOS Greek keyboard support (code page 737). Requested by Pavlos to make accelerators work in both, english and greek, modes.
  • Updated: The list of available characters in the editor's fonts.
  • Added: Defaults for newer characters in the fonts.
  • Added: [DOS] The keyboard mode is saved => v0.4.38.
  • Fixed: One bug in the code page/fonts handling. Deleting a font twice.
  • Added: Support for the following code pages: Latin: DOS 775, 857, 861; UNIX 8859-3, 8859-4, 8859-9, 8859-14, 8859-15; Windows 1250, 1252, 1254, 1257 Cyrillic: KOI-8 CRL, ISO-IR-111/153/146/147, Mac CP10007 (and Ukraininan variant), U-Code R, KOI-7, Osnovnoj Variant Russian, Alternativnyj Variant RU. Greek: DOS 737, 869; Windows 1253 and UNIX 8859-7 A total of 27 code pages! Pavlos and Alexander Bokovoy provided information for greek and cyrillic code pages.

    Revision 1.249 1999/10/02 21:48:12 set

  • Added: Basic TeX syntax highlight, contributed by Alexander Bokovoy.
  • Added: TCL syntax highlight, contributed by FireEgl .
  • Added: Wrapper example for collecting Turbo Pascal 7.0 errors. Contributed by Andreas Leidner .
  • Added: --libset option to the configure script, it creates targets in the makefile for libset.a (needed for RHIDE). Requested by Robert.
  • Added: InfView to the configure mechanism and --no-infview to avoid compiling it.
  • Modified: now the Makefile generated by configure script is more modular so you can do "make editor", "make infview", "make install-editor", etc.

    Revision 1.248 1999/10/02 18:51:19 set

  • Added: New sLisp command ShortFileName. Needed to pass SFNs to external programs. Requested by Andreas Leidner to pass files to Turbo Pascal 7.0.

    Revision 1.247 1999/10/02 14:50:40 set

  • Fixed: A lot of warnings from gcc 2.95, don't know if all (const missing type, char * not const, assembler clobber lists, etc.).
  • Added: Now the code page remapping routines converts symbols not found in the destination code page to similar ones. Example: accented letter to same letter not accented. It works for latin symbols, now I'm waiting for Alexander's tables for cyrilic symbols.

    Revision 1.246 1999/09/30 02:58:16 set

  • Added: Code page remaping. It should work for all the supported code pages. Documented, added to menues, translated to spanish, etc. I was thinking about adding it because I write some mails in DOS and then Alexander Bokovoy asked for it (for russian code pages, they are a mess). The last settings are stored in the desktop file so new version 0.4.37.

    Revision 1.245 1999/09/29 00:39:39 set

  • Added: A new editor command called cmcCutClipWin to cut text to Windows clipboard. Suggested by Spaze. I also mention it in the documentation and give an example in redmond.smn about how to use the Windows clipboard instead of the internal one.

    Revision 1.244 1999/09/29 00:08:02 set

  • Added: The emu387.dxe emulator so the editor can be installed in systems without coprocessor. Suggested and tested by "Eathan Clark" .

    Revision 1.243 1999/09/28 23:20:29 root (set)

  • Fixed: Now if the message window is outside the screen that's fixed at load time. I don't really know the reason for it but Gregorio and me experimented it. Is something related with running the editor with different screen resolutions. Reported by Gregorio.

    Revision 1.242 1999/09/28 23:06:39 root (set)

  • Fixed: [Linux] Paste in input likes failed. Reported by Ivan.
  • Fixed: When pasting in input lines not all the text was selected and the cursor wasn't well positioned.
  • Fixed: The new special character shl feature wasn't parsed by the multilines parser, only for the painting parser. Reported by "FireEgl (Philip)" .
  • Added: Now if you double click over name(section) construction in a man page window the editor jumps to this manpage. Suggested by Ivan.

    Revision 1.241 1999/09/28 03:32:55 root (set)

  • Fixed: configure mechanism wasn't setting the static/dynamic exe correctly.
  • Removed debian/rhide.env from CVS and makes/lista.

    Revision 1.240 1999/09/28 03:03:07 root (set)

  • Applied patches for the Debian package from Ivan.
  • Fixed: The editor was creating a tcedit.dst file in /usr/share/setedit if you selected to save only one centralized file. That isn't correct, this directory could be read-only. If you want default options to be global for all the users you can copy tcedit.dst to /usr/share/setedit, but the editor won't save there; the HOME directory will be used instead. Reported by Ivan.
  • Fixed: debian/doc-base was missing in the distribution.
  • Fixed: Compilation problems with glibc 2.1.2 because the use of __USE_GNU instead of _GNU_SOURCE. Patch from Ivan.

    Revision 1.239 1999/09/26 20:30:43 set

  • Added: Jump to prototype command. That's very similar to jump to function. Suggested by Pavlos.

    Revision 1.238 1999/09/26 16:34:58 set

  • Added: MP3's ID3 genre field to the MP3 dialog. "Pavlos" provided the first 100 names and I added another 42 from WinAmp 1.90.

    Revision 1.237 1999/09/26 15:15:35 set

  • Documented: The new match directives for SHL.
  • Added: A rudimentary SHL for Makefiles.

    Revision 1.236 1999/09/26 14:35:08 set

  • Added: Conditional compilation for PCRE>=2.0 and <=2.05 from the configure script (was present manually).
  • Added: Now is possible to associate a SHL with a file name using regular expressions (PCREs). You can give regex to match the file name or the whole path+name. It is needed for things like makefiles and was asked by Ivan and Gregorio. (NameMatch and FullNameMatch).
  • Modified: Now the configure script for Linux can take any amount of parameters. Patch by Ivan.

    Revision 1.235 1999/09/25 20:46:16 set

  • Fixed: An error in the configure script, it wasn't saving the version of the detected zlib (the code tested instead ;-))
  • Fixed: When adding new user words they wasn't visible until the next redraw, that's forced now.
  • Fixed: It was posible to save a block with the name of an opened file. Even when the editor issued a warning about overwriting a file it could have bad side effects.

    Revision 1.234 1999/09/25 19:30:07 set

  • Added: Now is possible to indicate that EOLComment1 must be in the first column and EOLComment2 don't.
  • Added: Now is also possible to tell to the editor that an EOLComment is valid if it's located in the first non-blank character. Seems to be needed for TCL. Suggested by "FireEgl (Philip)" .

    Revision 1.233 1999/09/25 18:01:51 set

  • Fixed: [DOS] A bug in djgpp v2.02 libc system() function that left child exes opened leaking file handles and preventing external compilers to overwrite the file. It only happened for non-djgpp programs. "Andreas Leidner" .

    Revision 1.232 1999/09/25 16:52:49 set

  • Fixed: One define in windoldap.h file. Reported by Pavlos.
  • Fixed: An egcs warning (egcs bug) reported by Ilker Aksen .
  • Fixed: [DOS] Wrong manifest file name for InfView. Reported by SpaZe/ST .
  • Fixed: Two typos (asigNment). Reported by Spaze.
  • Fixed: The "Test" button in screen savers dialog only worked if the screen saver was ON before entering in the dialog. Reported by Spaze.
  • Fixed: Wrong width of the dialog to choose a command. Reported by Spaze.

    Revision 1.231 1999/09/25 16:34:57 root

  • Fixed: [Linux] The editor was creating userwords.txt and default settings in /usr/share/setedit instead of user's home. Reported by Ilker Aksen .
  • Fixed: [Linux] SIGSEGVs when using hidden desktop files. Reported by Ilker Aksen .

    Revision 1.230 1999/09/25 14:31:02 set

  • Fixed: When Match Pair and Wrap Columns were enabled and the match happened in the wrap column the editor did really stupid things.

    Revision 1.229 1999/09/25 02:01:26 root (set)

  • Fixed: A crash when a file failed to load [only seen in Linux]. Reported by Steve Wagor .
  • Fixed: If the file had less than 2 bytes it was reported as a read error [only under Linux and when using glibc 2.1]. Reported by Steve Wagor .

    Revision 1.228 1999/09/25 01:00:13 set

  • Fixed: various typos in the web page, thanks to Steve Wagor

    Revision 1.227 1999/09/25 00:27:34 set

  • Added: Now the editor pass to external screen savers a file handle for a file that contains the screen contents. It allows external screen savers based on the current screen contents. Suggested by Gregorio.

    Revision 1.226 1999/09/24 02:55:09 set

  • Fixed: The Info and Help buttons of the Screen Savers setup window were ever enabled and generated SIGSEGVs if used for internal screen savers. Reported by Gregorio. Also by Ilker Aksen .

    Revision 1.225 1999/09/24 00:20:33 set

  • Modified name to ForceUpdate because that's better and was the name I used in the list.

    Revision 1.224 1999/09/24 00:17:27 set

  • Added: New sLisp command: ForceRedraw asked by Endlisnis.

    Revision 1.223 1999/09/21 00:39:43 set

  • Fixed: When Alt+F2 didn't find any function it said No instead of Ok in the dialog. Reported by Jeremy.
  • Added: sLisp constants for WhichEditor to avoid "magic numbers", documented.
  • Added: GetSyntaxAtCursor sLisp command to know if the cursor is inside a comment, a preprocessor line or a string. Suggested by Endlisnis.

    Revision 1.222 1999/09/19 20:53:44 set

  • Added: Full list of Spanish messages. Also fixed some menu and dialog messages while testing the Spanish messages (cosmetic stuff).

    Revision 1.221 1999/09/19 14:33:28 set

  • Modified: Now the InfView desktop file is called infview.dkt.
  • Fixed: InfView wasn't inserting the new infview windows as tileable so Tile didn't work. (Both also for the LDD).

    Revision 1.220 1999/09/19 14:23:12 set

  • Fixed: InfView didn't paint the first match in a search across a file that forced a node switch, other matchs in the same node were painted.
  • Fixed: InfView left the match selection on after a node switch and was visible until the cursor was moved.
  • Fixed: InfView v0.2.4 said v0.2.5.
  • Fixed: InfView command line example said `info' instead of `infview' (imagine why ;-))
  • Fixed: InfView was giving the same priority to partial matchs and perfect matchs when the partial appears first. (in search best match member).
  • Fixed: The cmcForceMatchPairHL command was recorded when recording macros from keyboard so the length of the macro was enlarged without gaining any functionallity, now is filtered. << All these bugs were detected by me while preparing a conference for the << Linux Demo Day here in Buenos Aires ;-)

    Revision 1.219 1999/09/17 03:43:42 root (set)

  • Added: Support for FHS in the configure script and the Linux compress script.
  • Fixed: Some details in the configure mechanism for Linux.

    Revision 1.218 1999/09/16 02:25:38 set

  • Added: Now the file dialog stores the path in the history even if you abort. It also remmembers the last mask used. Suggested by Pavlos.

    Revision 1.217 1999/09/15 23:50:51 set

  • Fixed: The calendar object was pretending to be an ASCII table so when its window was closed it didn't remove yourself from the list making Alt+0 to crash. Reported by "Jeremy W. Murphy" and "Pavlos" .

    Revision 1.216 1999/09/15 23:18:18 set

  • Documented new commands and linked to the contex sensitive help.
  • Fixed: The editor was trying a partial match for a reserved word before to check for a full match with a user reserved word. It could be experimented only with the Texinfo shl; I noticed it while updating the docs.

    Revision 1.215 1999/09/15 22:50:30 set

  • Added: cmcPushCursorPos and cmcPopCursorPos. They use a 12 levels (11 usable) circular stack (to avoid memory leaks). Added to the Edit menu.
  • Added: cmcToggleCharCase "This is vi's '~' command -- it toggles the case of the char under the cursor". Added to menu, also added block to upper/lower. Both additions were suggested by Thiago F.G. Albuquerque .

    Revision 1.214 1999/09/12 19:43:01 set

  • Added: A lot of stuff for the configure mechanism, now it have the minimal functionallity needed and works OK. I also added comments to the README, added checks for consistency between the version.txt file and headers, fixed various problems with the libamp compilation, etc.

    Revision 1.213 1999/09/12 00:18:22 set

  • Fixed: [Linux] the editor didn't read the right keybind.dat file. So defining/undefining keys under Linux was quite hard. The file is created as .keybind.dat and the editor was looking for keybind.dat. I don't remmember when this problem was introduced.
  • Fixed: Preprocessor lines that included a comment were drawn with an ASCII 0 at the end of the line. That's usually invisible, but not when using ISO-LAT1U fonts (mainly Linux).

    Revision 1.212 1999/09/12 00:09:35 set

  • Fixed: A couple of bugs in the "delete file from disk" feature of the windows list: a) Using a freed pointer and b) Asking for save a file that will be erased anyways.

    Revision 1.211 1999/09/08 00:13:22 root (set)

  • Added: A check to see if the current directory is valid. Using bash you can easilly delete the current directory and be "in the land of nowhere". If you run the editor from such a place it gets really confused and does really stupid things so is better to just abort and ask the user to be serious.

    Revision 1.210 1999/09/07 23:54:30 root (set)

  • Fixed: Save files as DOS (under Linux) could fail. It was mostly related to the previous bug, but I added some code to make it independient.

    Revision 1.209 1999/09/07 23:44:18 root (set)

  • Fixed: Linux version wasn't converting DOS files to UNIX format. The result was mixed style files! Don't know why I never saw this error.

    Revision 1.208 1999/09/07 23:00:27 set

  • Fixed: Now ^C and ^/ are disabled in Linux.

    Revision 1.207 1999/09/04 20:53:44 set

  • Added: Now the pseudo macros can be selected from the menu. It helps people to learn what pmacros are available. To allow it now each pmacros have a descriptive name. This addition is to allow more powerful pmacros in the future. Documented.
  • Added: Documentation for the Export as HTML feature.
  • Added: An option to export the text as HTML but without using colors. .
    v0.4.35 12th public release.

    Revision 1.206 1999/09/03 23:34:41 set

  • Changed version to 0.4.35 to make a release.

    Revision 1.205 1999/09/03 01:06:26 set

  • Added: PMacros for HTML, they are very simple but could save some typing.

    Revision 1.204 1999/09/03 00:24:48 root (set)

  • Fixed: Problems when using more than 128 columns. Now the limit is 255x255.
  • Fixed: Redraw needed when loading a desktop that was used with a big resolution in one smaller [under Linux]. Is funny to see how the editor reacts if you change from 80x25 to 132x60 using SVGATextMode in other console while the editor is running.

    Revision 1.203 1999/09/02 00:17:50 set

  • Added: Now the amount of closed windows remmembered in the Alt+0 list is configurable from Tool&Ops|Options|Editor General. Suggested by Jeremy W. Murphy .

    Revision 1.202 1999/09/01 23:48:24 set

  • Modified: Now sLisp commands (and ...) and (or ...) are logical operators.
  • Added: New sLisp operators (& ...) and (| ...) bitwise counterparts. Suggested by Endlisnis.
  • Fixed: Windows that had a "remmembered" mode with column cursor on produced SIGSEGVs because of some unitialized variable.

    Revision 1.201 1999/09/01 02:14:24 set

  • Fixed: The editor was asking for save when switching to other window and the current was modified.
  • Added: Export as HTML option. Suggested by Pavlos.

    Revision 1.200 1999/08/30 22:26:17 set

  • Fixed: I forgot to include the extrscsv.txt file in the 0.4.34 distribution so external screen savers aren't accessable from the menu :-(. So only some users will be able to try'em.
    v0.4.34 11th public release. Released as beta because of problems.

    Revision 1.199 1999/08/29 18:34:49 root (set)

  • Added: Version of PCRE needed in the README.
  • Fixed: a constant without type in manview.h.
  • Added: Workaround for a bug in gcc 2.95 in runprog.cc.

    Revision 1.198 1999/08/29 15:00:18 root (set)

  • Fixed: SIGSEGV (under Linux and pure DOS) when trying to modify an empty list of user reserved words.

    Revision 1.197 1999/08/29 14:46:08 set

  • Added: Comments about the new switch for buggy BIOSes in the DOS/Windows FAQ.
  • Fixed: uppercase user reserved words not working for C files. Reported by Pavlos.
  • Fixed: OK button grayed when editing user reserved words and none was entered. Reported by Pavlos.

    Revision 1.196 1999/08/26 01:57:20 set

  • Cosmetic change in install.cc to avoid Allegro's color depths and joystick drivers to be included (I already ensure it in another way). Suggested by Pavlos.
  • Fixed: An outdated command in the mp3 playing files about Allegro's low quality sound. Pointed out by Pavlos.

    Revision 1.195 1999/08/26 01:39:31 set

  • Fixed: A bug in the MP3 player PAUSE. Reported by Pavlos

    Revision 1.194 1999/08/25 02:52:45 root (set)

  • Added: The man page to the Linux package and installation process.

    Revision 1.193 1999/08/25 01:18:44 root (set)

  • Modified: The sleep time when idle under Linux. I reduced it to just 10 microseconds because if I let 1 ms the keyboard repeat rate becomes erratic. Don't know exactly what's wrong. Doing it the editor doesn't eat CPU and works ok.

    Revision 1.192 1999/08/25 00:04:43 set

  • Fixed: Now the sLisp ComplChoose doesn't wait for keystrokes if no expression is provided or just one is provided. Pointed out by Endlisnis.
  • Documented: The existence and use of the sLisp command "if". I exist since the starting days but never was documented.
  • Added: New sLisp commands: and or not

    Revision 1.191 1999/08/22 23:25:31 set

  • Upgrade to PCRE 2.07.
  • Fixed: various warnings from gcc 2.96.
  • Fixed: Transparent blocks bug that was experimented when using white as selection color. I saw it while Agata was using the editor ... this girl will blow my brains in one or another way.

    Revision 1.190 1999/08/22 21:03:24 set

  • Added: Some FAQs to the DOS FAQs file about the mouse.

    Revision 1.189 1999/08/22 20:44:28 set

  • Modified: Some small details in the readme files to make them easier for Linux people. Looks like some of them are too much structured and fails to find things if they have a small difference. Suggested by Taura .

    Revision 1.188 1999/08/22 20:29:04 set

  • Fixed: Problems when pressing ^/ under W9x. This key triggers SIGQUIT in djgpp's library but for some reason this mechanism fails and finally makes W9x get upset. Reported by Jeremy W. Murphy

    Revision 1.187 1999/08/22 20:01:08 set

  • Modified: Now sLisp strings supports escape sequences similar to the ones used for C. There are a small difference: /n is expanded as /r/n for DOS and to get just /n you must use /l (stands for Line feed). Previous behavior was expand the escape sequences only when inserting text to an editor buffer. I did it to fix some problems in an example provided by Endlisnis.

    Revision 1.186 1999/08/21 02:32:33 set

  • New!: Man page viewer incorporated to the editor.
  • Fixed: One keywords line in the PICs shl.
  • Modified: Easydiag input line to accomodate to the new feature in TV that fixed the need of an extra character for small input lines.
  • Fixed: The "resume" information for project and closed windows now changed the version because in 0.4.31 the layout of the flags changed. *NHP*
  • Added all the man page files to the source distribution.
  • Added: A command line option to use the low level VGA routines to save/restore the video modes. It seems to help for some buggy Matrox drivers.
  • Fixed: Streamable constructors of TDskWin classes didn't initialize the CanBeDeletedFromDisk flag. *NHP*.
  • Added: Warning in the snap shot html page about the need of getting the last version available of TV to compile the editor (snap shot version).

    Revision 1.185 1999/08/13 01:16:36 set

  • Added: Optional flag to sLisp's RunProgram to restore the screen after running the program.
  • Added: New sLisp command called strxlt to replace characters in strings. Both to solve inconvenients running some DOS programs like mpasm (Grzegorz pointed out the problems).
  • Fixed: Problems when loading desktop files that makes references to syntax highlight modes not found in the syntahl.shl file.

    Revision 1.184 1999/08/12 23:23:04 set

  • Added: Some extra checks to the flush undo info (used by expand/compact tabs options) it could be the reason of some misterious crashes that Grzegorz reported.

    Revision 1.183 1999/08/07 22:11:51 set

  • Fixed: The editor was creating read-only desktop files so they weren't easy to update ;-). That's the default for open (I used it for a test).

    Revision 1.182 1999/08/07 21:27:51 set

  • Updated the license of Robert Hoehne.

    Revision 1.181 1999/08/07 19:49:18 set

  • Added: man pages for the editor and infview.

    Revision 1.180 1999/08/07 15:09:03 set

  • Added: External screen savers. Now you can write your own screen saver and plug it in the editor. Requested by Grzegorz Adam Hankiewicz .
  • Modified: Now the screen savers configuration have your own dialog because now there are more things to configure. Documented. Linked with the help.
  • Added: Four plasma screen savers (external ones). The sources are also available (uses my plasma library). Added as optional in the DOS installer.
  • Added: MakeHzGroup to easydiag.
  • Added: Command line options for the external screen saver is stored in the desktop file so the version changed: v0.4.34.
  • Changed: the default sorting for File Open dialog.

    Revision 1.179 1999/08/03 02:56:10 set

  • Added: Now the sorting criteria of the files and directories in the FileOpen dialogs can be customized. I added it to TV and now I added the needed dialogs to the editor, the options are stored in the desktop file, there are help available and the editor also gives some advices about the use of SHIFT key. I did it as a result of a thread in djgpp list started by Thiago , supported by Clemens Valens and discussed by Rolf Campbell and Eli Zaretskii .

    Revision 1.178 1999/08/01 21:01:45 root (set)

  • Fixed: The screen saver weren't working under Linux. Reported by Grzegorz.
  • Modified: Now the text mode screen savers are adjusted to the size of the screen. Suggested by Grzegorz.

    Revision 1.177 1999/08/01 19:43:55 set

  • Fixed: In the overwrite warning the editor was checking if the user answered No, but then if the user pressed ESC the action was performed, which is really no intuitive.

    Revision 1.176 1999/08/01 19:33:46 set

  • Added: new sLisp command getenv, is just like the C version but also gives access to the internal environment variables. Documented. Suggested by Thiago .
  • Added: examples of getenv and the completion chooser to the examples.slp file.
  • Added: comments about x:/dev under DOS to the FAQ.

    Revision 1.175 1999/08/01 17:56:49 set

  • Added: ASCII Chart and Calendar windows. First suggested by Jeremy W. Murphy , second just because I don't know in what day I live ;-)). The code comes from the Robert's port of TVDemo with some small changes.
  • Modified: The mechanism to remove windows from the Alt+0 list. I added a new broadcast to the library sent any time a window is closed. So now the main application class of SETEdit receives this broadcast and removes the window from the list. I hope I didn't break anything, the mechanism is really complex, even when it simplified things a lot.

    Revision 1.174 1999/08/01 13:38:18 set

  • Added: Now you can set the editor to tile windows first vertically (instead of horizontally). Is in the general options. Suggested by Grzegorz Adam Hankiewicz . New version forced by stored value v0.4.33.
  • Added: Warning about running windowed in Diamond Stealth 2000 Turbo boards. Diamond drivers are really buggy, specially stealth ones, I have a couple at work and they are really buggy.

    Revision 1.173 1999/07/27 02:04:54 root (set)

  • Added: (strstr target_string search_string [start_offset]) -> position or
    -1 sLisp command. Suggested by Endlisnis.
  • Fixed: [Linux] Now when the editor is started with a resolution different than the last used the windows are resized to fit in the new desktop size. Reported by Grzegorz.

    Revision 1.172 1999/07/26 23:43:53 set

  • Added: A couple of Q/A to the linux faq from problems experimented by Grzegorz.

    Revision 1.171 1999/07/26 23:18:20 set

  • Added: Now is possible to delete a file from the Alt+0 list for good, I mean really unlink it in the filesystem (delete, erase, kill, etc.). That's pressing Ctrl+Del and of course previous user confirmation that (of course again ;-) can be disabled. Suggested by Grzegorz Adam Hankiewicz .

    Revision 1.170 1999/07/25 17:04:22 set

  • Fixed: In jump to function, if the word under cursor was "greater" than the last function name (alphabetically) the dialog selected an invalid item. Reported by John Scott Kjellman .

    Revision 1.169 1999/07/25 16:03:33 set

  • Fixed: SaveAs was setting the title of new files even if the save failed. Reported by Jeremy.

    Revision 1.168 1999/07/25 15:48:09 set

  • Fixed: A typo in the Tip number 17. Reported by Enlisnis.

    Revision 1.167 1999/07/25 15:09:00 set

  • Added: Now the right button of the mouse pop-ups a menu. The menu is fully customizable from the menubind.smn file. By default it contains: syntax help, jump to function, find, replace, copy, paste and cut. I had it in mind for a long time and a suggestion from Jeremy W. Murphy made me incorporate it.

    Revision 1.166 1999/07/25 00:28:43 set

  • Added: New sLisp command: ComplChoose, it pop-ups a list of options at the cursor position. The pressed keys are used for incremental search, any valid symbol for the current SHL select the focused item most of other keystrokes rejects the selection returning an empty string. Is fully oriented to word completion. Suggested by Endlisnis for Lemur.

    Revision 1.165 1999/07/22 00:25:30 set

  • Fixed: Opened files failed to inherit the "See Tabs" and "No inside tabs" flags. Damn, I really forgot them in all the places. Reported by Jeremy W. Murphy .
  • Added: A new option to highlight the matching pairs on the fly. It is called 500 ms after you stop typing to avoid slow downs because an excess of computations that aren't really needed. Suggested by Ivan. The setting is stored in the desktop files so the version is 0.4.32 now.

    Revision 1.164 1999/07/21 01:11:46 set

  • Fixed: The Tool&Ops|Options|Default global edition dialogs asked if the user wanted to lose the changes with the reverse logic (when the user tried to not lose ;-))
  • Fixed: New file doesn't have syntax hl, but didn't inherit the default options for files without syntax hl.
  • Added: Now the snap-shot script generates valid files for DOS and UNIX no matters what OS is used to generate the files.

    Revision 1.163 1999/07/18 23:20:41 set

  • Added: a Perl script to generate diffs between the current WIP and any CVS tag. This will allow me to upload diffs and snap-shots.

    Revision 1.162 1999/07/17 22:26:11 root (set)

  • Added needed scripts and modified small details to create and package InfView for Linux.

    Revision 1.161 1999/07/17 21:41:05 set

  • New!: A new standalone program can be created from the sources, is called infview and is just an standalone info viewer. It have a command line very similar to the FSF's info program. Many users asked for it.

    Revision 1.160 1999/07/17 01:11:05 set

  • Added: Search only in/outside comments options to the Find and Replace dialogs. It forced to rearrange the editorFlags so the version changed (v0.4.31). Suggested by Jeremy W. Murphy

    Revision 1.159 1999/07/16 22:53:37 set

  • Fixed: Cursor moved outside the screen when using non-persistent blocks and replacing a selection by a typed character. Reported by Endlisnis.

    Revision 1.158 1999/07/16 01:45:16 set

  • Added: Now is possible to delete entries in the message box. I also added the possibility to save the messages to a text file or copy to the clipboard. All started with some suggestions from SpaZe.

    Revision 1.157 1999/07/15 03:07:24 set

  • Fixed: Now the editor commands are disabled during initialization, not only when an editor loses the focus. In this way if you start with a clean desktop the commands are disabled.

    Revision 1.156 1999/07/15 03:05:01 set

  • Added: The screen saver is activated if you left the mouse in the upper right corner for a configurable period of time. Suggested by Spaze. Also added to the general configuration and desktop file => v0.4.30.
    v0.4.29 10th public release. Scheduled uploads to DJ's server, my three sites, mails to Ivan and DanX, etc.

    Revision 1.155 1999/07/14 23:31:16 set

  • Fixed: 3 warnings from gcc 2.96.
  • Fixed: I forgot dstfile.cc in the distribution.
  • Fixed: If no dflopts.txt existed the flags to set the SHL were 0 (all local options disabled!).
  • Fixed: The OK button was grayed when editing the default options. Also added a confirm before discarding potential changes.
  • Fixed: multiline strings wrongly propagated if the contained an empty line in the middle (only Linux).
  • Note: all of this just before releasing, it delayed the release.

    Revision 1.154 1999/07/13 22:48:45 set

  • Fixed: BASIC shl needed AllowedInsideNames=$. Patch by Endlisnis

    Revision 1.153 1999/07/13 02:12:29 set

  • Fixed: Problems to redirect the output of childs when TMPDIR (or equivalent variable) was defined as something like "x:/". That's because djgpp tools gets upset if you use a file name like it: "c://file" (even when c://file is valid both in djgpp and Linux). Is a very bad idea to define the variable like this because other programs also have problems, I saw it in CVS while comminting the changes.
  • Note: Robert should do the same in RHIDE, in fact debugging it was slooowww because RHIDE was failing to create some temporals and for some reason mktemp becomes ultra-slow in this case.

    Revision 1.152 1999/07/13 00:46:17 root (set)

  • Added: Eterm theme, terminal description and full explanation.
  • Added: Some hints about it in the readme.src and readme.1st.
  • Added: All the changes and additions to the readme.1st.

    Revision 1.151 1999/07/12 00:04:37 set

  • New! "Default global edition" menu option. It was something I needed for months and didn't have time to add. It's a complement for the "Global Options" but sensitive to the syntax highlight for the current file. When the editor selects the shl also enables/disables some local options related to this shl. All of this is stored in an easy-to-edit text file, but also you can edit it with nice dialogs ;-). Is documented and pressing F1 explains how it works.

    Revision 1.150 1999/07/11 14:16:08 set

  • New! now you can define your own reserved words (user words) using dialogs or just editing a text file.
  • Added: Documentation, F1 hook and tip for the user words.
  • Modified: Some important internal structures were modified. The main important change is that I no longer use a SOSStack for the syntax highlight strings, now all are separated strings. So the call to LoadSyntaxHighLightFile changed a little bit.
  • Note: This is all very new and not very well tested, don't expect 100% reliable behavior and report any strange thing.

    Revision 1.149 1999/07/09 19:31:27 set

  • Fixed: The documentation of RunProgram* to say @var{program_name} instead of @var{program name} to avoid confusion. Reported by Endlisnis.
  • Added: Now (+ "Hello" 1) sLisp code returns "Hello1". Endlisnis reported a problem in one of the examples and instead of limiting the example I extended the language ;-)
  • Fixed: Now when asigning a macro to a key the editor doesn't draw the intermediate steps, it avoid cleaning the status line. Reported by Endlisnis.
  • Fixed: The RunProgramRedir was returning a non ASCIIZ string. Reported by Endlisnis.
  • Fixed: The name of the sLisp command WhichEditor (was WichEditor).
  • Added: A new optional parameter to sLisp command WordUnderCursor. (see docs)
  • Added: A new editor's command: cmcGoEndOfWord. (see docs).
  • Note: These modifications are to give better support to the Lemur v0.1a prototype completion macro+program created by Endlisnis.

    Revision 1.148 1999/07/09 15:22:29 set

  • Fixed: G was used twice as short-cut in the Find Dialog. Reported by Jeremy W. Murphy .
  • Added: short-cut for the "RegEx Ops" button (O).

    Revision 1.147 1999/07/07 23:59:42 set

  • Added: Help for the "Open Read-only copy" option (documentation and F1).

    Revision 1.146 1999/07/07 23:50:48 set

  • Added: An option to open a read only copy of the current file we are editing from disk.
  • Fixed: Disabled some commands when no editor is selected: Print, RO copy, etc.
  • Fixed: Now the editor windows disables all the commands when they are unselected. You'll get a lot of gray options if you select a non-editor now.
  • Fixed: Now InfView windows enables/disables your commands.
  • Note: I changed some internal stuff: (a) Added a new member to TCommandSet class to enable/disable groups of commands (b) Added a parameter to updateCommands, it says if the update is a full one or the class needs to update just some commands and (c) the rectangular selection commands are enabled/disableb only after one command related to it is processed, not all the time.

    Revision 1.145 1999/07/04 15:44:40 set

  • Added: A progress bar when loading a file greater than 1Mb. The bar is displayed during the parse process (much slower than the load). I tested it with the disassebled code of the editor (15Mb ;-).

    Revision 1.144 1999/07/04 15:21:29 set

  • Added: A command to paste de Emacs mode associated with the current syntax highlight and the tabsize as a comment at the start of the file. Documented. Suggested by Ivan.

    Revision 1.143 1999/07/04 13:58:01 set

  • Added: Added EmacsModes and ShellScript shl commands. Looks like people was confused about the fact that Files was used for the three so now they are separated commands.

    Revision 1.142 1999/07/03 19:16:19 set

  • Added: A blanker to the screen savers. Suggested by SpaZe/ST .
  • Fixed: Now the mouse is hided when the screen saver is on. Reported by SpaZe.
  • Added: A test button to make a preview of the screen savers. Suggested by SpaZe.
  • Fixed: The name of the "global editor options", now is "general editor options" Reported by SpaZe.
  • Added: F3 label in the File|Open menu. Suggested by SpaZe.
  • Added: Now InfView copies all the #include directives with Alt+I, not just the first. Suggested by SpaZe.

    Revision 1.141 1999/07/03 17:06:51 set

  • Fixed: When redirecting the output of external files if the last line emitted by the external program didn't have /n it was discarded. Reported by Endlisnis .

    -- Sent the change.log to the editor's mailing list (recently created) --
    Revision 1.140 1999/07/02 02:39:37 set

  • Fixed: Now project items are stored as relative names, not absolute. So you can move projects from one disk to another.
  • Fixed: The example.zip (for SDG) used absoulte paths so was hard to use.
  • Added: A warning when adding files that can't be expresed as relative in the project.
  • Fixed: The command to go to the end of file didn't compute tabs so if the last line in the file had tabs the position wasn't the EOL. Reported by SpaZe / ST .
  • Fixed: When unindenting a block and the cursor was in the previous line of the first line of the block the editor included it in the selection.
  • Added: Pseudo-macros for Clipper.
  • Added: A simple mechanism for "Advice" dialogs (they explain something to the user and gives the option to not be displayed in the future). So they will start to appear in many places. I think they are very good to learn. I really liked it when I tried the VMware beta.

    Revision 1.139 1999/06/30 02:39:34 set

  • Added: Documentation for the #! stuff in shl files and warnings about the fact that the editor remmember the shl of files.
  • Added: @comment as secondary comment for Texinfo files.

    Revision 1.138 1999/06/30 02:16:04 set

  • Added: --no-compress option to the compress scripts. It avoids the call to upx even when upx is installed in the system. Suggested by Ivan.

    Revision 1.137 1999/06/30 02:08:13 set

  • Added: A new command cmeDeleteBkps to delete all the backup files memorized by the editor so you don't need to exit with quit to do it. That's very useful when used in combination with "Remmember bkps to delete". I put it in the Tool&Ops menu.
  • Added: Documentation for it and some entries in the concept index related to backups.

    Revision 1.136 1999/06/30 00:52:00 set

  • Fixed: If a comment works only when in first column and is found in other place the editor now pass it for the other checks (symbol, etc.).
  • Modified: Small enhancements to the batch files hl. Now more things are symbol.

    Revision 1.135 1999/06/30 00:34:49 set

  • Added: New syntax hl. option: "RelaxNumbersCheck", when enabled words that start with a number aren't indicated as wrong. That's useful for batch files.
  • Fixed: The '.' can be used inside names in assembler files.

    Revision 1.134 1999/06/30 00:10:42 set

  • Added: "Remmember bkps to delete" option. Useful for users of Alt+Q. It helps to keep delete the backup files which are useful but annoying. As that's stored in the desktop file that's a new version: v0.4.29.

    Revision 1.133 1999/06/29 02:26:26 set

  • Added: Syntax highlight for PICs assembler (16C7x syntax) contributed by Diego Brengi .
  • Modified: My idea to save a directory read for the open dialog failed for save as where the setData doesn't pass a wildcard, so now in this case I read the directory first *NHP*
  • Added: More checks in the installer for NT.

    Revision 1.132 1999/06/27 20:17:13 set

  • Updated the documentation for Tool&Ops|Options|Editor General, it was outdated. Added information for five undocumented options.

    Revision 1.131 1999/06/27 20:07:13 set

  • Added: An option to the editor's general options. It works this way: when enabled and if the user specifies at least one file name in the command line all the windows already opened are closed. In this way only the files specified in the commnad line are opened. Suggested by Ivan.

    Revision 1.130 1999/06/27 19:37:58 set

  • Modified: Now is possible to save the current file as UNIX/DOS. That's only possible for this special case, not saving as other opened file. Suggested by "Jeremy W. Murphy" .

    Revision 1.129 1999/06/27 18:58:23 set

  • Added: Documentation for the rectangular upper/lower commands.
  • Fixed: The same bug that affected the rectangle paste was in block upper/ lower.
  • Modified: Now the message that a rectangle can't be pasted outside the text is reported by editorDialog.
  • Fixed: When pasting rectangles outside the text using the move operation you could lose the original text, specially because the undo state was broken. Now the editor checks before deleting the text and also does it before starting to fill the undo structure. Reported by SpaZe/ST .

    Revision 1.128 1999/06/27 17:52:30 set

  • Added: cmcSelRectToUpper and cmcSelRectToLower, they convert a rectangular selection to upper/lower case. They have a side effect: tabs inside and crossing the boundaries of the selection are converted into spaces. That's because I first cut the rectangle process the block and then paste it again. Any other solution will need much more code and make it more complex. Suggested by SpaZe/ST .
  • Fixed: A very old bug while using undo for rectangular selection operations. I don't know if anothers remains but it was clear: the paste wasn't initializing the member that indicates how many operations are grouped. Reported by Alex Lozano and recently by SpaZe/ST .

    Revision 1.127 1999/06/27 16:04:21 set

  • Moved all the code for loading/storing desktop files from editmain.cc to a new file called dstfile.cc.
  • Added: to the html syntax hl. file. Suggested by SpaZe/ST .

    Revision 1.126 1999/06/27 14:50:39 set

  • Fixed: Now the "See Tabs" and "No inside tabs" options are stored in the desktop file. As the desktop file changed that's: v0.4.28.
  • Added: The "Wrap words" option can be set for all the windows from the global options dialog. Suggested by SpaZe/ST

    Revision 1.125 1999/06/26 00:54:35 set

  • Fixed: A bug when putting the PATH command in the autoexec.bat when the installer couldn't find the PATH definition. Reported by Ivan.
  • Fixed: Now the installer is can detect more cases of the PATH definition. Reported by Ivan.

    Revision 1.124 1999/06/24 23:25:08 set

  • Added: Now I'm forcing some redraws when "See tabs" is enabled and I kill spaces at the end of a line. In this way the user can see how they disapear. Suggested by Ivan.

    Revision 1.123 1999/06/24 22:06:32 set

  • Added: a "pocket calculator", that's a simple calculator. From TV.

    Revision 1.122 1999/06/23 23:11:16 set

  • Modified: The OK button in the dialog to select MP3 files now says "Select".
  • Fixed: Now double clicking adds the file to the MP3 list. (Reported by Ivan)
  • Added: New button to the file open dialogs, it brings the change dir dialog. Added after some questions from Ivan.
  • Fixed: An extra directory read when opening a File Dialog.

    Revision 1.121 1999/06/22 22:34:35 set

  • Added: SpecialSymbol and SpecialSymbolCont to the shl syntax. It allows to define special symbols constructed by two symbols that combined have a special meaning. That's very useful for $# in Perl and Bash scripts and @@ for Texinfo files.
  • Added: PartialKeywords to the shl file. That's used when keywords can be embedded in other words and still valid, like this @AA is a keyword and @AAxxxx is @AA keyword plus some text. In this mode the keywords search is considerably slower. I added it after some mail exchange with Burton Radons .

    Revision 1.120 1999/06/18 01:12:06 set

  • Modified: Now the editor uses 32 bits flags for the syntax highlight stuff. It consumes more memory but allows me to add better shl.
  • Added: String3 definition to the syntaxhl.shl files, that's propagated to the rest of the lines.
  • Modified: String2 is now propagated too, the old behavior is obtained with a new command: ShortString.
  • Fixed: This addition allowed me to fix an annoying problem in the Perl and Bash syntax highlight. These script languages supports three types of strings and the three are propagated across lines. Now it works OK.
  • *Warning** I was careful with the changes and tested that no part is cutting the attributes to the old size (16 bits), but I can't be sure so this version is actually qualified as less stable than 0.4.26.

    Revision 1.119 1999/06/17 02:04:28 set

  • Added: Syntax Highlight for Texinfo files. Contributed by Burton Radons .
  • Fixed: if two shl keywords were different just in the caseness(?) only the first defined was taked. Example: @aa @AA. I was using a no case sensitive collection to colect the keywords. Reported by Burton.
  • Modified (Fixed): Now the editor stores the name of the syntax highlight instead of the number. Before it if you inserted a definition in the middle of the shl file you surely created a mess. So desktop files changed and hence the version: v0.4.27.
  • Added: Explanation where you must specify the Case keyword in the shl file in the docs. That's important and wasn't mentioned. Reported by Burton.

    Revision 1.118 1999/06/16 01:35:29 root (set)

  • Added: Now the editor can detect the syntax of a file looking for #!path/name. This line must be the first in the file. Suggested by Ivan.
  • Added: Detection for Perl scripts without .pl extension.
  • Added: Some very primitive syntax highlight for shell scripts. At least bash supports three strings and the editor just one so the support is weak.

    Revision 1.117 1999/06/15 23:18:41 root (set)

  • Added: ncurses, gpm and RegDOS credits in the copyrigh file.
  • Fixed: A problem in the INSTALL.MAK that made it fail if the user already had the "e" symlink (it was included in the release of v0.4.26, just forgot to commit).

    Revision 1.116 1999/06/15 23:11:30 set

  • Fixed: The Global editor options was failing to disable the "See Tabs" and "Don't move inside tabs" options (I did a cut/paste and forgot to fix it ;-). Reported by Diego Brengi (If I can say it was a report)
  • Fixed: Now the editor looks for ~/tcedit.dst and ~/.tcedit.dst, not only the last.

    Revision 1.115 1999/06/15 22:55:49 set

  • Fixed: Not restoring the attributes after saving a file. I forgot it in: Revision 1.94 1999/05/23 19:28:22. Reported by Dean Limbaugh .

    Revision 1.114 1999/06/11 00:15:46 set

  • Modified: Now if the installer didn't change the autoexec.bat won't suggest rebooting ;-)
  • Modified: Now the about box is coherent with the new slogan for the editor: "A friendly text editor". I changed as a result of some suggestions from Jose Lacal.
  • Fixed and Added: a lot of details in the readme.1st file. When I release the editor I install it in many places so I read it ;-)
  • Added: information about cwsdpmi, pmodedj and libwin in the copyright file.
  • Fixed: some out-dated information in the copyright file.
  • Updated: some information in infview documentation, now the name isn't uppercase.
  • Fixed: typos in the windows/dos FAQ. .
    v0.4.26 9th public release. Uploaded to DJ's server (Simtelnet) and my home page.

    Revision 1.113 1999/06/10 01:39:19 set

  • Added: Forced LFN=y in installer or it will fail to update menu and desktop files.
  • Added: Now the code modifies the .pif files to setup the working directory. It avoids the creation of tcedit.dst files in the desktop.

    Revision 1.112 1999/06/08 23:53:01 set

  • Modified: Now I use libwin for the installer, that's faster and not affected by the WinCrap bug I faced before.
  • Added: Some (small) instructions about the installer in the readme.src.
  • Fixed: Some versions and CPU model in readme.src.

    Revision 1.111 1999/06/08 03:03:33 set

  • Added: Finally I added the installer to the CVS tree. Currently is v1.02 beta, but seems to work acceptable. I added a directory, the sources (including a patched version of datfile.c from Allegro to save 60Kb in the final distribution, around 140 in the .exe), changes in the makefiles, added to the list of files, project and a Perl script to generate the installer.

    Revision 1.110 1999/06/06 16:50:53 set

  • Modified: The readme and announce files for the new release.
  • Added: More information about Alt+Mouse in the Linux FAQ.
  • Fixed: Copyright year in the docs, last update, version, new description for the dir.info, the description isn't in small caps in the .info (pointed out by Ivan), fixed a chapter name containing ' (TeX gets confused), generated the documentation in .dvi, .ps and .html formats and more.

    Revision 1.109 1999/06/05 23:24:14 set

  • Fixed: 3 warnings reported by egcs 1.1.2 from potato (other snapshots didn't report it, all related to objects without specified type defaulting to int). Also added initialization to 2 variables that egcs reports (wrongly) that can be used unitialized. Warnings provided by Ivan.

    Revision 1.108 1999/06/05 22:50:21 root (set)

  • Applied: Patches to the Debian package files from Ivan. Not tested because I need the potato debhelpers.

    Revision 1.107 1999/06/05 21:40:34 set

  • Fixed: Typos in the tips file.
  • Added: Simple menu, tips and desktop files in the distribution for people that want to use the editor but doesn't know about all of these strange options included.
  • Added: EasyDiag features: Multiline support for TSStaticText and wrapping column. They are used by the WIP installer.
  • Changed: Version number because desktop files changed. (v0.4.26)
  • Added: Support for tabs in the printing. Now tabs looks the same as in the screen. Suggested by Richard Sanders .
  • Changed: Prototype of the PrintSource routine to accept the tabs' size.

    Revision 1.106 1999/05/29 03:01:21 root (set)

  • Added: Now patchenv.pl also fixes the TV dependencies.

    Revision 1.105 1999/05/29 01:35:11 root (set)

  • Applied diffs for the Debian package files from Ivan.

    Revision 1.104 1999/05/29 00:36:24 set

  • Compiled with the NT additions in TV. Now the editor works in NT Server 4.0 in a machine I have access, don't know others.
  • Fixed: A syntax highlight bug in the generic engine: " molw/t0x00/t/t/t;Comment" in a .asm is an example.

    Revision 1.103 1999/05/27 22:05:38 root (set)

  • Added: The print configuration dialog is now an EasyDiag(tm) dialog and allows to choose between writing to a file or thru a program using a pipe.
  • Added: A couple of functions to EasyDiag that makes easy to transfer the with of the widder object to the rest (Used in the print setup).

    Revision 1.102 1999/05/27 00:41:13 root (set)

  • Fixed: A nasty bug. When the editor retreives the settings of a closed file (you open a file that was previously opened and closed, then the editor uses the same position, settings, etc.) the closed object was released and the openFile function was accessing an already released block. Of course the effect was random and produced two possible things: a) The column cursor magically appears enabled b) SIGSEGV because (a) with ridiculous values.
  • Fixed: Memory leak in the new backup list when creating more than one backup of the same file *NHP*

    Revision 1.101 1999/05/26 00:31:36 set

  • Modified: Now I include the "new" header instead of using hardcoded definitions (editmain.cc). Patch by Robert.

    Revision 1.100 1999/05/26 00:25:35 set

  • Wow! revision 100
  • Modified: Went back to -gstabs+, now -gstabs+3. Suggested by Robert (I disabled it in the past to save memory while debugging).

    Revision 1.99 1999/05/26 00:08:54 set

  • Fixed: references to str[n]*icmp. Pointed out by Robert.

    Revision 1.98 1999/05/24 00:35:08 root (set)

  • Added: A warning when switching to the user screen for Linux, that's because currently the user must press ENTER which is not very intuitive and the user could think the editor hanged.
  • Added: Support fot multiline TStatiText in EasyDiag.

    Revision 1.97 1999/05/23 23:45:59 root (set)

  • Added: More information in the profile editor option. It now gives more interesting information. I also fixed a problem in the Linux version which didn't meassured the time consumed by the OS which, in some cases, is very important. As an example: the editor can do 18560 lines/sec using VCSA and using all the CPU, but only 1318 using xterm where 80% of the time is spend by the OS to draw the text. VCSAs are about 5 times faster than using a ttypN locally and 14 times faster than xterm.

    Revision 1.96 1999/05/23 21:33:35 set

  • Added: Number of selected lines in the ^Q-L command.

    Revision 1.95 1999/05/23 20:35:30 set

  • Fixed: Now the editor will delete backups of files in other directories different than the working one, for that the editor keeps a list of created backups. It also helps to delete files with the new backup options (hidden and UNIX style).

    Revision 1.94 1999/05/23 19:28:22 set

  • Added: Hidden backups option.
  • Modified: Now when a backup is created the editor will use a rename if the file isn't a symbolic link and a copy only if the file is s.l. That's faster, specially for large files.

    Revision 1.93 1999/05/23 18:35:01 set

  • Added: my old memmove again, that's twice faster the djgpp's libc version in my system.

    Revision 1.92 1999/05/23 17:26:33 set

  • Added: A .pif file for the editor. It have some settings I think are the best for the editor.

    Revision 1.91 1999/05/21 14:06:00 root (set)

  • Fixed: IsADirectory for Linux *NHP*
  • Fixed: Now librhutils won't crash if we couldn't create the temporal file
  • NHP*

    Revision 1.90 1999/05/21 03:42:35 set

  • Added: UNIX style bakup file names (name~).

    Revision 1.89 1999/05/21 02:42:34 set

  • Fixed: Now ".files" are backed-up as ".files.bkp" and not as ".bkp".

    Revision 1.88 1999/05/21 02:32:09 set

  • Added: Save DOS files as DOS for UNIX.
  • Added: Save desktop files as hidden files.

    Revision 1.87 1999/05/21 00:09:52 root (set)

  • Added: Some mouse information in linux.faq (gpm and xterm issues).

    Revision 1.86 1999/05/20 02:14:30 root (set)

  • Fixed: The resize attributes of the clock where wrong. I saw it when resized an xterm from 80x24 to 95x33, the clock just disapear but left a hole in your place.

    Revision 1.85 1999/05/20 01:48:31 root (set)

  • Fixed: Some strange bug in Linux when generating the documentation using SDG, looks like I can't trust feof when fopening with "wt+". I don't understand it very well, but it filled my disk at work ;-).

    Revision 1.84 1999/05/19 23:02:01 set

  • Added: Some QBasic keywords to the BASIC shl. Contributed by Endlisnis .

    Revision 1.83 1999/05/19 22:57:06 set

  • Fixed: Now the editor doesn't hang if you load a file with lines multiple of 0x10000. The editor now refuses to load such a files. Reported by Endlisnis .
  • Added: A message when the editor is interrupted with Ctrl+Alt+Break.

    Revision 1.82 1999/05/16 22:27:36 root (set)

  • Added: another .env file for Linux, it have more interesting settings (dynamic executable, no debug information, no warnings, linking with installed libPCRE and libZ, etc.). But I keep the other because is more bulletproof.
  • Modified: the linux.faq because now Alt+8 doesn't generate 8 if the window 8 isn't there.
  • I did a lot of enhacements to the Linux screen, keyboard and mouse stuff. For details consult the Turbo Vision change.log.

    Revision 1.81 1999/05/13 00:41:52 root (set)

  • Modified: As Linux lacks access(name,D_OK) (bad, bad) I added a function called IsADirectory in pathtool. It checks: (1) name exists, (2) name is type directory and (3) user have execute access (it means user can use this directory).

    Revision 1.80 1999/05/12 23:57:30 set

  • Fixed: In the errors parser absolute paths starting with / where missinterpreted.

    Revision 1.79 1999/05/12 00:03:15 set

  • Fixed: Removing a secondary InfView from the list of windows produced a SIGSEGV or SIGILL because the same object was released twice.
  • Fixed: When a secondary InfView was released it released the BookMark so: a) The rest of the InfViewer lost it. Most probably what Brett Porter experimented and that I tried to avoid in revision 1.78. b) At exit when the main InfViewer was destroyed the BookMark was destroyed again producing a SIGSEGV.

    Revision 1.78 1999/05/11 23:08:22 set

  • Fixed: Looks like even when I taked all the precautions to avoid having an unitialized BookMark in InfView there is some way to achieve it so I added yet another check.

    Revision 1.77 1999/05/11 22:49:51 set

  • Added: Now people switching from djgpp v2.01 to v2.02 won't get "Can't open libc.inf" for projects where the libc.inf file was opened. Basically now InfView will try to find libc.info if libc.inf isn't there (same for any .inf file). Brett Porter experimented such a problem.

    Revision 1.76 1999/05/06 03:51:56 set

  • Fixed: Now the clock reduces the size of the menuBar instead of just overlapping it. It didn't have any sense before, but now I added some code to the menuBar that enlarge the space between items if there are enough space so reducing the menuBar size could change the situation, in fact does it when using spanish menues.

    Revision 1.75 1999/05/06 00:34:41 set

  • Fixed: Some stuff in gettext library. When I added a free() call to the library to avoid leaks reports I didn't realized that when LANGUAGE and other environment variables aren't defined gettext uses static strings that makes free crash under plain DOS (Not W9x).

    Revision 1.74 1999/05/04 03:03:47 set

  • > I added some stuff related to a macro Endlisnis was trying to do I also implemented some stuff I discussed with MDaniel some time ago.
  • Added: RunProgramRedir sLisp command, it runs an external program and redirects stderr and stdout to a file, the file is then returned as a string variable. That's ultra powerful (and dangerous ;-).
  • Added: WordUnderCursor sLisp command, it returns the word under the cursor. Useful for external help and things like that.
  • Added: ShowInSatusLine sLisp command, it shows an string in the status line. Useful to show results to the user.
  • > Now from the internal side:
  • Modified: The RunExternalProgram function to get some flags that controls the redirection. I added it to the rhideint.cc file, but the functionallity is not implemented in RHIDE.
  • Added: RunExternalProgramGetFile to get the redirected file. I also added a dummy to rhideint.cc so it won't break the compilation, but is a dummy.

    Revision 1.73 1999/05/01 16:02:07 set

  • Added: Quotation of in the windos.faq about problems with VShield.
  • Fixed: Short cut for "Regula expressions" was the same used for "Global" in the "Replace" dialog. Reported by Endlisnis .

    Revision 1.72 1999/05/01 14:39:24 set

  • Fixed: When pressing end in a line that contained only tabs the editor was positioning the cursor at the end of the tabs but the visible cursor was positioned in the first column producing a confusing effect.

    Revision 1.71 1999/05/01 01:01:32 set

  • Added: Code to detect if SET_FILES point to an invalid point and in this case try to guess the right value and if it fails inform it and stop.
  • Fixed: Now if the syntax highlight file can't be loaded the editor doesn't derreference a NULL pointer (SHLArray).

    Revision 1.70 1999/05/01 00:00:26 set

  • Fixed: Now if TMPDIR isn't defined or is wrongly defined the stderr/stdout redirection doesn't fail so easilly. Now I try with %TEMP%, %TMP%, /tmp, c:/ or .

    Revision 1.69 1999/04/30 23:06:38 set

  • Added: Greek fonts. I'm in the middle of a big change in the code page stuff that will take some weeks.
  • Fixed: "Home" button when no tcedit.dst was loaded (it used uninitialized data). .
    v0.4.25 8th public release. Uploaded to DJ's server (Simtelnet), my home page, BALUG home page, LUGAr, sent to Ivan, announced in Freshmeat and Linuxberg.

    Revision 1.68 1999/04/21 23:07:13 set

  • Fixed: Was not possible to load files with []=+, or ; from the open dialog even when LFNs where available. The problem was in TV. Reported by Endlisnis .
  • Fixed: The check for files modified after running an external program was wrong, I don't know why I was checking the creation time instead of the modification time. It also affected the Save with same time. I discovered it while processing some code pages with Perl scripts from inside the editor (using the run external program feature).

    Revision 1.67 1999/04/18 23:33:44 set

  • Changed: Now I use PCRE v2.04 for the Perl Regular Expressions. I was using v1.07 of feb 1998, the new one is dated feb 1999.

    Revision 1.66 1999/04/18 22:14:55 root (set)

  • Applied changes to the Debian files from Ivan.

    Revision 1.65 1999/04/18 22:08:46 root (set)

  • Changed: Now the Linux version is also compressed with UPX.

    Revision 1.64 1999/04/18 21:57:29 root (set)

  • Updated: The Linux installation script, now the text will tell the real default prefix (is stuffed by the Perl script), the text of the VCSA.SH script and the FAQ to reflect the current condition.

    Revision 1.63 1999/04/18 21:50:16 set

  • Fixed: Now if a syntax highlight indicates that the "escape" character is also a symbol it isn't displayed in red. That's the case of Perl where the \ can be used outside strings.

    Revision 1.62 1999/04/18 21:40:40 set

  • Changed: to UPX 0.70 and -9 compression. Tried --best but is too slow and doesn't help the editor.

    Revision 1.61 1999/04/18 21:32:16 set

  • Added: A workaround for a bug in the Windows 95 clipboard handling. Looks like the Windows 95 clipboard can't receive an arbitrary number of bytes for the clipboard (int 0x2F service 0x1703), instead you must (a) enlarge the number to be a multiple of 32 and (b) ensure the string is padded with 0s. If you pass a 32*n bytes string without doing it you kill the application that pastes the text. How said W95 is idiot? nah.... I found it after crashing Pegasus various times.

    Revision 1.60 1999/04/16 02:28:31 root (set)

  • Updated the linux.faq it had hints about things that no longer apply.
  • Added: a file called version.txt to hold the number of the last release.
  • Updated the INSTALL.LINUX because it had wrong information about the default prefix.
  • Updated the readme.1st to reflect the last changes and explain some Linux specific stuff.
  • Added: -f to the rm calls in Makefile to avoid error in the clean target.
  • Modified: the compress scripts to use the version.txt.
  • Removed the ../mp3/libamp.mak <-> rhide.env dependency from the makefile.
  • Fixed: some wrong wording abour the default prefix in the makes/readme.txt. Reported by Ivan.

    Revision 1.59 1999/04/13 01:09:25 set

  • Added: Syntax highlight for Phyton. Contributed by David .
  • Added: A micro FAQ to the DOS version.

    Revision 1.58 1999/04/13 01:06:47 set

  • This file is to add common question that applies only to windows and DOS.

    Revision 1.57 1999/04/11 00:31:56 set > The bugs and leaks will remmember this battle for years ;-)) I was hunting memory problems (malloc/free, out-of bounds and leaks) with YAMD by Nate Eldredge . Was just to make sure the editor was clean. I was working in it five days, as a result:

  • Various destructors of TVision were modified to release the allocated memory.
  • I patched gettext library to release the allocated memory.
  • Modified djgpp libc to release the atexit linked list. The patch was incorporated to the 2.03 WIP.
  • Heavilly modified YAMD 0.23 to ignore allocations from putenv, __alloc_file and _invent_inode.
  • Added code in many places to release the allocated memory at exit, some of these places are: a destructor for TCommToMacroCol and TMLIBase, a new class called TLispConstString to replace a static TLispString, hook in fstrcmp and many UnLoad... calls to routines that releases memory. With these things I managed to get a 0 leaks report from YAMD and using it I found:
  • An out-of bounds read in the copy of the fonts data to the transfer buffer. It could become dangerous in the future.
  • A leak in the EasyDiag destructors.
  • A leak in the calculator dialog (use of delete instead of destroy).
  • A leak in the functions list when no functions were found or you exited with ESC.
  • Powered Grep didn't delete the passed "word under cursor".
  • A potentially important leak in the undo of the TCEditor class. The editor wasn't deleting it in the destructor.
  • A leak in flushUndo (not killing the already used by undo cells).
  • A leak in the rectangular blocks, propietary clipboard not deleted in the destructor.
  • A leak when clearing a rectangular selection.
  • A leak when copying to the rectangular selection clipboard and using undo plus redo.
  • A leak in the "Screen Options" dialog (list of fonts not released).
  • A leak in the project window (items not released when closing the project. Use of delete and not destroy).
  • Another leak when deleting items from the project.
  • A leak in the "Tip of the day" dialog (destroy).
  • A leak in the syntax help search (not releasing the word under cursor). Also and thanks to the heavy use of the memory when using YAMD I found:
  • Fixed: Bug in insertBuffer failed when the buffer reallocation moved the base of the buffer and then we tried to undo this action. In the middle time:
  • Fixed: When a file had 0 bytes it was reported as read error.
  • Fixed: When the editor failed to load a file it wasn't inserted in the desktop but was inserted in the ALT+0 list producing a GPF/SIGSEGV when asking for the list of windows. Reported by "Dean Limbaugh" (a Linux user).

    Revision 1.56 1999/04/02 18:49:51 set

  • Fixed: Character 0xD0 in "IBM PC 850" code page.
  • Fixed: Character 0xD8 in "IBM PC 852" code page.
  • Changed: Some names of the code pages to be more clear.
  • Added: Full documentation for the layout of my fonts with Unicode equivalence. I used tables that Fojtik Jaroslav sent me to do the job.

    Revision 1.55 1999/04/02 15:16:00 root (set) Many things related only to the Linux version:

  • Now the executable is called setedit and the installer creates a symlink called e. That's more similar to DOS where I use e.bat.
  • Changed: Now the docs are compressed with -9. (Ivan).
  • Changed: The installation is to /usr by default now. (Ivan).
  • Added: Search for files in /usr and not only /usr/local tree. (Ivan).
  • Fixed: The message about wrong installation now displays ok. (Ivan).
  • Fixed: ALT+F5 now waits for ENTER.

    Revision 1.54 1999/04/01 23:24:50 set

  • Changed: Now Optimal Fill doesn't use a tab when only one space can be used.

    Revision 1.53 1999/04/01 22:56:19 set

  • Added: A new target to the makefile called clean-docs to remove all the generated docs. Suggested by Ivan Baldo.

    Revision 1.52 1999/04/01 22:46:26 set

  • Added: A key to stop the DOS version, that's Right Shift+Control+Delete. That's just a test, don't know if that's definitive.

    Revision 1.51 1999/04/01 22:16:15 set

  • Applied the -2 and -3 diffs for the Debian package files from Ivan.

    Revision 1.50 1999/04/01 21:48:00 set

  • Added: History to the "Goto line" dialog. Suggested by Fojtik Jaroslav .

    Revision 1.49 1999/04/01 20:02:09 set

  • Changed: The name of the editor's help. As the editor is officially called setedit is sensible to call the help file setedit.info and the language file setedit.mo (I changed it too). It was suggested by Ivan Baldo to avoid potential problems with the Debian alternatives which could create a symlink editor.info -> default_editor_name.info. It wasn't a simple change because just changing it all the old users will get "Can't find 'editor' help" when loading old desktop files. So I added an obscure feature: if the editor loads an old desktop file and it makes reference to a editor.info that's changed to setedit automagically. I know it could be bad, but will help in 99,99% of the cases.

    Revision 1.48 1999/04/01 18:56:36 set

  • After fixing my monitor (was a problem in the PCB, very silly, hard to find) I starting with the todo list of the day ;-) [the monitor was manufactured in march of 1991 ... and then I must read posts in the list about trashing three years old equipment ...] Added: a configuration variable to the .env files to setup the directory for the support headers. In this way you can use installed libraries instead of the provided ones. Requested by Ivan Baldo for the Debian package.

    Revision 1.47 1999/04/01 01:25:57 set

  • Added: Now you can enter a VESA mode in the "Screen Options" to use something like 132x60 (mode 0x10C). The fonts doesn't work (at least in my board). I added it because Grzegorz Adam Hankiewicz asked about it.

    Revision 1.46 1999/04/01 00:06:03 set

  • Fixed: Now if you save the undo behaves taking in count that the "unmodified" copy is now the one on disk. Reported by Thiago F.G. Albuquerque .

    Revision 1.45 1999/03/31 23:31:27 set

  • Added the libset.mak and other two .mak files to the source distribution because now Robert integrated the new version of the editor to RHIDE and people that needs to compile RHIDE without having RHIDE needs this .mak.

    Revision 1.44 1999/03/31 23:15:49 set

  • Added: The "Set Global Options" is now available even if no editors are opened. Is funny that I already designed all to support it (static class members) but never implemented it until a couple of users pointed it as a bug.
  • Fixed: Now if no editor windows are opened the "Set Local Options" command is disabled. This and previous were reported/suggested by: Robin Y. Millette and Endlisnis .

    Revision 1.43 1999/03/31 22:47:44 set

  • Added: a key mapping for cmcSmartUnIndent, I lost it when I did the new keyboard handling. Additionally I fixed some wrong explanations about this command found in the docs. Reported by Endlisnis .

    Revision 1.42 1999/03/31 22:26:02 set

  • Fixed: a problem with the manifest file, it contained distrib/ as prefix for all the files and made impossible the uninstall making "rm @manifest/..." Reported by Endlisnis .

    Revision 1.41 1999/03/31 22:07:08 set

  • Bug killed: GetDefaultScreenSaver() was returning a pointer to a static string and then in the Tool&Ops|Options|Editor General I was deleting this string. This bug was reported by different persons under different situations: Joerg Jungermann , Ivan Baldo and Adam Schrotenboer .

    Revision 1.40 1999/03/25 00:29:11 set

  • Added the first Debian files from Ivan.

    Revision 1.39 1999/03/23 00:45:10 set

  • Changed: all the references to libtv.a to librhtv.a in the gprs because I changed the name of the library.
  • Changed: Now the rhide.env file defines TVISION_INC as the directory where the Turbo Vision headers are located. That's needed for the Debian package. Before I was defining TVISION pointing to the place where the sources are located, but in Debian the sources doesn't need to be installed, just the binary package.

    Revision 1.38 1999/03/22 23:45:40 set

  • Fixed: a bug that prevented the use of Linux desktop files under DOS. It was very silly but is in all the older versions. The editor was saving a random palette and when used in DOS the result was unpredictable (normally a black palette). Now the Linux version saves the BIOS default palette.

    Revision 1.37 1999/03/22 23:07:52 set

  • Killed a bug in Tool&Ops|HTML Accents, I forgot to reload the base pointer of the buffer and it can be changed while inserting text. I found this bug while writing HTML pages about my vacations (the reason of no changes in weeks ;-) .
    v0.4.24 7th public release. Bug fix release.

    Revision 1.36 1999/02/22 01:58:45 set

  • Changed version number and updated readme.src.

    Revision 1.35 1999/02/22 00:06:07 set

  • Fixed a bug that made the editor crash while loading desktop files older than v0.4.20. Introduced by the 1999/02/07 12:55:02 change. From reports of Robin Y. Millette , Luis Pistoia and Martijn Versteegh
  • Enhanced the syntax highlight support for .BTM files. Additions by Robin Y. Millette .
  • Applied a patch by Andris to librhutil, just to be syncronized because this function isn't used from this library.

    Revision 1.34 1999/02/18 02:38:33 set

  • Compiled with djgpp v2.02 and gcc 2.8.1. Removed the files needed to patch djgpp 2.01.
    v0.4.23 6th public release, sources and binaries uploaded to DJ's server, announced in the djgpp mailing list, binaries and sources uploaded to my home page and sources and binaries of the Linux version uploaded to my home page. (edi0423s.zip is around 1Mb).

    Revision 1.33 1999/02/16 22:04:41 set

  • Changed make by $(MAKE), the first fails in DOS.
  • Added "hurry" chapter to readme.src.

    Revision 1.32 1999/02/15 23:09:07 set

  • Added more information in readme.src, mostly details.

    Revision 1.31 1999/02/15 22:54:19 set

  • Added a #error stop point in the libamp sources to warn the user if is trying to use Allegro 3.0.
  • Added more instruction to compile the editor without MP3 support.
  • Added a check in the DOS' compress.pl to see if the make of the docs was successful.

    Revision 1.30 1999/02/15 22:33:11 set

  • Fixed fromunix.pl and added a cp call to copy the djgppenv.env file as rhide.env. Similar change in the fromdos.pl.
  • Some clarifications in the readme.src (Perl needed for installation).
  • Added an 'editor' target to the make file (make -f editor.mak), made it the default target, made distrib and install depend on the 'editor' target.
  • Added a -f to the rm calls in REMOVE_UNNEEDED to avoid a lot of messages from rm, added deletion for /usr and /usr/local locations.
  • Added a check for gzip, makeinfo and successfully docs creation in the Linux's compress.pl. Added change.log.gz.
  • Added quick instructions to compile the editor in the readme.txt.
  • Updated the distribution readme.1st and announce (distrib1.txt and distrib2.txt) to reflect the last changes.
  • Fixed: a strong bug in the editor, it was possible to select text outside the buffer if the last line didn't contain an end of line marker. Even when it looks harmless if you tried to delete a block with this 'feature' the editor generated a SIGSEGV.

  • ------- Tagged this point as ivan0423 and sent a copy to Ivan Baldo -------*

    Revision 1.29 1999/02/15 00:20:45 set

  • Modified: Now when the editor loads a default desktop file (not from the current directory or a project) the default load, save, etc. points are ignored. That's important for people that uses only one centralized desktop, if I don't do it the editor will remmember the last point where s/he saved the file and this is very confusing.

    Revision 1.28 1999/02/14 23:52:34 set

  • Added code to setup the tabs colors to a default for all desktop files where the value is 0.
  • Added a default for the tabs in the mochrome palette.

    Revision 1.27 1999/02/14 23:06:46 set

  • Added the make install target to Linux.
  • Added 'prefix' and 'install' parameters to the Linux compress.pl file.
  • Changed: Now InfView by default searchs the info files in /usr/local/info and then in /usr/info.
  • Modified the INSTALL.MAK file to handle the 'prefix' much better.
  • Changed: Now the usage is printed to the stderr.

    Revision 1.26 1999/02/14 20:48:35 set

  • Added 'prefix' facility to the DOS compress.pl, using --prefix PREFIX, or the environment variables PREFIX and prefix.
  • Added 'install' facility to the DOS compress.pl.
  • Added install target to the makefile.
  • Changed the contrib/setedit directory by contrib/setedit.bin in the binary distribution.
  • Updated the year in the about box.
  • Added explanation about the new targets in the readme.txt.

    Revision 1.25 1999/02/14 15:23:32 set

  • Updated the copyright year (1999).
  • Updated my telephone number, ugh! now is huge.

    Revision 1.24 1999/02/14 14:11:38 set

  • Added help for the new edition modes, the file open dialog and other things.
  • Fixed some typos in the help and menues.
  • Changed all the cmbXXXX references in the help by cmcXXXX.
  • Added context sensitive help to more menu entries, fixed for others.
  • Added context sensitive help to most of the dialogs.
  • Enabled SDG (was accidentally disabled in the 0.4.22/23 snapshots).

    Revision 1.23 1999/02/13 15:17:16 set

  • Added an example of menu configuration called redmond.smn, WinCrap users should like to try it. Triggered by a suggestion of Thomas Knudsen to use Ctrl+Tab for next window.
  • Fixed: a problem in my v2.01 libc copy (no in the original) that messed some things when ^C was pressed. I don't know if it affected a public release of the editor.

    Revision 1.22 1999/02/12 22:52:45 set

  • Incorporated the last version of librhutil from Robert and applied the patches I did and forgot to tell Robert.

    Revision 1.21 1999/02/12 22:28:19 set

  • Changed SETFindFile to FindFiles again and did it available only when using STANDALONE, in this way Robert can overwrite it with your own version.

    Revision 1.20 1999/02/12 22:16:41 set

  • Fixed: When using Alt+F5 (Show user screen) the editor was polling the keyboard without calling idle() and hence eating CPU. Reported for RHIDE by Gili .

    Revision 1.19 1999/02/11 00:38:50 set

  • Version 0.4.23 reported by the editor. I already released snapshots of the editor with the number inside so is time to reflect it in about and in .dsts.

    Revision 1.18 1999/02/11 00:32:08 set

  • Fixed: Sometimes when opening a closed window the cursor position even when restored OK was showed in the wrong position giving a surprise when typing.
  • Hey! what a night I killed more bugs today than all the bugs killed in december and january *;-)

    Revision 1.17 1999/02/11 00:21:08 set

  • Fixed: Tips of the day was using gmtime instead of localtime. It triggered the tips at 9:00 pm in my case ;-)
  • Fixed: The printing routines used gmtime instead of localtime. I fixed it because I made a global search for gmtime ;-))

    Revision 1.16 1999/02/11 00:14:35 set

  • Added support for Windows clipboard in the InfView windows. Suggested by Ivan Baldo .
  • Added a Makefile target called 'distrib' to call the distribution scripts.

    Revision 1.15 1999/02/10 23:38:04 set

  • Added: Now the command line is more POSIX compliant, well at least supports short and long commands. I used the GPL'd getopts_long function in DOS because djgpp lacks this functionallity.

    Revision 1.14 1999/02/10 22:23:58 set

  • Added: now when "Scroll lock centers" is on the searchs are centered too. Suggested by SpaZe / ST .

    Revision 1.13 1999/02/10 01:06:25 set

  • Fixed the "Compact text" option. Now it doesn't replaces tabs by spaces when only one space will be replaced. Reported by Andy .

    Revision 1.12 1999/02/10 00:35:59 set

  • Fixed a typo in the tips dialog. Reported by Stuart Hall .

    Revision 1.11 1999/02/10 00:15:58 set

  • Added a command line switch to enable the Red Hat 5.2 keyboard mapping style. Not tested yet (you can see it was under DOS). I found the keyboard differences with the help of Tom Aschenbrenner .
  • Fixed the parsing routines to support strings inside preprocessor lines. An interesting thing is that a string opened inside a #define extends the #define. I hope it will work ok. Bug reported by SpaZe/ST .

    Revision 1.10 1999/02/09 23:10:28 set

  • Some fixes in the documentation: * Fixed some typos. * Added better information about pmacros, was outdated. Suggested by Stuart Hall . * Renamed a chapter that have the same name as other and was hided (Miscellaneous). * Added better information about the current license (GPL).
  • Added the copying.* and copyrigh files to the binary distribution.

    Revision 1.9 1999/02/09 00:29:46 set

  • Added a new mode to the editor called "Don't move inside tabs". When this mode is on is very hard to put the cursor in the middle of a tab (I hope quite impossible ;-). When you try to do it the cursor is automagically moved to the start of the tab character so when you type you don't get surprises. A lot of people asked about it, here is a small list: "a.meyer" , MDaniel , Sinan, Andy M Goth , etc. With this second addition tabs users will get a big boost ;-)

    Revision 1.8 1999/02/07 16:48:30 set

  • Added code to support the new "Try" button in the Color Dialog that I added to TVision (see the TV package for more information).
  • Added a new mode to the editor called "See Tabs". It paints the tabs, even when they are selected. Any similitude to the methode used in killtabs by Grzegorz Adam Hankiewicz or the Midnight Commander editor is only coincidence ;-)). Additionally: I hope MDaniel will stop complaining about what hard is to locate tabs (the same for Andy ).

    Revision 1.7 1999/02/07 12:55:02 set

  • Minor fixes to make the code more RHIDE friendly: RSIndicator link request, Expand...() only in standalone (RHIDE uses your own replacement) and renamed FindFile to SETFindFile. All from suggestions of Robert after testing the first snapshot of 0.4.23 with the new directory structure.

    Revision 1.6 1999/01/31 15:37:21 set

  • Included the LibAmp sources in the package to avoid distributing the binaries.
  • Linked with Allegro 3.1 and checked the 16 bits sound and additions to avoid linking the whole library were incorporated by Shawn (all OK).

    Revision 1.5 1999/01/29 01:41:44 set

  • Created the compress.pl Perl script to create the Linux distribution files.

    Revision 1.4 1999/01/26 00:16:52 set

  • Various small adjusts to compile under Linux.

    Revision 1.3 1999/01/25 23:08:07 set

  • Modified the name files to use the new Uses_n request for the n() macro.

    Revision 1.2 1999/01/19 23:47:24 set

  • Passed the files to a CVS repository.

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